At the UN, Trump Ends the Era of Leading From Behind

Trump UN speechSpeaking at the United Nations on Tuesday, President Donald Trump delivered one of the most powerful speeches of his presidency thus far.

The speech was an emphatic rejection of President Barack Obama’s “leading from behind” mantra, giving an assertive defense of American leadership on the world stage. The president also delivered strong condemnations of an array of dictatorial regimes, including North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba.

The speech could not have been more different in style and substance than Obama’s weak-kneed and deferential approach in past speeches to the U.N. Obama’s tenure as leader of the free world was marked by weakness, confusion, indecision, and at times outright appeasement of U.S. adversaries.

It was refreshing to hear a U.S. president who was not ashamed to proclaim the interests of his own country.

The U.N. General Assembly is traditionally a lion’s den for Republican U.S. presidents, but Trump showed no desire to temper his message before leaders from 193 countries, many of whom harbor a deep-seated antipathy for the United States.

Global leadership is not a popularity contest, and Trump showed little interest in winning applause from a General Assembly that had regularly regaled his predecessor with standing ovations.

This was a speech that was tough, uncompromising, and crystal clear in its messaging. The enemies of the United States will be left with no doubt that the United States will aggressively confront them and halt their ambitions to threaten the free world.

In particular, the president targeted North Korea and Iran. He delivered the Iranian regime the heaviest fire it has received in many years, making clear that he views Iran as a “rogue nation” and the nuclear deal signed by Obama as an “embarrassment.”

Trump’s speech was the clearest indication yet that he may walk away from the failed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which is currently subject to a review by the Trump administration.

In marked contrast to the supranationalist approach of the Obama administration, Trump’s speech celebrated sovereignty and self-determination. It came as a rallying cry in defense of the nation-state and a rejection of the notion that national sovereignty should be weakened or surrendered.

Coming in the wake of Brexit, Trump’s remarks in New York are a reminder that the defense of sovereignty is fundamental to the protection of liberty and freedom.

That is a message that should be heeded not only at the U.N., but also in Brussels, where the European Commission is recklessly driving forward with plans for an increasingly centralized federal Europe that would diminish national sovereignty.

As president, Obama spent much of his time on the world stage apologizing for his own countryand seeking to accommodate the enemies of the free world. After eight years of dangerous global retreat, Trump demonstrated on Tuesday that American leadership really does matter and that he will confront dictatorial regimes that threaten global security.

At a time when the U.S. and its allies face mounting threats, this is exactly the right message to send.

From - The Daily Signal - by Nile Gardiner

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The President delivered a perfect level-setting speech that not only the UN. members in attendance needed to hear, but the American people as well. Outstanding on all counts! It set the proper tone and expectations for what America’s allies needed to hear after 8 years of being both disrespected and insulted by Obama and also reset what America’s enemies and those that seek to do us harm need to understand about how we WILL be dealing with them going forward, if they do not change. Again, all in sharp contrast to the appeasement and “leading from behind” mentality of the Obama years that de-stabilized unnecessarily so many areas of the globe. The language Trump used was very straight-forward and unambiguous, which is of course NOT what the members of the U.N. are used to hearing. That was a very good thing, as part of the goal of the speech was… Read more »


Simply Awesome! The America Haters and One World Tyranny Supporters are doing everything they can to disparage not only trump and this speech. But also anyone (and there are a great number of us) who agree with Trump. These America haters rightly see Trump, his rhetoric, and his supporters, as a huge obstacle to their takeover of the world.

Go Trump! You have a lot more support than anyone in the news media will ever admit.

Wayne Peterkin

It was a great speech and much needed. Our President is elected to serve, protect, and defend our country, the people of the Unites States and no others, certainly not the UN. Other countries have leadership that can serve their interests, but none of them serve ours and they make that very clear. It is refreshing to have a president on our side. His predecessor sure wasn’t!


When the US is facing a megalomaniacal tyrant like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, it’s reassuring to remember that President Trump will NOT be using the “strategic patience” model embraced by his predecessor. But if we maintain the “don’t strike first” policy, I wonder where that leaves us and our allies if No. Korea would be foolish enough to attack us. Let’s hope that intelligence is up to snuff.
Defending the borders and supporting a strong military will keep the United States safe through the coming years. Those one world/open border idealists forget that an impenetrable border defines a nation. At least now we have a president who takes it seriously. And the world knows it.


I didn’t get to hear the entire speech, but what I heard was powerful. It is so good to have a President who puts America first.

John Lineback

It’s about time we had a real leader step up to bat for the United States. After 2 many years of apologizing for being the greatest nation in the world, it is refreshing and empowering to hear this speech. Count me in the 71% also!

richard hoover

count me in with the the 71% of the seniors.

Tom Wilde

Obama did not “lead from behind”. In fact he did not “lead” at all. He blindly followed the dictates of his Globalist, Communist and Muslim masters.

And look at the bloody mess he left in his wake.

Then look at the billions of ignorant fools that are perfectly willing to live in that mess.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that these are the End Times. Nothing else can explain the absolute madness of our age.

Dolores Adams

The U.S. need to get out of the U.N. and the U.N. needs to get out of the U.S.

Nancy R

I could not be more proud that I voted for President Trump. I believed in him then and I believe in him more now. He is a God-fearing, God-loving good man and is just what this Country needed. I want to thank all of the millions or people who prayed so much for President Trump to win the 2016 election. God is listening; and when God listens to our prayers and decides to take action nothing and no one can stop Him! Keep praying for President Trump. Satan wants nothing more than to destroy him. We must support our new President wholeheartedly in this great spiritual war – which is what it is. The world is in a great war of good against evil and we must do our part by diligently praying every day to see that good wins. We also must look at ourselves and make sure that… Read more »


Who doesnt love Donald J Trump!

Rodney Cummings

Way to go Donald Trump.
us china and Russia should be one global force for good and go in business together and make money together

mickey c ross

right on PaulE and Sarge, I’m so glad we have a leader that tells it like it is and have the guts to say so……l hate to say it but l often have said a democrat will stab you in the chest but a republican will pat you on the back (like they really going to change things) and later they stabs you in the back or in other words they don’t do anything thing they say they were going to do and a lot of them too are against President Trump but boy Obama got most anything he wanted and the republicans did nothing….l just hope we can vote these people out and replace them with better people who loves this country or in other words drain the swamp