Victory Films Releases Trailer for ‘The Undefeated’

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

Today Victory Films released the trailer for The Undefeated, set to hit select theatres on July 15th. Featuring commentary from former Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton, Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce, Andrew Breitbart and others, the trailer features a “Daughter, Wife, Mother, Warrior” theme that is integral to one’s understanding of who Sarah Palin is, what she stands for, what she has accomplished, and—perhaps most importantly—what she is capable of doing with respect to challenges that lie ahead.

As many of you know, I have seen the film. I reviewed it in The Daily Caller, spoke before a Manhattan screening, and attended the Iowa premiere. Whether you are supporting a Palin run for the presidency or not, it is absolutely integral that you see this film. It is an honest portrayal of what Sarah Palin has fought for and accomplished since her days as a city council member, mayor, and governor. It takes on the caricature the media has presented of her, and in its place provides a little something we call truth.

Watch the trailer.

See the film.

It’s too important a time in this country not to.

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Very nice site!


The Undefeated Movie Was Great At The End Of The Movie In A Full House “They Gave The Movie A Standing Ovation” Never Saw That Before, So I Went Back Friday And Guess What “The Liberal Goons Had The Movie Pulled”. Plus I Asked The Manager Who Told Me They Got A Notice Not To Talk To The Media About This Movie. Sarah Palin Should Run And Be The First Women As President, Please. God Bless America.


Palin is a self promoting IDIOT. She runs for Governor in Alaska, wins, but when the HEAT got too hot, she bailed. Just think if she and any other Female became President, We would have to put up with their hormones snapping every 28 days or so and who knows what would happen? like I said Palin bailed when the heat was on in Alaska, what would she do if President and she was on the Hot Seat in Washington? Probably bail again and who knows what would happen. We probably would end up with another Camel Jockey as president.

Jon Wolff

It was easy to get in the theater, there was NO ONE else in there, all at Harry Potter. It was not worth watching either.

Warren B.

What is a craig christy and why does he have so much time on a Saturday afternoon to make derogatory comments? I, personally, am waiting to see this film. I’m a staunch Palin supporter but am waiting to see the film before deciding any future action.

Stephen R. Zimmett

Today in Palin: Her Movie Plays to Empty Theaters, Tonight Show Audience Cheers Her Defeat in Front of Bristol

Craig Christy

The Unfinished is about Sarahs lustful relationship with Shawn as governor of Alaska in early 2009.

Craig Christy

Jedediah Bila,contact me if you want to know the real truth about Sarah.

Craig Christy

Ask Sarah her relationship to Ted Stevens and Jonathon Lack.

Craig Christy

Ask Sarah why she likes 17 year old minors

Craig Christy

Ask Sarah about 7-3-09 and Shawn Christy.

Craig Christy

Come to my facebook or Stand Strong Shawn Christy to find out why Sarah Palin will never run for President.

Craig Christy

In Going Rogue page 89 Sarah talks about losing the run she made for Lt.Governor.How can she be undefeated?


I’ve read many extremely positive reviews of The Undefeated & look forward to seeing what appears to be a fantastic documentary.


My whole family, Democrats and Republicans, chipped in to buy the DVD from her PAC — we want to know the truth that the media hid.


I saw a screening of the movie and thought it was a great story ruined by poor film making. It was all cut aways of plants growing, money being flushed down the toilet and garbage like that. Why can’t conservatives make movies that are interesting to look at as well as interesting? I’d give it a 3 on a scale of 1-10 because of the style of the film, it’s really that bad.


Run, Sarah! Palin2012


Read your review. Can’t wait to see the film. Thanks, Jedediah!


Can’t wait to see it!