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Under Biden, Danger on 5 Fronts

AMAC Exclusive – by Herald Boas


Global geopolitical regions can be divided into five main areas — North America and the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East, the Indo-Pacific, South and Central America, and Africa. Nine months into the Biden administration, the new president faces dangers and challenges of his own making in all five.

Close to home, the most critical problem is the U.S./Mexican border crisis, with a massive influx of would-be and undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean — an influx brought on by the Biden campaign promise of open borders. Undocumented, many of them unaccompanied children, most of them unvaccinated, and some of them already ill, they have created chaos at the border and many are simply entering the U.S. unhindered. Those who cross the border are now filling up border cities and towns as mostly unwelcome economic and public health burdens. The Biden administration and establishment media until recently have tried to downplay or even ignore the crisis, but the political and public outcry has grown too loud to try to pretend there is no crisis.

Europe and the Middle East have long been critical hotspots, but President Biden has exacerbated many problems by trying to make a deal with a hostile Iran, vexing a close American ally in France, and failing to block a Russian North Sea pipeline to Germany. The recent German elections have replaced long-time Angela Merkel’s center-right government with a center-left one, but Germany’s post-W.W.II recovery and policies will likely remain on the same course. Brexit has upended the fragile European Union (EU), and initial EU confidence in President Biden has been shattered by the way he handled the U.S. evacuation from Afghanistan and negotiated the Australian-U.K.-U.S. (AUKUS) security pact without consulting continental allies. Although the Cold War with the now-defunct Soviet Union ended long ago, Putin-led aggressive Russia, still a nuclear power, nonetheless acts as a confrontational force in Europe and the Middle East. Mr. Biden also faces the challenge, as did his predecessors, of persuading European NATO allies to provide for more of their own defense capability.

President Donald Trump’s negotiation of the Abraham Accords and cancellation of the Iran Nuclear Deal had created some positive momentum in the long-time Middle East impasse, but the efforts of President Biden and John Kerry to revive the pact have been met with recalcitrant Iranian demands. A new Israeli government has also reached out to Mr. Biden, but the long-time U.S. ally has not yet bonded with the new American government as it did with the previous one.

Nothing has reversed public opinion at home and abroad about President Biden more than the way Biden managed the U.S. evacuation from Afghanistan. Like the AUKUS pact, the withdrawal from Afghanistan itself was supported at home, but the chaotic and counterproductive manner in which it was accomplished reinforced criticism of the president’s foreign policy skills.

Confronting an aggressive China, the U.S. and its principal Pacific allies (Australia, South Korea and Japan) face challenges in the South China Sea, Taiwan, North Korea and Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. President Biden must also manage changing relationships with Pakistan and India.

South and Central America have long been politically unstable – a product of local conditions and a legacy of long-time European colonization and its political institutions. Any U.S. president, to be fair, faces difficult challenges from this region, especially from emigration via land routes. China, sensing an opportunity, has become involved with cash-poor and technologically limited South American and African governments while U.S. attention was focused elsewhere.

After disastrous U.S. experiences in central and southern Africa, American interest in that part of the world outside of private philanthropic efforts has diminished. But as the South African republic faces serious internal problems, central African nations remain unstable, China continues its malign activity in the region, and persistent natural disasters and incipient epidemics threaten the world’s second most populated continent, this part of the world cannot be ignored.

In the 2020 presidential campaign, one of Joe Biden’s selling points for himself was his long-time foreign policy experience. In the early months of his presidency, that promise is not so far being fulfilled.

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Dennis Wells Wells
1 month ago

biden is b.o.’s front idiot puppet.this is a continuation of 2008-2016 that was interrupted with the 2016 elections.hc would have done what bidet is doing now.

An American Chauvinist
1 month ago

b.o. is/was a puppet as well

1 month ago

Can we just impeach this biden idiot already please?! Quick before our country’s completely compromised by him and his socialist agenda(s).

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

james michalicek
1 month ago

Joe Biden is the worst president in my memory, I’m 76, and probably will go down in history as the worst president ever. I expect and pray that he will be removed from office and imprisoned, along with other criminal members of the Biden Crime organization.

1 month ago

Past administrations have put together a strong cabinet & people with experience to advise POTUS & help make the right decisions. Biden is usually the only one that does daily briefings & so either he does not have or not trust the people beneath him. Even during the Trump term, a few of the top cabinet people resigned when they did not agree with Trump. And that independence is good for America going forward.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Has President Biden done anything right yet ? Anything ? This is a serious question . I simply cannot think of even one thing that he’s done right . If Pres. Biden did nothing , I’d be satisfied . If only he would have left Trump’s programs alone , we’d all be far better off . Trump had China contained and Biden has given China carte blanche to reek havoc over the world . Trump brought us to energy independence and Biden begs Saudi Arabia to send us fuel . Trump brought back jobs and manufacturing , while Biden is restoring the taxes and the regulations that forced jobs and manufacturing over seas . It seems like ALL his initiatives are the same . And, he’s in office only 9 months ! What will Biden do in the next 37 months ? ? God help us .

