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AMAC Updates Health Care Proposal Based on Member Feedback

We’re listening, and we hear you loud and clear!

Because of the overwhelming response to the release of AMAC’s Health Care proposal and the many suggestions received, AMAC has removed the requirements that coverage would be mandated.

In the original proposal, coverage would have been required for individuals who have no coverage and for employee’s eligible for group coverage but were not in the plan. Under the revised proposal, both individuals and employees may elect to opt out of the offered coverage.

According to Dan Weber, president of AMAC,” The reason the coverage would have been mandated was to assure preexisting illnesses would not be excluded.”

He said, “It won’t work if people choose not to pay a premium and when they get sick, buy insurance-and then go to the Hospital and expect insurance to cover their bill. That would be unfair to those who were paying into the plan all along.”

The new proposal would allow a person to sign off agreeing that they are not going to be covered for injuries or illness that occurred prior to the purchase of the policy. A waiting period would be put in place before illness is covered and the rates paid by someone who opted out of joining the plan when eligible would be increased for a period of 10 years after they join the plan.

Weber said, “The final details would have to be worked out with the actuaries but we feel over 95% of those eligible would want to participate. If that happens, we have got a plan that is feasible.”

AMAC also announced that insurance coverage would be allowed to be purchased across state lines, pending the agreement of the various states. Tort reform would be expanded under the new proposal with Attorney’s fees being capped at 15% of any settlement payments.

Click on the chart below to take a look at a comparison between AMAC’s original plan, and the Senate and House bills.  The chart does not yet reflect the changes to AMAC’s plan mentioned above.


Click on the chart to see a side-by-side comparison of the various healthcare proposals. Please note that the chart does not yet reflect any of the recent changes made to the AMAC plan.

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12 years ago

Are you planning on medicare gap insurance like AARP’s? I would make a change if that were true. But can’t do that and lose my insurance. Could you make this clearer?

A. B. Prahl
12 years ago

I like the fact that AMAC will actually consider the requests submitted by its members. My thought: Keep Obama and Government Control out of my health care, period.

12 years ago

My wife & I have been a member of AARP for 15 yrs…I always thought that if anyone would have an affordable health insurance program for the elderly, as us, AARP would be the one to have it…Not True…I called and asked why are they so much higher then other insurance supplements for the elderly…I also told them with with so many millions of members, if anyone today could present a low income 100% covered, both pre existing and new medical problems, supplement plan , with the money AARP takes from us it should be AARP…I am very dissapointed with AARP and their management of the situation today…Am a disabled vet from the 60’s, and I also use the VA, but fortunately we fall below the threshold, where all my services are provided at no cost, but each year have to take a means test at the VA, to determine with your income what you will pay for services and prescriptions if you make more then $15,000.00 a year…We just barely make ends meet now with what we get, and it’s a shame that the government when you fill out this means test, looks at your savings, if your fortunate to have savings as a yearly income…That counts toward the total gross income threshold and if you go over, like we did before my wife retired, I use to have to pay $8.00 for each prescription…Now x that buy the 15 different prescriptions I take, and it was killing us…When I came out of the service in 69, everything from the V.A. was provided free gratis for serving honorably…10 years later they changed all that with what they use today to charge Vets depending on their annual income and savings…We are quickly loosing so many of our freedoms, that I fear one day there will be a coup in D.C. It’s about time the Senators, and congressmen we vote in start doing their jobs of representing us and not the political machine and lobbyists, that line their pockets now…That cost of living raise they took from us this year, went as a raise to the politicians…Go Figure!!!!!

Leo Sermersheim
12 years ago

Obama health care if passed will put our Government is the same state as Greece. Please Pray that it will not be passed.

Leo Sermersheim
12 years ago

Stop Obama Care now before it gets voted in otherwise it will be almost impossible to reverse it.

12 years ago

Good to see people wakening to the danger in allowing government to legislate itself power and a class of people allowed to vote themselves money. Ben Franklin would be proud. Government should never be trusted with your life, they would budgetize it and just like the post office grew competitors, you would look elsewhere to live better.

12 years ago

How can anyone with any integrity vote on a piece of legislature that they haven’t read. I would be surprised if any of our senators or congressmen have read the entire health care bill.

Rich Marsteller
12 years ago

When are the Politicians and everybody realize that we don’t want our Health Care played with. We don’t want 540 Billion dollars taken form Medicare and give Health care to Illegal Aliens. I don’t want to pay for Abortions. I want the Gov out of my life with Obama Commi care.

