U.S. Flag Removed by Vandals at Colorado ICE Facility, Replaced With Mexican Flag

US Flag ICE facility protestThe removal of the flag of the United States and its replacement with the flag of a foreign nation — the Republic of Mexico — at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in Aurora, Colorado, on Friday evening sends a powerful message of the disloyalty of some in the open-borders movement to America’s national sovereignty.

In addition to tearing down the U.S. flag and replacing it with that of Mexico’s, protesters spray-painted the words “Abolish ICE” on a Blue Lives Matter flag, then flew it upside down.

The aggressive action against the U.S. flag occurred during what organizers claimed was a non-violent protest against planned arrests nationwide this past weekend of persons who have already been found to be in the nation illegally. Some illegal aliens were being detained in the ICE inside the facility.

President Donald Trump had initially ordered a nationwide round-up of illegal aliens in 10 different cities in late June, but delayed them when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked for their delay. Trump delayed the raids on the condition that Democrats show some sign of taking the issue of illegal immigration more seriously, but nothing was done during the two-week hiatus.

The 10 cities targeted for the raids originally included New Orleans, but that city was taken off the list because of tropical storm Barry. Other cities included Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco.

Protesters in Aurora planned what they called a peaceful candlelight vigil, but some in the crowd decided to show their disdain for U.S. immigration laws more directly by taking down the flag of the United States and replacing it with the Mexican flag. Police stood by and did nothing while these demonstrators went onto ICE property and removed the U.S. flag. Some local officials in Denver have publicly criticized the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

Nicholas Metz, the Aurora police chief, defended the decision of his department to allow the vandalizing of the flag on U.S. government property. “We were ready to act in the event that anybody did anything that was assaultive in any way, or in any way that we felt they were creating any kind of property damage we felt would risk the security of the facility,” Metz explained, arguing that he was concerned that any intervention might escalate the situation.

“It never reached that threshold so we continued to monitor it as close as we could, but I think we made the right decision in that we know, had we moved in like that, the likelihood of people getting injured would have been high.”

Metz also offered another defense of his department’s failure to more robustly defend the facility from the attack. He said that some members of his department met with the officials at the ICE facility long before the attack, and recommended that ICE place a more substantial barrier in front of the facility, but nothing was done.

While Metz’s police officers did nothing during the event to prevent the actions, his department is now asking for any video that might have been taken of the Friday night incident, promising to seek prosecution of those who committed criminal acts. Of course, the police could have taken their own video of the event, but for whatever reason chose not to do so.

After the U.S. flag was removed and replaced by Mexico’s flag, protest organizers decided to call off the vigil, citing safety concerns. One of the organizers, Cristian Solano-Cordova, who is communications manager of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, expressed outrage at the actions of what he considered a minority that ruined the event. “It’s really disappointing that a small group of people basically ripped away the mic from our community members. Instead of talking about [the impending raids], we’re talking about these idiots changing a flag. That action doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t protect anyone. In fact, it just put in danger the communities they claim they want to protect.”

Solano-Cordova argued that the actions of the those who took down the American flag were “inadvertently sabotaging the work we’ve been doing for years.”

It is not an uncommon tactic for persons in the extreme Left to use grievances, real or imagined, to advance their cause. As an example, when veterans of the First World War descended upon Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1932 to demand that Congress give them their war “bonus” money several years earlier than the planned date of 1945, Communist Party members circulated among the crowds in an attempt to create a violent incident that could advance their leftist cause.

In this case, while Solano-Cordova and others may very well have been simply peacefully protesting for better treatment of illegal aliens, or even the abandonment of the enforcement of all immigration laws, it provided an opportunity for radicals to promote their own agenda. By taking down the flag of the United States and replacing it with the flag of Mexico, they are making a statement that they do not regard America as the rightful sovereign in Colorado and many other locations inside the United States.

