A Virginia Elections ‘Official’ Told Me to Vote for Hillary — Twice

votersfrom – NetRightDaily.com – by Natalia Castro

If you do not live in South Dakota, you should not be voting in South Dakota. However, the Campaign for Healthy Family had a different idea for Californian resident only referred to as “Eduardo”. A campaign headquarters official working on encouraging the expansion of Planned Parenthood and other women’s health options, encouraged Eduardo to claim to be living with relatives in South Dakota in order to vote and return home after the election is over.

Despite this official’s statement, South Dakota voter registration law clearly states voters must “live at and have no present intention of leaving the above address.” The leftist organization saw an opportunity to fool the system and took it, admitting officials working for the company had done it before.

Often people assume voter fraud comes from inside the ballot box, but this story makes it clear the entire voter registration process is void of democratic practice.

And this not an isolated incident, it happened to me just last week and the left is encouraging it.

An individual representing herself as a Virginia voter registration officer — whether or not this individual actually worked for the commonwealth and not a pro-Hillary organization is still unclear — but none the less she identified herself as such and later revealed her political leanings.

I informed her I was already registered but was interested in transferring my registration back to my home state of Florida, since I was only living in Virginia temporarily as a student. She gave me some information and then made a stunning suggestion.

She informed me that no one would notice if I registered in Florida and did not cancel my registration in Virginia, and whichever state I was not present to vote in simply did an absentee ballot for. She then reminded me that both are important states “for Hillary.”

Not only did she encourage blatant voter fraud as an apparent government official, but assumed that as a Millennial female I would automatically be voting for Hillary.

The encouragement of fraud to grow a desired base has become common in the Democratic Party, while these examples have been grassroots it comes from a culture of cheating to achieve success.

Ian Smith at The Hill blasted Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention for suggesting illegal immigrants vote, noting that  “Clinton stated to an applauding audience of delegates that ‘if you love this country, you’re working hard, you’re paying taxes and you’re obeying the law and you’d like to become a citizen, you should choose immigration reform over somebody that wants to send you back.’ Unfortunately for Bill, illegal aliens (and non-citizens in general) aren’t supposed to be ‘choosing’ anyone. Like in every other country in the world, here in America only citizens are supposed to vote.”

Clinton’s blatant encouragement of finding loopholes or worse to allow votes that should not be counted undermines the integrity of democracy that our government should be protecting.

Just last year, President Obama claimed voter fraud is not a real problem because “nobody wakes up and says I’m going to go vote in somebody else’s name.” The president and many Democrats use this as an attack to republican voter ID laws, which they claim only limit people’s abilities to vote. Laws such as multiple forms of identification, proof of residence, and proof of citizenship, all of which would prevent voter registrars from undermining the election process. As conservatives work to ensure people vote legally, the left is working from a federal and local level to ensure anyone votes as often as they want, as long as it is “for Hillary.”

As Democrats continue to claim the voter fraud problem does not exist, they encourage a system which allows voters to commit fraud, not of their own device but clear leftist persuasion, making regulations more important than ever. This illegal voting activity does not just provide the left with more votes they should legally be receiving, but unbinds the fabric of our democratic process which is meant to maintain free and fair elections.

Nobody should be allowed to hold registrations in multiple states, let alone be allowed to vote more than once. Secretaries of State across the country should work to purge voter registrations from their states when an individual registers in another state. It should be an automatic process.

In the meantime, as I told my Virginia registration officer, anyone facing the encouragement of undermining their democratic process this year on behalf of Hillary should simply respond: “I will not commit voter fraud and I am not with her.”

Natalia Castro is a contributing editor for Americans for Limited Government. 

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5 years ago

This registrar should be reported.

5 years ago

Didn’t a Judge recently make a decision of No iD needed to vote due to it being too costly for low income people to obtain a State I’D? I may be wrong however I believe it was in West. Virginia. BMV’s issues State Picture ID’s for an affordable amount. THE LAW NEEDS TO STAND… NO PICTURE ID NO VOTING…There Was Voted Fraud Found In The Last Election AND IT WILL Happen Again For Sure With Hillary Because She Lives Her Life In One Lie After Another.

5 years ago

Should have told the woman what a great idea and that she would vote for Trump twice and see her reaction!

5 years ago

What should we expect Obama is a trader and Muslim Hilary is a murder and can’t tell the truth and people wan’t them to lead that tells me that America is getting dumber and dumber you get what you ask for when you vote Dumbacrat

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