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Virginia Proves – Good Leadership Matters


Leaders change history – sometimes radically. History is not a bunch of random events, unconnected to humans who live in a time, not some abstract pattern or set of sociological cycles. Some think that and consider political leaders overrated – but they are all wrong—leadership matters.

Without Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, hundreds of millions would have been spared torture and death. Without America’s Founders, or Lincoln, Churchill, and Reagan, the world would be far different.

The secret hidden within the secret is that we can all influence history – influence the future – by picking good leaders. If this country preserves self-determination, through representative democracy, remains a working republic – that is, if we can keep leaders principled and elections honest, we can shape things.

The most immediate counterexample is the stumbling Biden Administration and Democratic congressional leadership, seemingly intent on ignoring the basic principles that got us here, from risk-taking, free markets, and avoiding power concentration to fiscal discipline, deterrence, and the law.

A more persuasive example, at the state level, is what has happened in the past three months – in a state like Virginia. Just as good leadership matters and bad leadership stinks, electing a good governor – in this case, a Republican in a Democrat-leaning state – can have immediate consequences.

The incredible part, in that State, is that the people spoke. They were sick of the left dictating to them, and rejection of the left included moderate Democrats and Independents. They were all sick of it. 

They did not want to be told that they were “domestic terrorists” for vocally opposing high-handed school boards or State officials pushing Marxist or racist ideas, like “Critical Race Theory.” They did not want to be told lies about the risks and facts about assaults on girls by boys “identifying” as girls, showing up in bathrooms. They did not want girls’ sports eviscerated. They did not want more mandates. They did not want at-birth abortions. They did not want political indoctrination.

So, they elected a Republican and hoped for the best. Bingo! Like Reagan being sworn in after Carter, and the American hostages coming home from Iran within the hour, shipped to avoid his wrath, things have been swiftly changing in Virginia.

Republican Governor Youngkin, within days, signed nine executive orders and two directives – returning rights to the people of his State. Among them, he signed one that “delivers on his Day One promise to restore excellence in education by ending the use of divisive concepts, including Critical Race Theory, in public education.” 

Gone in that State is the Marxist, racist CRT political propaganda. The order is a powerful testament to democracy. It reads: “Political indoctrination has no place in our classrooms.”

Why? “Our children deserve far better from their education than to be told what to think. Instead, the foundation of our educational system should be built on teaching our students how to think for themselves.”  

Accordingly, “Virginia must renew its commitment to teaching our children the value of freedom of thought and diversity of ideas,” focused on “skills in math, science, history, reading and other areas that should be non-controversial.” No more dumbing down.

He signed another “empowering parents to decide whether their children should wear face masks at school,” another opening an investigation into sexual assaults (by presumptively transgender students against multiple girls).

Yet another order lifted restrictions on businesses to spur employment, investment, and business growth. Another tackled crime, human trafficking, while yet another addressed anti-Semitism. In another push to lower energy costs, another pulled back from regional energy restrictions.

In short, the emergence of a principled political leader, who sees himself as reflecting the best of America, his State, and people of both parties who want freedom back, instantly changed things.

Political leadership does matter. Keeping government in check matters. When leadership is absent, bad things happen. Issues needing decision to linger or get wrongly decided. Money that should not be spent gets wasted. Accountability is missing. Freedoms are curtailed.

By contrast, if we resolve to push our preferences through a credible electoral system, we can get good leaders—a hat tip to Virginia voters, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, who did that with conviction. 

They said, as Americans should in November, “Enough doubletalk, spending money we do not have, leftist indoctrination, the concentration of power, canceling of view, false narratives, and trashing of individual liberties and life.” They spoke, and the remarkable part is it worked.

So, when you doubt whether political involvement matters, whether you can make a difference s one voice by speaking up, or whether leadership is important – stop doubting. It matters.

Leadership always matters. We are learning anew that to get this country back on track; we must do our part – put in good leaders. Theodore Roosevelt, epic American leader, wrote a book by that title, “Fear God and Do Your Part.” He was right. 

To put things right, we need to step up, speak truth to each other as well as to power, elect good leaders. This is not a shell game; it matters. Virginia proves it. November should prove it, too.

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3 months ago

Voting for the “right-guy” is a great plan, but you’ve seen how that worked out when there are hundreds of layers of resistance (self-anointed partisans) embedded within the system, These are administrative positions, on a multiple of federal/state/local levels not exposed to the daylight of public/media review, nor any of current voting/evaluation processes. We seen 25-40% of a “winning” candidate’s time rendered useless, destroyed through subterfuge and the constant whittling-away from within the system, by buried layers of activist “resistance”. A New Broom needs to be able to Sweep Clean. Candidates need to be able to present an effective program of post election control, BEFOREHAND, for these hidden threats, through a direct review/recall challenging of the positions in question or similar review and control over the management responsible for those positions.

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago

Thanks RBC… Great story. The Ronald Reagan example was spot on the money…
What VA was able to do is nothing short of monumental in righting a serious wrong against her people…I was saddened that just a little north of VA, i.e. the state of NJ once again managed to keep a much disliked democrat governor Murphy in office, primarily coming up with enough votes to get the man reelected because of ( 1 ) county’s vote tallies… NY is every bit as corrupt where the dems continue to get reelected year after year, despite the resentment of the majority of voters towards these people as CA is another glowing example after their governor was essentially impeached, i.e. recalled & yet he got those dem votes yet again that kept him in office…
I’m writing from the state of VT, another blue state to the extreme that has implemented ” mail-in ballots ” that is actually run by an out of state firm or possibly more aptly put, an out of country entity…
In closing,
Trump won…
Bill… :~)

3 months ago


3 months ago

Mr. Charles,
Thank you for this wonderful article expressing the positive power of America’s Citizens and the differance Great Leadership can make.
I pray that the message resonates throughout Our Great Country and Patriotism and Courage shape the future
for all Americans.
I believe that Citizens , the majority of which are still Conservative, love America, and believe in God will preserve the greatness, goodness and freedom for generations to come.
Our enemy is only our own apathy, complacency and un- willingness to be actively involved. We get what we deserve when we choose to leave politicians and government to act without verification and transparency.
We the People must demand unfiltered honesty, and prosecute all who impede truth and tell lies.
Currently the media and big tech. are propaganda machine for the minority, radical viewpoints destroying America.
Our representative Democracy requires the ideas,energy and commitment of its Citizens.
The proof of its importance and absence is seen in the current administration and political party control which is failing America!

3 months ago

I’m a Virginian and hope and pray that the Governors race carries into the defeat of Tim Kaine and Mark Warner!

3 months ago

Sounds as if this governor is pro-American unlike so many others in our government these days who are anti-American. Thank God!!!

R.J. from Arizona
3 months ago

My former state. Youngkin is being sued by 7 school districts over mask mandate. All 7 districts in democrat counties.
All my friends still in Va love this guy. Their last governor was worse than biden if that tells you anything. Congratulations to the Commonwealth.

3 months ago

That says it all.
The marxist democrats,with the unions,media and swamp self serving politicians are attacking because Governor Youngkin and the People have removed them and their control of power and money!
PERFECT , it must be replicated throughout America!
Throw these anti Amerixan LOSER democrats,rinos and marxists out!

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