‘Underwhelmed:’ Political Pros React to Trump Phone Transcript At Heart of New Impeachment Push

impeachment Trump households climbed middle classCharlie Cook is a well-respected analyst whose Cook Political Report is a must-read for campaign pros on both sides of the aisle. And his take on the released transcript of Trump’s Ukranian phone call?


“I don’t Tweet very much but reading the transcript has moved me to comment,” Cook tweeted. “I was totally underwhelmed by the transcript. After the build-up, [there] was not much more inappropriate said than we hear from him in a typical week. This will not move malleable voters.”

While Democrats, and even some Republicans, offer high-flung rhetoric about threats to the Republic posed by President Trump’s phone call, political consultants and campaign strategists are trying to determine the practical impact of the Ukraine story on the average–or as Cook called them, “malleable”– American voter.

The early betting is that Democrats don’t have enough to turn the Ukraine story into a political winner–yet.

Thanks to President Trump releasing the transcript, the facts about the Ukraine phone call aren’t in dispute. Democrats say that, while there may be no specific quid-pro-quo arrangement mentioned, Trump’s request for help from a foreign government to look into former Vice President Joe Biden, a likely 2020 opponent, is enough for impeachment.

“There is no requirement there be a quid pro quo in the conversation,” Pelosi said Tuesday.

“Even if there were absolutely no quid pro quo, the demand itself is a betrayal of the presidency and abuse of the office,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) followed up on Wednesday.

And, some Democrats believe, this will motivate their base. “If a highly motivated person drags her mother and her husband and her second cousin twice removed to the polls, then it makes a difference,” Iowa Democratic Party activist Kurt Meyer told Reuters.

Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham disagree.  “This is a nothing (non-quid pro quo) burger,” he tweeted, later telling reporters: “From my point of view, to impeach any president over a phone call like this would be insane.”

Who’s right? For Team Trump, the answer is obvious:

“Because of their pure hatred for President Trump, desperate Democrats and the salivating media already had determined their mission: take out the President,” Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement.  “This is just another hoax from Democrats and the media, contributing to the landslide re-election of President Trump in 2020.”

Hoax or not, is the Trump campaign right to believe the Democrats’ rush to impeachment will help keep him in the White House?

“I predict Trump’s base voters are going to go up about 20 points in intensity now that Democrats are actually starting the impeachment process,” DC GOP strategist Alex Vogel told InsideSources, while “independent voters are fundamentally focused on how this country, and in particular, how our economy is working and putting food on their tables and cars in their driveways.

“Independents don’t seem to have shifted much in response to any of this – and I don’t think that is going change,” Vogel said.

“The bottom line is the impeachment inquiry will ultimately hurt Democrats,” said New Hampshire-based GOP consultant Michael Dennehy, a veteran of the John McCain presidential campaigns. “Middle America will be asking every day, ‘what about my healthcare? What about illegal immigration? What about the opioid crisis? Why are we spending everyone’s time on impeachment rather than these issues?’”

Republican strategist Doug Heye sees a similar problem for the Democrats’ 2020 field. “For Democrats running for president, breaking through on healthcare or the economy just got a lot tougher. Impeachment will be the dominant topic for a long time,” Heye said.

One area where impeachment is already paying off for the GOP–literally–is fundraising. Trump 2020 and the Republican National Committee sent out a slew of fundraising emails on Tuesday on behalf of what they’re calling the “Official Impeachment Task Force.” According to Politico, they raised about $1 million by the end of the day.

And while it’s too early to have polling of the public’s reaction to the transcript itself, a new Quinnipiac survey taken as the story was unfolding found that a solid majority of Americans– 57 percent — don’t want Trump removed from office, while only 37 percent support it.  More significant, only 34 percent of self-identified independent voters, whose views are more likely to be “malleable” during the coming campaign, support impeachment.

Democratic consultant Joel Payne, who worked on the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, sees the issue as a wash. “Both parties’ bases were amped up already,” he tells InsideSources. “I think this fight just keeps them both on track. The question is how moderate voters react to impeaching President Trump. Which side will win the message war? That remains to be seen.”

Reprinted with permission from - Inside Sources - by Michael Graham

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1 year ago

Joe Biden is now officially history. Can we impeach Congress ?

1 year ago

The so call whistle blower is a Obama CIA deep stater reporting 2nd and 3rd hand rumors. Isn’t it amazing the whistle blower form was recently changed from 1st hand knowledge to hear say rumors. Schiff had this report mid August just waiting to strike with the impeachment garbage. The leaker and Biden should be investigated. Every AMAC member needs to demand justice for President Trump! He doesn’t desire this ! Call or email your Congressional members!!

sherry montgomery
1 year ago

When is the Republican Senate, Bill Barr and Mr. John Durham going to finally put these crooks on trial.? We have been hearing for 3 years how John Soloman has found all of these illegal acts and yet NOTHING has been done. Why is President Trump left twisting in the wind? Let’s get on task and clean this mess up.