Douglas J Ossentjuk
12 years ago

I have never in all my 68 years witnessed the absolute brazen attempts by this administration to thwart the will of the people,”we do not want health care now”!!. This is nothing more than a Socialist power grab and they lie , cheat and make thier own rules to accomplish whatever it is they want. Obama said “see who I surround myself with”, well if that’s not enough to send you into orbit, nothing will. They are nothing but Chicago mobsters under a new name and think they can Hijack our country.
We need to make serious noise and back it up with serious People and,”right now”…

Douglas J Ossentjuk

D Flynn
12 years ago

I just joined because you are the completely he opposite of the other major senior organization. If you keep your promises I will contnue to support you.

12 years ago

Obamacare is too expensive,its only being brought up for us American people to pay for Illegals,Im not going to.My insurance is high as far as Im concerned,since I hardly ever get sick and need a dr,Obamacare if passed puts the security of this country at risk,because we cannot afford a trillion plus deficet of more boworrowed money. from china,japan,russia.Obama and the dems need to be thrown out of office before this country is bankrupt.

12 years ago

Obama care will devastate our country. This sounds great but what chance do we have??

John Levy
12 years ago

I saw AMAC at the CPAC convention in Washington last week, and they are working very hard on trying to get the word out. Seems like it’s falling on deaf ears in Washington. A copy of their last magazine including the proposal was given to most, if not all, politicians. They also told me they’ve been trying to get on FOX news, but so far have had no luck getting through the doorkeepers. There have been some criticisms of AMAC’s proposal above, which is fine, because not all of us are going to agree on everything. I for one applaud their efforts. AMAC reads every single comment that is left on this website, and they actually are listening to our concerns. From what I saw of them at CPAC, they are true conservatives that I am proud to stand with.

Mary Whitehouse
12 years ago

This is the only plan I’ve seen that makes fiscal and moral sense. There also are low cost clinics set up in about 1,200 locations that can handle births, setting bones, etc. and should also be a big part of this program but were not even invited to the table when the idiots Pelosi and Reid were crafting their Plan. Their plan isn’t about health care; it’s about power.

But why haven’t I heard about this plan on the news? Apparently it wasn’t even a part of today’s stupid Obama meeting with both parties. What are the Republican leaders saying about it, if anything? Thank you for this. Now let’s get it on the table. The Tea Partiers will go for it.

Works in Insurance
12 years ago


The present system is controlled by the states now. That would not change under the Amac Plan.

As you noticed, the Amac Plan includes tort reform and buying across state lines. In order to permit buying across state lines there is a choice. We could have the feds get involved which this plan does not have, or we could have the states come to agreements among themselves. The mechanism to do this would be the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

If you go to their website, you’ll notice they are already organized to do things such as this. Thus no new bureaucracy would be created. No additional people would have to be hired as the NAIC is already staffed.

The NAIC would also provide an outside 3rd party to mediate between the insurance company.

Benaiah Israel
12 years ago

I came to the website to join. But after seeing your position on healthcare “reform” there’s no way I would even think about joining. You’re part of the problem. Not the solution!!!1 I don’t want the Federal government OR state government taking over my healthcare insurance!!!!!! Get govt. out of our lives! Just tort reform and buying across state lines. Otherwise keep everything the way it is.

George Black
12 years ago

Why cant it be written that “preexisting illnesses would not be excluded” without a mandate.

If one has a preexisting they are not going to opt out or let expire unless they have no money. But under no circumstance should one ever be threatened with fines, jail, or accused of breaking the law.

Antonio R Villanueva
12 years ago

Do you carry automobile and homeowners insurance?
Much thanks,

12 years ago

Want to see, LINE BY LINE, what the House bill says??? HB3200. Check out the following website….It’s hard to believe. stunning actually. copy and paste

12 years ago

The health care issue is a myth framed by the Democrats to secure 40 million votes. The debate is framed around the uninsured which is NOT true. All people, even illegals, in America have healthcare. Walk into any emergency room and everyone receives treatment, that is the law. The real issue is who will pay for it. The government want the working people to pay MORE for others healthcare. The whole argument is a myth. Have you seen anyone in America dead in the street because of lack of care??? Come on people, it’s not about coverage, it’s about MONEY and who pays….

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