US Concerned Iran Aiding Al Qaeda

Published February 03, 2012| The Wall Street Journal –
US officials believe Iran recently gave freedoms to top Al Qaeda operatives who have been under house arrest, including option to leave the country, and may have provided material aid to the terrorist group

The men, who were detained in Iran in 2003, make up Al Qaeda’s so-called management council, a group that includes members of the inner circle that advised Usama bin Laden and an explosives expert widely considered a candidate for a top post in the organization.

The assertions are likely to amplify tensions between Washington and Tehran. A U.S. Senate committee on Thursday moved to intensify sanctions to force Iran into negotiations on its nuclear program, while Tehran has largely defied pressure. This week, Iran prevented UN nuclear inspectors from gaining access to sites and scientists, according to diplomats.

Skeptics caution that intelligence on Iran’s activities is limited and worry that some policy makers might use provocative reports to justify military action against Tehran. Iran has denied any connection with Al Qaeda.

U.S. officials believe there have been recent indications that officials in the Iranian government have provided Al Qaeda operatives in Iran limited assistance, including logistical help, money and cars, according to a person briefed on the developments.

Adding to the U.S. pressure on Iran, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told senators in an annual intelligence assessment that U.S. agencies believe the Iranian regime is now more willing to conduct an attack in the U.S.

“We have to be vigilant for more of that,” Clapper told lawmakers Thursday.

The reports come at a time of growing concern about Iran’s decision-making. President Barack Obama, in his recent State of the Union address said, “America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal.”

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Steven O
10 years ago

So what other Internet myths do we need to be spreading?

Born in Kenya? Get a life that is based upon reality or get your medications adjusted.

William Bolton
10 years ago

Why are we concerned about Iran helping Al Queda when our so called President had the Al Queda leader killed so he could take his spot! Check out the you tube video confirming that he isn’t eligible to be our president! He was born in Kenya and the country has a monument at his birthplace, his father’s brother attended the birth, Obama discussed on video being born there before he ran for office and his wife also stated that he was born in Kenya! Why has there been no impeachment? If allowed to finish this term, it will mean that the precedent of illegal office holding has been approved and the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights are things of the past. The 2nd amendment already is since a civilian with a 3rd class FFL and paying the tax can no longer own the latest small arms developments. Freedom of speech will bring arrests soon. A Felon is attorney General! Proof of accessory to murder in the death of a law enforcement agent of the USA is clear and no arrest! They must be above the law to boldly violate the law and no one does anything. Well, we would not want to arrest a murder suspect if we might be called racist! Accessory to murder and fraud of an election may be felonies, but we don’t want to be called names, so we should just let lawlessness become the rule of the nation.

Joseph Tansey
10 years ago

what did youdo with my comment?

Joseph Tansey
10 years ago

We are going thru the same thing we did with Iraq. Talk, talk, talk with now action. If you continue to threaten your child with santions and never follow thru, what do you get. They know you are all talk with no substance. We need to
let the Jews go in and do as they did to Iraqs nuclear plans. And give assistance where needed. The United Nations just can’t agree on anything. Two countries, China & Russian cancel out everything the UN votes on. So how much
help can you get out of the UN? They continue (Iran) to say America and Isreal need to be wiped off the face of
the earth. They make an atomic bomb and they will.. My vote is follow Isreal’s lead and support them. Their intelegence is far superior than ours. Amen

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