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VA Pension Benefits for Seniors


Most veterans are not aware of the many eldercare benefits available through various VA programs. One particular program called Veterans Pension or more commonly known as the “Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit,” can provide money to pay for care in the home or in a facility. It is available to both the Veteran and his spouse, and also to a surviving spouse when the Veteran passes away. The maximum amount available per month is $2120 for a married veteran, $1788 for a single veteran, and $1149 for a surviving spouse. This kind of benefit can dramatically change the lives of the veteran and his or her family. That is why I enjoy my work so much, letting families know if they qualify and how much is available to them. I always try to get the kids of these senior veterans involved because it helps them as well in caring for their parents. I am especially excited to help AMAC members.


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