Vote of No Confidence: Americans Have Little Faith in Media

from – – by Philip Wegmann

A recent Gallup poll finds that Americans’ confidence in each of the three major media platforms—television news, newspapers and Internet news—has plummeted to record lows.

When asked to identify from a list of 17 vital American institutes which they had a “great deal” or “quite a-lot” of confidence in, more than a thousand participants ranked the three platforms consistently below par.

Television news, the most prominent medium, has fallen to a historic new low. In 1993, at the beginning of the Clinton administration, 66 percent of Americans expressed confidence in TV news. Now only 22 percent place their confidence there—a four-point plummet from last year.

Confidence in American newspapers has fallen to less than half of what it used to be at its apex. In 1979, 51 percent of Americans placed their confidence in print institutions, but today only 22 percent express confidence in newspapers.

While news sites have reached newfound prominence on the Internet, their confidence ratings continue to lag behind. Internet news sources garnered 22 percent of American’s confidence in 1999 at Gallup’s only previous measure. Fifteen years later, confidence remains anemic at 19 percent.

Behind these figures, Geoffrey Lysaught sees failed responsibility. The Heritage Foundation group vice president for strategic communications explained “there is nothing more important to the defense of liberty than high-quality journalism.”

According to Lysaught, these numbers are indicative of the contemporary media’s practice of allowing opinion and bias to supplant facts and evidence in their reports. “The American people are smart and they know when news media are advocating as opposed to educating.”

Gallup’s poll was based on interviews conducted June 5-8 with 1,027 adults. It has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 4 percentage points.

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Richard Hartman
8 years ago

A vote of no confidence in the News Media is in order. The news media wants to spoon feed the American public, into thinking all is well with our outrageous Government. Our Government & The Media thinks they can Hoodwink the American public, which is a no Brainer. All are out to destroy all use of common sense in America. We need someone that has the Intestional fortitude to buck the system.
R Hartman, 6/25/2014

8 years ago

I agree with the three comments posted so far. The next problem is get the younger generations to listen to us and trust us. I think they do neither. Our voices are mere whispers against the racket of their video games, music and the lack of education in our schools in areas of true American history, civics and government.

8 years ago
Reply to  Jim

The indoctrination process carried out within our public education system, by the Progressives especially over the last 40 to 50 years, has been hugely successful in creating generations of people that are increasingly ignorant of most of the major knowledge necessary to ensure a continuation of a healthy, vibrant and growing Republic. This issue was decades in the making and far too many people weren’t paying attention to any of the warning signs along the way. We are now at the point in our society where not only is Progressivism (Socialism) acceptable to large percentages of the population, but is actually preferable to the Capitalism fostered by our Republic. That Capitalism lifted generations out of poverty and created the richest overall nation on earth, both from a material perspective and a cultural perspective. Where new ideas and innovation were not only tolerated, which isn’t the case in either a Socialist or Communist form of government which values stagnation of thought and ideas, as well as capitulation of the masses to a central authority, but was actively encouraged as a way to improve the lifestyles of the overall population over time.

8 years ago

Given the fact that much of the mainstream media has dropped any pretense of being neutral and objective in its reporting of the news, is it any wonder why more and more people see no reason to either listen, watch or read what amounts to propaganda in support of the Progressive agenda?

8 years ago

The news media keeps blinders on us like horses so that we don’t know what really is going on around us. They keep serving us kool-aid and we keep drinking it. It truly is a sad day in America. I hope that America will soon rise and demand the truth that we all deserve! We have to vote the bad politicians out and vote the most honest ones in who truly love America!

8 years ago

With the advancements in the Internet, young people never read newspapers or watch tv news. Common sense in most seniors, excepting the liberal loons, allows most of us to see thru the liberal lies and propaganda. After all, most of us paid attention to Obama’s early on lies and now we watch in disbelief while most of the media gives him a free ride! Maybe, it’s because we all remember how they roasted President Nixon over Watergate, and he deserved it! Now we see Obama and his crooked administration caught in scandal and lies almost weekly and we can’t help but wonder where is the media outcry? … And when the outcry doesn’t happen, why would anybody trust most media?

Maybe, the media hopes most of us weren’t paying attention in the first place. I’ve got news for them … We, seniors have been paying attention and we’re not afraid to vocalize our dissatisfaction. Seniors, remember the “tough love” lessons we learned from our parents? Well, it’s time to withhold the purse strings, we need to educate and undo the socialist teachings of our public school systems. Our children and grandchildren need to hear life lessons and just maybe, experience those life lessons themselves! Capitalism works for those that work it, Socialism fails for all those that believe in it!

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