UN Exposed as Haven for Child Rapists; More Scandals Coming

United Nations UN scandalsAfter decades of United Nations “peacekeeping” troops and officials raping women and children all over the world with complete impunity and even “diplomatic immunity,” a chorus of global outrage and media attention is reaching epic proportions. A handful of predators are now facing justice. But the tsunami of public fury comes as widely reported estimates suggest some 60,000 victims have been raped and sexually abused by UN officials over just the last decade — with almost nobody punished but the victims and whistleblowers.

Still, the wheels of justice are turning, slowly but surely. Just this week, the top “children’s rights” chief at the disgraced UN “children” agency UNICEF admitted to raping a 12-year-old boy — after the same agency was caught running a child pornography studio in its basement in Belgium using African children it procured. That UN child rapist was sentenced to prison this week. But former UN officials have said that the revelations so far are just the “tip of the iceberg.”

The escalating pedophilia and sex abuse scandals engulfing the UN and its “peacekeeping” forces have become so massive that even the pro-UN media, including the notoriously globalist CNN and The Guardian, have been forced to cover it. Indeed, all over the world, the UN is making headlines for raping and exploiting children — not to mention sexual abuse and harassment of the UN’s own employees. Various “aid” groups funded by taxpayers are in the crosshairs, too.

As the scandals grow, the UN formally announced — for the first time ever — that it would not claim “diplomatic immunity” to protect the estimated 3,300 pedophiles working for the global organization. So far, though, virtually none of the UN troops involved in the widespread rape of children have been held criminally accountable. In fact, those who tried to stop the pedophile rapists were viciously persecuted while the predators continued their horrific abuses.

Meanwhile, as the UN faces global criticism for the abuse, the UN “education” agency known as UNESCO has just sparked controversy by releasing radical new “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” standards for humanity. Among other concerns, critics suggested the radical indoctrination program, which begins by normalizing the “LGBT” agenda and promoting “sexual pleasure” at age five, would help sexualize and “groom” young children, facilitating sexual abuse. UNICEF and other agencies repeatedly caught in pedophilia scandals were also involved in the new sex standards that critics say facilitate exploitation and abuse of children.

Aside from the UN itself, a number of globalist and leftist “non-governmental organizations” that purport to fight for “children” are also ensnared in growing child-rape scandals. So far, tax-funded Oxfam, the radical left-wing outfit that shills for globalism and statism, has taken center stage, with some of its top executives implicated in organizing or covering up orgies with local victims in Haiti, including allegations that some of the girls coerced into the bizarre “sex parties” were children. The scandal reportedly goes all the way to the top.

Among the explosive stories coming out is one that just hit the headlines this week. Former UNICEF “child rights” campaigner Peter Newell, who led the global effort to jail parents who spank their children as a disciplinary measure, was sentenced to six years in a British prison for raping a young boy, who was just 12 when the predatory UN official began raping him. The “horrific” abuse was perpetrated by Newell while he worked for the UN drawing up the guidelines for the totalitarian “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,” a global scheme that sidelines parents and parental rights — thereby facilitating abuse of children by predators. The U.S. government has not joined the UN CRC.

And Newell-style abuse of children by UN officials is systemic, experts say — UN officials were even caught running a child porn studio in UNESCO’s basement forcing children to engage in sex acts for the cameras. “There are tens of thousands of aid workers around the world with pedophile tendencies, but if you wear a UNICEF T-shirt nobody will ask what you’re up to,” said attorney and professor Andrew MacLeod, former chief of operations of the UN’s Emergency Coordination Center who became an anti-sex abuse campaigner after realizing the enormity of the problem. “You have the impunity to do whatever you want. It is endemic across the aid industry across the world.”

“The system is at fault, and should have stopped this years ago,” he warned. Among other policies, MacLeod says tougher background checks, an end to impunity, and more would be a good start. Acknowledging the enormity of the problem is important, too.

