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U.S. tops the list of philanthropic nations in the world, yet again, Reports AMAC


WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 8 — Big-hearted Americans continue to make the U.S. the most philanthropic nation in the world, according to the newest World Giving Index.  “Consistent with that finding are the recent announcements by super-profitable tech companies that they are making megabuck contributions to worthy causes,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].

Apple, for example, announced earlier this week that it has earmarked $2.5 billion to address the housing crisis in California.  Apple is the latest technology company to address the shortage of affordable housing in locations where the tech boom has priced housing out of reach for average families.   Facebook, Google and Microsoft announced earlier this year that they would contribute another combined $2.5 billion to build inexpensive housing in the state.

“But perhaps the most revealing statistic that recognizes America’s generosity is the one that shows the lion’s share of contributions comes from individual donors, not big corporations,” says Weber. 

He cited the National Philanthropic Trust’s most recent Charitable Giving report that shows that in 2018, total contributions to charitable organizations in the U.S. amounted to $427.71 billion.  

“But what is important to note in the NPC report is that most of the money given to charitable causes – $292.09 billions of it – came from individuals, more than a quarter trillion dollars, with the average American family giving more than $2,500 on average,” Weber said.

It should be noted that in addition to the traditional methods of making contributions to worthy causes, the Internet has given rise to a new way to give.  It’s called “crowdfunding” and Websites such as now give donors the ability to send money to those in need with the click of a mouse. 

According to some estimates, since the creation of crowdfunding tens of millions of us have used these sites to donate billions of dollars to worthy causes.  As one might expect, it’s become the method of choice for younger generations.  At least 46% of millennials and 45% of Gen Xers use these Web services to make donations to charitable causes.

“Thanksgiving day is weeks away but each and every day more people are digging into their pockets to aid their neighbors giving us all cause to say thank you.  They are saying ‘thanks’ to our armed forces and first responders who risk their lives to protect the rest of us by donating to organizations that cater to those who serve.  And, when there is need for disaster relief, they seek out those entities created to alleviate the impact on victims.  They support medical research to find cures for debilitating diseases and reach out to help the homeless.  They stand ready when there is a need,” says AMAC’s Weber. 


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Barbara C Shealy
3 years ago

This is terrific news; I have an ongoing “discussion” with a friend in Ireland who insists we are NOT. Year after year, I am proven to be correct. I know it is true in our family, church, city and state!

G Schalk
3 years ago

Given: Restricting land for use only by endangered species takes land away from habitation by people. Given: Less land available for development results in much higher housing cost (for people) Now then: Isn’t addressing the ‘hosing crisis’ really just appeasing the creation of wild life habitats? Solution: Address property rights for PEOPLE, not animals and wild beasts.

3 years ago

Former Chief Rabbi of the UK, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks when asked by the House of Lords what else the government could do to promote the general welfare responded thusly.

He said the government should do less charity work. By taking over the distribution of money to the poor, the govt deprives individuals of the opportunity to do good for their neighbors. As a result a sense of community is weakened, individuals lose the habit of loving their neighbor as themselves, individuals lose the opportunity of learning to share, and experiencing the good feeling that comes with helping others.

I suspect that charity remains strong in the USA among those who support and respect the USA’s “secular” trinity (printed on every coin of the realm) Liberty, E Plurabus Unim and In G-d We Trust. Liberty is the core value that says limit govt’s role in our lives. E.P.U. is a core value that says united we stand, divided we fall. I.G.W.T. is the core value that says we strive to emulate G. Whose fundamental command is to love our neighbor as we love ourself.

I note that our far left leaning breather tend to dismiss charity as a duty, believing that only the govt knows to whom money must be given and from whom money must be taken. . . right out of Karl Marx’s book.

3 years ago

The sad part is most of the aid goes to other countries. We no longer take care of our own.

3 years ago

It’s racist and degrading for a majority white, rich country to flaunt it’s wealth in that disgusting way.

3 years ago
Reply to  CharlieSeattle

Now there’s an awesome “catch 22” for ya! It’s racist to not BE generous and racist to BE generous. Wonder if it’s “racist” to consistently be accusing people of being “racist.” Just a thought I’m pondering…

Barbara Shealy
3 years ago
Reply to  CharlieSeattle

You really need to get out of your mother’s basement more often, sir. Bless your heart!

Steven C Bailey
3 years ago

An interesting read to be sure.
A very wise man once long ago made the observation that the ” poor & needy ” will always be among us.

3 years ago

The problem is that most countries compare their giving to US federal giving. So when I spoke to people in the Netherlands, they felt they were giving more than the US was pro-rated to their population – and it was barely true. But again, that is government “giving” rather than total giving – like through Samaritan’s purse or other charitable organizations. The Dutch have to think that way because they pretty much give all their income to the government which in turn gives some back to them (insurance, vacations, etc.) and also donates to others in need. They don’t have to be personally charitable.

But don’t kid yourselves, we could give it all and there would still be someone there in need. Even the government can’t fix that- but this “need” is worse when government does it, because they do not “know” the people – they have to give per rules, not with loving knowledge – and people will “game” the rules, wasting money.

However, if we truly take care of our own families, we do all we can and get personal satisfaction from seeing true needs met.

Nasty Nat
3 years ago

And Foreign Aid too!

3 years ago

Great article. Thank you. As I figure, based on the number presented above for 2018,
every adult in the US contributes approx. $2,000 every year. Yet the dems will try to
convince us that unless Washington forces you to contribute to the needy we will not do it.
They also want you to think they can best determine where your contributions should go
which is after they take out their 25% ??? fee.

Barbara C Shealy
3 years ago
Reply to  Steve

And isn’t it interesting that when the Dems’ (like Joe Biden) tax forms are made public, they give more in the vicinity of 1% to 2% of their earnings. Shameful!

3 years ago

Lies. According to the DNC and their cronies (ie: BLM, ANTIFA, SPLC, ACLU, MSNBC, CNN, etc.) we are the most selfish society in the world. And we all know that these organizations do not report fake news, right?

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