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
1 month ago
Reply to  Gary

The only thing he has done right ,has gone to bed and stayed out of peoples hair for a few hours. Kyle L.

1 month ago
Reply to  Gary

Gary, I’m in total agreement with you. The current admin has basically surrendered the U.S. over to the enemy! Something is definitely wrong with all that.

1 month ago

I have not read about changing US voting system loud and clear. At present political situation all dangers can not be solved for the people of USA !

Removing voting machine entirely, qualified citizen physically present with ID to vote is vital for USA to function.

An American Chauvinist
1 month ago
Reply to  Mo526

Eliminate mail in voting!

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Depression 2 seeds for
All via Biden

Granny Jo
1 month ago

Don’t forget the supply shortages. The semi-conductor chip that is manufactured primarily in Asia (Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and China) is in high demand. The auto and truck manufacturers are in dire need of these and can’t get them. A whistleblower has strongly maintained that the U.S. had better be manufacturing it’s own chips on a grand scale as soon as possible because who controls the chips will eventually control the world!!! But the Biden administration doesn’t understand it’s critical to our military for self defense and national security. Supply shortages because of not enough people with incentive to work or drive truck or off load containers because of the handouts they are getting…..will get only worse if people don’t go back to work. How very dumb can this government get before it destroys our beautiful country!!!

1 month ago

Joe Biden doesn’t care, his age & mental capacity indicates he probably won’t be around much longer anyway, and won’t know what’s going on. It’s a shame what he & his administration are doing to the American people & to the U.S. Friends didn’t vote for Trump because of his tweets, I wonder if they miss Trump now?? I hope they are paying much more for their groceries, their gas, and their eating out. I hope they enjoy paying out for the free medical, free college, free food, free housing. I will remind them when they complain.

D. Brown
1 month ago

With all his failures, missteps, anti-American orders, and global blunders, about the only stupid thing left for this Clown-Show administration is to drop a nuke on fellow Americans! Wait- what’s that noise?

1 month ago

Under Joe Lyin’ Hidin’ Biden, all fronts of decency, honesty, integrity, democracy, and commitment to Constitutional Democracy is at best ignored by the DemocRatic Party policy and governance.

Jeffrey T.
1 month ago

In addition, my nephew was the Crew Chief on a Blackhawk Helecopter; a crew chief, inter alia, is the gunner that goes on every mission and is the mechanic that keeps the helicopter in the air. My nephew is a bona-fide warrior that did TWELVE combat tours in the Middle East and went to Afghanistan immediately following his honorable discharge to continue working on equipping the people of Afghanistan with knowledge and equipment to fight for their freedom (private contractor with the full support US Dept of Sate)However, when President Trump announced withdrawing from Afghanistan my nephew was PISSED because he knew their was absolutely no way the Afphgan people could defend their country/simply not fully prepared to succeed.President Trump did have a contingency which was go back with overwhelming force if Taliban did not abide the agreement; I cannot clearly recall all of this but that which is crystal clear, Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal that was nothing less than weakening our US and Biden urinated on the Graves of every Soldier that paid the ultimate sarafice and th families of those soldiers.

Jeffrey T.
1 month ago

Any intelligent person with a firm grasp on common-sense and factual information cannot possibly be surprised re Biden purposefully creating chaos. Idiots are dangerous and, although many people think Joe Biden is an idiot, he is doing exactly what he intended all along.We now suffer “Captain Chaos” as our (unelected) US President.

1 month ago

Biden is CRIPPLING AMERICA! We now have 2 million undocumented illegals here along with Afghan people here, many of whom are sick and spreading COVID everywhere!! They want it that way so they (the left) can CONTROL ALL WE DO AND EVERYWHERE WE GO!!!
We are also now vulnerable to attack from our enemies…especially the TALIBAN who are now equipped with the best equipment around! Inflation has not been this bad in over 40 years!!!

1 month ago

The whole Administration is loaded with inexpirenced and ignorant fools.

Lauren R MacArthur
1 month ago
Reply to  Jeanette

Actually, the whole administration is made up of puppets. Unfortunately, those behind the scenes, pulling the strings, are NOT inexperienced or fools. They are simply EVIL!

Tom Hatch
1 month ago

We are being run by a basket of fools controlled by forces that want to bring our country down. To save our way of life we need to stand up to this onslaught no matter what the cost.

1 month ago
Reply to  Tom Hatch

We need to revolt! “Get in their faces” like Maxine Waters once said during the Chauvin trial. (She never answered for that either).

1 month ago

Biden a SOWB enough said.

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