Citing UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ own figures released last year, MacLeod and a group of campaigners known as “Hear Their Cries” estimated that there have been 60,000 victims of UN sex abuse just in the last decade. They also estimate that the UN currently employees some 3,300 pedophiles, many of whom have access to children and “diplomatic immunity” to shield them from justice.

When asked by MacLeod whether UN boss Guterres believes legal immunity applies to UN officials who abuse children, the UN spokesperson gave what appears to be the first ever statement categorically stating that child abusers will not be protected by immunity. “Let’s be clear. The answer is no,” the UN chief’s spokesperson said on social media. “Sexual abuse is a crime. The United Nations does not and will not claim immunity in such cases.”

Other former UN employees-turned-whistleblowers have cited the culture at the UN as one of the reasons for the horrors. Speaking of “predatory pedophiles” in the so-called “aid” world who abuse children with impunity, former UN official Rasna Warah explained that “the culture of silence allows such wrongdoing to continue.” Warah, who wrote the book UNSilenced: UNmasking the United Nations’ Culture of Cover-ups, Corruption and Impunity, said that this impunity was likely to continue at the UN — especially if the predators in question are senior UN officials.

“When in 2005, the UN established an Ethics Office, staff members believed that they could report criminal or unethical behaviour confidentially without being punished,” said Warah, who also suffered retaliation for trying to blow the whistle on UN corruption. “However, the UN Ethics Office has proved to be a channel through which wrongdoing is covered up. Very few staff members who have approached the office for help have obtained justice; on the contrary, many have been forced to resign or been fired.” To deal with the impunity, Warah wrote in her column at Kenya’s The Daily Nation newspaper that officials of donor countries should consider withdrawing funds for UN agencies.

The problem of impunity and persecuting whistleblowers at the UN is well documented. When UN insiders have attempted to expose even horrifying abuses such as widespread child rape by the UN and its “peace” armies, the whistleblowers have typically faced persecution by UN leaders, while the perpetrators are generally protected at all costs. Anders Kompass, for example, the former UN human rights worker who tried to stop child rape in Africa by “peace” troops there, faced extreme retaliation for doing the right thing. After the persecution, he even wondered publicly whether ethics could ever return to the UN. He concluded that the answer was probably no.

Top officials are implicated, too. The UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights,” Islamic prince and anti-freedom zealot Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, was a key figure who orchestrated the persecution of Kompass and other whistleblowers. Hussein oversaw a vicious campaign of retaliation and abuse waged against his own officials such as Kompass, who blew the whistle on the rape of children by “peace” troops in Africa. He also persecuted whistleblowers who exposed UN agencies sending sensitive technology to North Koreaand another which helped Beijing target human rights activists.

Executive Director Bea Edwards with the Government Accountability Project, which fights for whistleblowers, was outraged by Hussein’s antics. “And what of Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, the High Commissioner for Human Rights who oversaw the reprisal? He remains ensconced in his position. That was nearly five years ago,” she wrote, citing Hussein’s vicious reprisals against his own subordinates who tried to do the right thing and stop the rape of children and the attacks on human-rights defenders in China.

“So now, Zeid will step down without seeking a second term,” Edwards continued. “It seems that no one has any use for him. Not his own government, nor the governments represented on the Security Council. He explains his decision to depart come August by saying that the human rights climate around the world is ‘appalling.’ For someone committed to human rights, this would be a reason to stay, but not for Zeid. In any case, he will long be remembered as the High Commissioner for Human Rights Who Retaliated Against Whistleblowers. We hope his successor will be more responsible.”

Even UN employees are not immune from the predators in the UN — and that is according to even left-wing globalist publications that love the UN and normally shield it from bad press. “The United Nations has allowed sexual harassment and assault to flourish in its offices around the world, with accusers ignored and perpetrators free to act with impunity,” the far-left U.K. Guardian reported last month. “Dozens of current and former UN employees described a culture of silence across the organization and a flawed grievance system that is stacked against victims.” When victims report the rapes or abuse, they get fired.