J L Bostian
1 year ago

I understand that Biden used AF 2 to fly his son to the Ukraine. If this is true, why is no one upset about that?

El Ey
1 year ago
Reply to  J L Bostian

If Biden’s son was Don Jr instead, the Libtards will be screaming, protesting and issuing thousands of subpoenas to all the Trump’s family members, administration, allies or anyone connected to Pres Trump.
Is there really two standards of justice in our country, one for the liberals/progressives and one for the irredeemable deplorables as labeled by HRC? Will justice ever be served?

1 year ago

Enough of this liberal BS. Every day we are hounded with more and more socialist ranting and raving and stupid ideas. Shut up already. We already know how stupid you are. You don’t have to prove it to us. Americans need to vote these dummies out of office. Socialists are all the same so vote all of them out of office.

1 year ago

Isn’t it strange the Mueller investigation just ended. He said he was ONLY going to investigate Trump and his campaign meaning he was asked about others that may have been Democratic but he wasn’t interested. I think this information about Biden and his son came out thru this investigation but nothing was coming of it then. Now the Ukraine and Russia were at war and Putin had moved in tanks around that time. They needed arms to defend themselves and supplies. This was leading up to their somewhat independence. NOW WHY DID BIDEN’S SON WHO I THINK THIS WAS THE ONE THAT WAS DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED FROMT HE ARMED FORCES; GET A MONTHLY CHECK FROM THE UKRAINE CO FOR 50,000 A MONTH FOR DOING NOTHING???????????????????????????????????????????? was it so that his father helped get the supplies and arms they needed???????????
What about Hillary and all she had to do with the Russians including hiring the English Spy to from that company that the one cabinet officer’s wife worked for under Obama…….they have traced down all that information Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act. It proves coercion.
Why haven’t these folks been arrested yet???? who is paying off who????
Now Obama Did have the Justice dept wire tap all of Trumps family’s phones. that’s been proven now…Judicial Watch FOI Act.

This is DISCRIMINATION by the Liberal Democrats. I Believe our President (Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces) should investigate allegations like this esp. when he also called to congratulation the new President of the Ukraine who ran under restoring Law and Order to the nation.
He wouldn’t get the right information by calling the company that paid Biden’s son…..you have to be kidding if they’d tell the truth.

I don’t agree with everything Trump does by far lately, deregulations of clean air, water, food. deregulation of endangered species so that oil companys can destroy our national parks for profits or our shoreline for profits.

Remember folks; these oil companies that find the oil and bring it up SELL IT OVERSEAS, IT DOES NOT COME TO US SO YOU AND I DON’T BENEFIT AT ALL. ALASKA OIL GOES TO JAPAN. I was brought up in an oil company family for generations.
Fracking into the Earth thousands of feet down into Earthquake Faults in not feasible nor the methane gas that comes up into private wells.
The West Coast of NJ by the Delaware has tremors now daily because of the fracking. Oklahoma had an Earthquake due to fracking.
The Gulf of Mexico got flooded with oil because a company did not follow safety requirements. Remember all of this folks. We need to protect the land and animals of this country for OUR HEALTH and theirs.

Our Economy has really improved; our closed factories have reopened and hired thousands of workers around the country. We are bringing back many companies that moved out of our land. We are renegotiating treaties that screwed us royally. hopefully, they make it equally beneficial to all parties.

1 year ago

What is the penalty for collusion in a coup attempt to overthrow a sitting president of America ?
When will those involved be brought up on charges for a trial ? (including the RINO’s involved)

Big Al
1 year ago
Reply to  Ted

Their acts are ones of sedition.

Marvin L Beaver
1 year ago

President Trump did not Request the Ukrainian President to look into Creepy Joe. He requested they resume the investigation they started on Hunter Biden, the one that Creepy Joe interfered with.

1 year ago

“Get a life” Dems.
Do something we can all be proud of… ??

1 year ago

The dense oc RATS are out to destroy AMERICA and they think that they will get away with it.Be very careful what you bottom feeders wish for.Why do you call yourselves the intelligence committee.There is no intelligence involved.When there is schiff,nadler and many more dense oc RATS you entities are passing gas upwind.My President is DONALD TRUMP and I will vote for him again.Why don’t you liberals go somewhere else and create your own country and take Illinois and kalifornicate and several other states and cities with you.There are still some of us that love AMERICA.

1 year ago

What with the mess left over from the last administration…and the burning anger the dems show EVERYDAY…I am convinced that people voting dem are just deranged. One dem voter that I know even summed it up as “we need to get rid of that constitution in order to straighten up this country.” The more I listen to voters from that side, the more I am convinced that not only do we need to have voter ID laws ..maybe we should have intelligence laws so as to prove that people voting actually know who and what they are voting for!!!

