“United for Religious Freedom”

March 14, 2012 – The Administrative Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released a five-page statement clarifying its position entitled “United for Religious Freedom.” In short, the Catholic Church is not backing down and will fight on, united in its opposition to the mandate. Consider these excerpts:

“We wish to clarify what this debate is — and is not — about. This is not about access to contraception, which is ubiquitous and inexpensive… This is not about the religious freedom of Catholics only, but also of those who recognize that their cherished beliefs may be next on the block.

This is not about the Bishops’ somehow ‘banning contraception,’ when the U.S. Supreme Court took that issue off the table two generations ago. Indeed, this is not about the Church wanting to force anybody to do anything; it is instead about the federal government forcing the Church … to act against Church teachings. …This is not a fight we want or asked for, but one forced upon us by government on its own timing. …

“So what is it about? An unwarranted government definition of religion. …Government has no place defining religion and religious ministry. …And if this definition is allowed to stand, it will spread throughout federal law, weakening its healthy tradition of generous respect for religious freedom and diversity. …

“We will continue our vigorous efforts at education and public advocacy on the principles of religious liberty and their application in this case (and others). …We will continue to pursue legislation to restore the same level of religious freedom we have enjoyed until just recently. And we will continue to explore our options for relief from the courts…

“Most importantly of all, we call upon the Catholic faithful, and all people of faith, throughout our country to join us in prayer … for the complete protection of our First Freedom… Prayer is the ultimate source of our strength — for without God, we can do nothing; but with God, all things are possible.”

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Aiden Sonders
8 years ago

@Chet: You are hateful. Jesus would disapprove of your rhetoric and inflammatory speech. Change your ways before you meet him.

@Penny: If you don’t like the U.S. government, move to Vatican City. Anyway, Church organizations get tons of breaks compared to private companies. Enjoy it.

@Donna: You lost me at “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

8 years ago

One of the top priorities of Socialism and/or Communism is to destroy the Church. The best way to do this is to make the Church the enemy. Obama is a master at the game of propaganda. Listen to his speaches. He is probably the most convincing liar in the history of American Politics. Farahkan, Jackson, Sharpton, Reid, Pallosi, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, all have to take a backseat to Obama. The lame stream media loves him. They hate the truth as much as he does. He is their clay-footed idol and they are his people. The blind leading the blind.… Read more »

8 years ago

To know God is to know He alone is sovereign. “Nobody can own a church.” No, not the government or anyone can own a church or the people who believe in God. It’s time we (Christians, Catholics, Jews) stood up and made our voices heard. If we don’t take a stand for our beliefs, what will be stand for???

Lowell Miller
8 years ago

All who are Christian regardless of individual faith and religious belief can support this proclamation by the Catholic Church.

Donna Hull
8 years ago

Prayer is the answer and we serve a God that is bigger than all the problems on this Earth. He created us and this earth and He will take care of his people. Jesus is coming soon, He is at the door getting ready to open it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you God for hearing our prayers to keep our religious freedom and restoring the USA to a Godly nation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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