While U.S. lawmakers have been suspiciously quiet about the horrifying abuse they continue to fund with American tax dollars, British politicians are turning up the heat. Senior Conservative (Tory) Member of Parliament Conor Burns, who serves as Foreign Minister Boris Johnson’s parliamentary aide, suggested that what has emerged thus far is just “the tip of an iceberg in finding out what has been going on.” “I believe that there has been systematic, organised and covered-up activity going on over many, many years,” said Burns, who said MacLeod needed to be taken very seriously.

Other British lawmakers and even Prime Minister Theresa May have suggested that the United Kingdom would withhold funds from the UN until it dealt with the wave of sex abuse and pedophilia. A handful of U.S. lawmakers have also threatened to defund the UN’s predatory UN “peace” troops, but so far, the massive U.S. funding continues to flow. Trump’s latest budget proposal cuts the funding somewhat — with disgraced agencies such as UNICEF being cut off entirely — but U.S. taxpayers would still be the largest financiers of the dictators club and its horrific crime spree.

Unfortunately, the evil now being exposed at the UN was hardly surprising to seasoned observers of the UN. In fact, as this publication and others have documented extensively, the problem is systemic. Everywhere UN troops go — Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas — they have been exposed raping children, killing civilians, abusing power, and more. In one town in the Ivory Coast where a survey was done, eight out of ten underage girls admitted to being routinely raped and exploited by UN troops. In that same country, the UN and UN-backed jihadist militias who butchered thousands of Christians with machetes violently removed the elected Christian president and put a totalitarian Islamic central banker in his place.

Even without knowing the ghastly history of UN abuses, it should be no surprise that so much evil inhabits the halls of the dictators club. And it is clear that “reform” is beyond useless. The UN was in fact birthed from a poison seed — it’s first Secretary-General, American Alger Hiss, who played a lead role creating the UN, was eventually convicted for serving as a spy of mass-murdering Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, one of history’s most savage and murderous tyrants. Since then, the UN has waged practically perpetual war on national sovereignty, self-government, morality, and freedom.

Rather than reform, there is only one true solution for neutralizing the threat of the predatory UN: disband the dictators club and discard its remains on the ash heap of history. Congress could help make that happen by passing the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, also known as HR 193, to quit and evict the global body. But overcoming establishment and globalist pressure on Capitol Hill will only happen when enough outraged Americans finally raise their voices to protest the UN’s despicable behavior. How much more UN child rape and evil the American people will be forced to support, then, will ultimately be decided by American voters.

From - The New American - by Alex Newman

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I have never been a fan of the UN. There has been one scandal after another & nothing changes. The organization needs to be eliminated. We should stop giving them any money at all. The role as “peacekeeper” is a joke.

Bill in TX

The UN has strayed so far from its intended purpose that reform is impossible. It has been proven UN monies go to terrorist groups. In addition it continually targets Israel with false accusations and charges of war crimes. Nikki Haley has been as strong voice at the UN for the US but one person cannot change the evil deep within the organization. The US needs to consider serious actions regarding staying in the UN.

Proud Patriot

The UN needs to be abolished and all its leaders who participated in these evil crimes executed. Enough with tolerating evil!!!! Thank you for posting this excellent article.


I’ve always been offended by the term UN troops, when our troops are lumped into that termology When I see african troops , troops from 3rd world countries, it should be qualified by who they represent. No way, these countries supply the un with the same quality troops as the United States. No way they have the training, nor the discipline of Americans. I view them as basically, just a gang of thugs. UN is a joke, soaking up American $$. I never saw American troops behaving in disrespectful manners. We were always disciplined.