George Batty
1 year ago

Blumenthal the fake Viet Vet has zero credibility

1 year ago

I have NEVER in my life ever voted for a democrap and I never will. I voted against Johnson in 64, remember him? The one that probably had Kennedy shot! The problem is the republicans are not a whole lot better. Go Trump Go!

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

Perhaps all of them idiots will get voted out!! I have had enough!!

1 year ago

Does anyone else see the irony of the Democrats accusing Trump of trying to use a foreign source to damage a political candidate and affect an election–sort of like Hillary & the DNC using a British ex-spy and Russian connections to create the Trump Dossier?

1 year ago

Same BS just a different week. The Demorats are crying in their beer because again, there is nothing there!

Dr. G
1 year ago

Another nothing burger. Independents, minorities, and walk-aways have already guaranteed a win in 2020. All that will result from this Dem activity is not a win, but a landslide across the political spectrum that will result in a Republican House and greater gains in the Senate as well as re-election of President Trump.

1 year ago

Am I the only person who voted for Trump who doesn’t pick up on “the code words” he uses to “incite” his supporters’ alleged racism and, according to Adam Schiff, threaten the Ukrainian president like a “mob boss.”

The Democrats hope they’ll be able to use the Ukraine interaction and the impeachment inquiry to overwhelm any news about the investigative reports that will come out against the FBI’s handling of the “Russia dossier.”

James Howard
1 year ago

Another low fat low salt big nothing soy burger.

You can’t handle the truth about the starvation by forced vegetarianism pushed by the Demonrats. All the documentation, common sense & evidence ignored by Demonrats here:
http://www.westonaprice.org searchable website.

Government, particularly congress, only makes things worse. Now the mainstrean-hatestream-corporate media aid & abet the enemy.

Liberalism leads to fascism leads to communism. Begins with women voting, then goes to universal voting (including all criminals & terrorists). Read ANN COULTER, HOW TO TALK TO A LIBERAL (IF YOU MUST).

We have been legally at war since 911. No congressional approval is required or needed to declare martial law & war when we are attacked on our own soil. The mass migration is another act of war on our own soil. Every Islamic terrorist attack is one more act of war. IRAN IS THE KEY PERPETRATOR.

Biblical 2nd Ammendment, If you don’t own a sword, sell your cloak & buy one. Luke22;38. Ecclesiastes10:1-3, “As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom &honor. The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense & shows everyone how stupid he is.” Leftists are traitors & losers from start to finish even when they act nice or appear to win, they lose. …AND Frank Zappa for President 2024:: “Socialism produces bad art, bad music, social stagnation & really unhappy people.” …and satanists. Leftists seem to have full spectrum narcissistic psychosis & inflict PTSD on opponents by using verbal abuse & lies of every kind as well as other terroristic underhanded tactics of the dedicated psychotic-natcissist. See for yourself on YouTube: NarcAWAY. Narc ology unscripted. Surviving Narcissism. Michele Lee Nieves. For real news go to OANN (One America News Network). Also: THE EPOCH TIMES, Truth & Tradition. Dedicated legitimate legal Xtian immigrant patriots who escaped commie China & know they are finished unless they continue to fight the commie HORROR regardless of consequences. To remove the blinders & psycho propaganda MASK Read: TIPING POINTS: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (OAN Commentator). MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships. DEANNA LORRAINE. TAKE NO PRISONERS: Battle Plan for Defeating the Left, DAVID HOROWITZ. BIG AGENDAç President Trump’s Plan to Save America. DAVID HOROWITZ. JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How Hw Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us. JAMIE GLAZOV. THE HISTORY OF JIHAD, From Mohammed to ISIS. ROBERT SPENCER. Web sites & channels for truth: Stefan Molyneux, freedomain.com . YouTube: Bill Whittle. Acts17apologetics. Apostate Prophet. Julie Mora. American Intelligence Media.
Finally, “There will never be peace on earth until the Koran is eliminated from the earth.” Winston Churchill.”

1 year ago

Impeachment over nothing is just another waste of taxpayer money and time! This is NOT going to go well for Democrats, and I believe this is a way to get Biden out of the race! Then the real socialist leftist can battle for the nominee! This is all smoke and mirrors just like the Kavanaugh hearings were. My concern is what this is doing to the future of the presidency…what happens if Trump is re-elected? Does this childish behavior continue? And if Trump loses…have the leftist given grounds for the Republicans to play the same game with their winner like they have been doing with Trump? I don’t see any of this going well for the country…just childish games over who’s “King of the Hill” all to feed the leftist addiction to power and control! Keep this up and the American people are going to get real tired of either being ignored or exploited for these elitists…I continue to ask: WHERE ARE THE ADULTS IN CONGRESS?

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