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Video: AMAC Town Hall Meeting Addresses the American Health Care System

On Saturday, AMAC hosted a town hall assembly to discuss American health care costs, policy changes, and the standard of patient care in the American health care system.

The meeting, which took place in Souderton, Pennsylvania, was led by several speakers in the medical field, including Dr. Marion Mass, Dr. Mark Lopatin, and Dr. Kim Legg Corba.

The speakers described the complexities of the health care industry, delving into issues such as drug shortages, pharmaceutical “middlemen”, kickbacks, generic drug availability, and the rising costs of care for consumers.

Video Courtesy of The Intelligencer

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Cory Miedema
4 years ago

I was watching Sheryl Attkinson last Sunday and she had on a guest that said that we get most of our prescription drugs from China. Sheryl asked her what would happen to the drug supply if China stopped supplying these drugs and the lady told her that the pharmacies would have a hard time keeping their shelves stocked.

I think Sheryl does her homework.

What do you know about this situation. Also, I am currently undergoing cancer treatment and one of my prescriptions is Ondansetron , (for upset stomach), and it says on the packet that it is manufactured in India. I don’t know if I like this or not- why are we not manufacturing our own medications?

Please reply with what you know to be true.

Best regards,

Ms. Cory Miedema
Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026

Dr. Henry Sinopoli
4 years ago

Then American Medical Association like the American Legal System is best avoided to stay healthy and prosperous. A majority of the audience members are overweight and have been managed by a medical association who seeks to cut or medicate to cure…A pharmaceutical industry that believed health is in a pill and will market anything for a profit…Genetically modified fast food, filled with toxic components…It’s simple, eat healthy, eat less, move and do not believe the government with politically correct white coats have the answer…We are not entitled to good health or health care…It’s a personal responsibility…

4 years ago

You are so correct Dr. … I learned 20 years ago when I experienced kidney stones 2 January’s running. After the 2nd stone, my doctor then informed me that I would continue to get stones as well as probably getting gout because I had high Uric Acid. He told me I needed to change my diet and prescribed a medication to control my Uric Acid. When I asked how long I would be taking the medication, he said: to “probably the rest of my life”! … That’s when I realized what he was prescribing wasn’t going to heal me, just regulate my high Uric Acid. I knew people with gout and knew I didn’t want it. But I also knew that they experienced temporary relief from eating cherries. I’ve been taking 1000 mg capsules of tart cherry and don’t get any more kidney stones, never had gout and NEVER changed my diet. Plus, I got an added side benefit of arthritic pain relief because the cherries relieve inflammation.
I now look to natural herbs and vitamin supplements first as preventative healthcare. And now that i’ve discovered EMT Therapy, my blood circulation is like that of a 30 year old, and i’m 70 years old now.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Doctors ( and this is obviously their TRAINING, but golly don’t they have a mature conscience?) have a tendency to promote dependency not only on themselves but on prescription medications which is a trade off (as you had earlier believed and then demonstrated) for NATURAL IMMUNITY.. which you are enjoying.. GOD BLESS and hope you live to be 100+.

4 years ago


Rex Whitmer
4 years ago

Avoiding the Medical Association would be much like going to your own funeral! Going to see a physician for serious, or re-occurring problems would be very unwise! Seeing one excessively may cause the physician to overlook a serious problem. Doctors and other medical profressionals are human and if you come to them to remove every splinter or other minor thing, they may tend to overlook serious problems! Personally, a long time ago, I was applying for an insurance policy. The nurse who gave me my physical called a few days later and told me to go see my physician. I did so and found out that I was diabetic. Today twenty odd years later, my diabetes remains a minor, but important considerations in so far as my health is concerned! Because I found it early, and because I take my treatment as prescribed, I have no outward concerns.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rex Whitmer

Are you serious? The American Medical Association does nothing but promote patient dependencies, not only on physicians but also on prescription drugs which is a trade-off for natural immunity.

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