This is the sort of abuse that can happen
When you give power and trust to some distant central insulated beauracracy (like Wash DC)
Populated with less than honorable power motivated people from around the globe.
Including folks from countries that sponsor and engage in terrorism and genocide.
Isn’t this the very same organization that Citizen of da World Barrack Obama and his Ilk wants the US to be subordinate to ?


So sad, those poor children, abused by the very people who should be protecting them! But unrighteous men and women form unrighteous laws and unGodly men and women know no moral boundaries. My heart weeps for these children! May God in His mercy comfort their souls.


I am enraged, so enraged that I couldn’t finish reading this horrible account. ABOLISH THE UN and don’t send the perpetrators/culprits to prison. EXECUTE THEM BECAUSE THEY HAVE MURDERED ALL THEIR VICTIMS. The UN is not only a joke, they are thieves using our money for their own disgusting pleasure. They are making fools of the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA and I am OFFENDED. ABOLISH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS…there’s no such thing. DON’T HURT THE KIDS. Jesus said, “Anyone who hurts my little ones, should tie a rock around his neck and throw himself in the river.” Amen, I say.


Catch-22 – if the heads of the UN didn’t know about this atrocity, how are they going to know about it in the future? They should step down. If they DID know about it – why aren’t THEY stepping down? …or being prosecuted as accomplices in abetting the crime? Sounds like a case for Interpol. If the figures are accurate, the UN is giving third world countries a bad rap for western culture. I use to hustle up donations to UNICEF when I was in grade school. I am very disappointed. It’s all so “1984”.


How shameful that the un would abuse innocent Children. It’s just wickedness straight from Hell. The USA should demand they pack their junk and leave. Cut off all support. Oh, and the land and buildings are ours since they are in America. Payback for what we’ve given these thugs since it was organized.

Lori W

Thank you for the informative article. I never heard of these atrocities, and I imagine many others don’t realize the horrific crimes being committed within the UN. We can only hope HR 193 passes.

Brian B

The United States currently has Ambassadors that represent our interests in most nations. Since 1947 we have had the Intelligence-gathering capabilities of the CIA, Department of Defense, State Department Intelligence, NSA, FBI, and separate Army, Navy, Air Force Intelligence Staffs, and others. We are represented all over the world in commerce, medicine, charities, as well as a multitude of science disciplines, etc.
My question is: What good, if any, does the United Nations accomplish that we Americans are not already engaged in? Isn’t it time to abolish this worthless drain on our resources? Isn’t it time to vacate the United Nations building, and send everyone home?

Robert Ready

These worthless sicko morons all need to be executed or given very long term prison sentences in their own country, not in the USA. To be titled Peacekeepers has always in my opinion been a joke. Most of the UN troops are from S-Hole countries that have little or no Military resources at all and have never even been trained. They put on the blue helmet and call themselves UN Peacekeepers at our expense! The UN itself needs a top to bottom overhaul or just needs to be demolished. Look at their website and try to wade through the UN Swamps. How “Not” to do Government. This is one of the best examples in the world of a government (albeit multinational) gone haywire. Too much money, no morality, no leadership, etc…and fearless because of the badge or patch that they hide behind. Pathetic is too kind. Completely pathetic is still… Read more »

Dolores Aams

These people who rape little children should be put to death!


This article is the very reason the US should get out of the UN, kick the group out of the US and NEVER give them another dime of our money! What this group is doing is disgusting!!!! EVIL to the max! If the US doesn’t vote to leave the UN, then those who vote to stay should be exposed as folks who don’t give a damn about rape and children exploitation!!!! Let’s see how fast the liberals abandon the UN when their voters know they tolerate evil sexual perversion in the UN!!!

Lawrence C. Muhr

When the US gives money to the UN, it is supporting the child molestation. I vote to disband the UN.


If you have been a life-long New Yorker, you know about the abuse by UNers. Not only do they escape prosecution for horrors to AMERICANS, not pay tax on all purchases, homes, DMV violations, etc. The building is crumbling and it should be torn down and dismantle the UN entirely in the US.