US to Recognize Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

Israel US JerusalemOn the evening of Tuesday, December 5, President Trump unexpectedly announced that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, with plans to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem. The announcement has caused reactions ranging from disappointment to outright panic among both American and Middle Eastern officials, who believe that this decision could be interpreted as a declaration of war that may lead to the destruction of the two-state solution.

Officials from the Trump administration explained the move, saying that Trump made this decision to acknowledge “historical and current reality”. Administration officials later clarified that while Trump would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, this decision would not determine what would be done in regards to issues such as sovereignty and official boundaries, which would still be subject to negotiations.

Reactions to President Trump’s decision around the world have been mixed. Whereas Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Israel’s unique relationship with the United States, government officials from Saudi Arabia have called the decision a “flagrant provocation to Muslims”. King Abdullah of Jordan said Trump’s choice would undermine efforts to continue the peace process, and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has spoken out against the decision as well, calling it a mark of “incompetence and failure”.

As of this morning, there have been widespread protests against Trump’s announcement in Middle Eastern countries. In Gaza, Palestinians have gathered to rally against the decision, burning American and Israeli flags. In the West Bank city of Ramallah, Palestinian demonstrators burn photographs of President Trump, chanting slogans claiming that he threatens international stability.

Despite continued warnings from Arab and Western allies, Trump will proceed to work with the US State Department to begin moving the US Embassy from the city of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump expressed his support for Israel throughout his run for president, and his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital should come as no surprise, as it is a fulfillment of a major campaign promise. Trump administration officials have stated that the physical location of the American embassy is “not an impediment to peace”, nor is it an initiator to peace. “After having tried this for 22 years,” one official stated, “an acknowledgment of reality seems like an important thing.”



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2 years ago

Back when Clinton was President, a law was passed recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Bush and Obama used something in that law to hold off moving the embassy. All Trump is doing is honoring the law and its about time! Moving the embassy and recognizing Jerusalem has nothing to do with the peace process cuz the Muslims want to destroy Israel reguardless of where their captial is! Muslims in the area are about power and control not peace! Nothing Israel does will bring peace as long as the Muslims think they are the only ones who should be… Read more »

2 years ago

Every American President since Bill Clinton in 1995 has called for internationally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Congress actually passed the enabling legislation, which Clinton signed into law. However, neither Clinton, Bush nor Obama, who all actively campaigned on doing just that ever actually acted on doing it. Instead they all kept signing extensions, that postponed all such measures to do so. In short, their words meant nothing. Just hollow talking points to be carted out during campaign season to win votes. Trump on the other hand actually… Read more »

2 years ago

Yes, I do suppose the move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is more of a threat to peace than Iran building nuclear weapons….NOT! Hasn’t Jerusalem been Jewish since before Islam existed?

John Degges
2 years ago

“two-state solution”? As long as Muslims demand the extermination of Israel such is impossible.

Kenneth Lenz
2 years ago

I support Donald Trump, President of the United States, in relocating the Capital of Israel to Jerusalem. That’s not, however, why I’m commenting here. I’m commenting here because I would very much like to hear and see the AMAC refer to ‘Trump’ as ‘President Trump’ and I’d like to know whether the AMAC leans toward the liberal left, or the Conservative Right. AARP, I’ve been told, is very much a liberal left entity. I’m a ‘young’ senior citizen, a supporter of President Trump, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, Christian republican right-wing man. I don’t want to join a liberal left-wing entity which… Read more »

2 years ago

Great! A move that supports Israel and at the same time emboldens our stature in the region. Another demonstration of strength and leadership after 8 years of weakness.

Pete from St Pete
2 years ago

This is a ground breaking movement that must be stopped in It’s tracks! We just can’t have a President who actually follows up his campaign promises. Now people will expect future politicians to do the same and ruin our whole system.

2 years ago

Genesis 12:3

2 years ago

Why does anybody pretend that there is still a “peace process” going on? It’s been going on for pretty much my entire adult life, and nothing ever happens. The Muslims are not going to make peace with the Jews, at all, ever. It’s about time America took a stand!

Bill M
2 years ago

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel therefore our embassy should be there. The US government is finally growing back its spine.

2 years ago

After years of AARP I dumped them when they had an article about Hanoi Jane and when I wrote the editor she explained how Hanoi Jane had apologized for that little indiscretion and all should be forgiven and she is such a better person, to which I replied BS and became a member of AMAC. That said nothing that Trump does will ever be good enough for the stupid liberals and even stupider muslims, for the last thousand years they have contributed nothing to humanity, killed thousands of innocent people including their own and the only way that there will… Read more »

Dave H.
2 years ago

Doesn’t Israel have the right to choose where they want their capital to be located ? If they choose Jerusalem then shouldn’t we locate our embassy there out of respect to a sovereign nation – after all , we do it with every other nation in the world , don’t we ?

2 years ago

You know, why do we continue to let this even be an issue i mean who even cares about the plo? Like Donna said, most of my adult life we’ve been obsessed with peace in the middle east. It ain’t gonna happen, never! Now I’m making general comments here, but they’ve been fighting since what, 2500BC? Please, no need to correct me, just throwing darts at it. How many wasted trips has our politicians made, countless I’m sure. Can you imagine the costs involved. And for what? Years and years of wasted assets. If we paid as much attention on… Read more »

2 years ago

Am i the only one here that just wishes Israel and the plo would just get it over with. Come on already, its like two guys gonna fight, and one tells the other, swing, and the other guy says, no you swing. Gees, ive always hated that. Neither one has the guts to fight, not really. This has been going on for sooo long. Israel should hace kicked the livin —-out of those muslims when they could. Not so sure they can do it now. Remember when arafat and his boys were trapped in Beirut (was it) and they had… Read more »

2 years ago

I have a question, maybe someone can enlighten me. Who first occupied Jeruslem? I mean, way back, all the way back to the beginning? I’m not educated in the least in this area. Did Moses, when he was wandering around the desert, for 40 yrs, stumble upon Israel/Jerusalem. Was anyone already there? Am i even close? To be honest, i could care less. Whenever i see pictures of that area, i can’t help but think, what a God forsaking place. Im for Israel, because ive been trained, ever since i can remember, to be for Israel. Personally, i wish they’d… Read more »

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