And, whatever the motivations of Solano-Cordova and his peaceful group of protesters may be, the continued call to not enforce our immigration laws will eventually arrive at the same place as the goals of those who took down the U.S. flag in favor of another country’s flag — the end of America’s status, for all practical purposes, as a nation with recognizable borders.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Steve Byas

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GySgt. Joseph E. Barlow Jr USMC (Ret)

I agree with our President citizen or non citizen if you do not like our Nation leave. You are free to do so!


I consider taking the flag down and replacing it with the Mexican flag treason and the perpetrators should be shot.

Rick J.

A view of what’s to come as millions of illegals swam across the land demanding rights they don’t have.

Charles Martin Sever

If you are a weak minded democrat and you don’t understand what this is, it is not vandals that are doing this it is traitor to this country and the socialist democrats are the one pushing it. They want open borders and free everything, I believe Hitler said the same thing when he was taking over the Germans in the 1936, by the way he also promise a free car for everyone if they would follow him into hell, and they did. How did that work out for them. All I can say be careful what you wish for. The democrat party is a party of corruption. They thought they had it in the bag when Hillary ( the liar) lost her throne to President Trump and they have a sour taste in their lying mouths. They will never give up on him until they impeach him over nothing ,… Read more »


There’s nothing peaceful about promoting gullible, disingenuous, defeatist, counter-intuitive “rights” privileges, and TRUST OF ARBITRARY AND UNSCRUPULOUS individuals (the migrants) as these immigration rights people contend.. Why on Earth should non-descript, unqualifiable, indeterminant entites that these ragamuffins and rabble-rousers be afforded credentials as law abiding citizens.. They are libertines at best and their motives and intentions are far from clear.. For example hoisting the MEXICAN FLAG.. I thought these people were refugees from those countries???? Can they explain that discrepancy? Why fly the flag of a place you’re claiming to have been persecuted by.. Isn’t that like praising the oppressor? Since we know in order to be involved in Mexican “politics” you must earn the protection of the cartels… My, oh, my what have we here?

Sharon Dolisi

Tearing down the American flag and replacing it with a Mexican flag is disgusting and those who did it should be deeply ashamed; unfortunately, sin and shame are no longer part of the discussion. Ignorance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is also shameful. If one loves Mexico so much, why not move there and enjoy the many amenities they have.


Raising a foreign flag over a U. S. facility is the act of an invading army. Such an act declares that the foreign country now rules on U. S. soil and is an act of foreign aggression. This is not freedom of speech, it is treason and rebellion and should not be celebrated, endorsed, or condoned.


“Nicholas Metz, the Aurora police chief, defended the decision of his department to allow the vandalizing of the flag on U.S. government property. Metz explained, arguing that he was concerned that any intervention might escalate the situation.” Metz, grow a pair and do your JOB! This should never have been allowed to happen. You have bowed down to these lib organizers and let them run wild! You would be fired if you weren’t in a lib state!


Few Americans know their Mexican-American War history. The revolt that occurred in Mexico City that resulted in the destabilization of the Spanish Colonial government did not convey all Spanish Colonial lands into the hands of “Mexico.” Lands controlled by the revolutionaries of the mid 1800s in Mexico were comprised of only the Mejica Valley region. Spanish colonial citizens in California, Texas and even in what is not northern Mexico and the Yuccatan revolted from efforts of the Mexican Valley revolutionary government that then controlled Mexico City, the old seat of Spanish Colonial government to control territories of the Spanish Colonies. Neither Spain, nor Mexico ever had any real governance of lands now New Mexico and Arizona in the USA. The Comanche and Apache “pueblo” peoples ruled there until after the statehood of Texas and California when the US military presence established governance by the United States in those desert regions.… Read more »

Ben Farias

Once the Republican Party retakes the house, Congress should pass a law that would prohibit the removal, desecration etc. of the American Flag from federal facilities and provide for severe punishment for the perpetrators. That should include local law enforcement officials who aid and abet the removal/desecration by taking no action to prevent the removal etc.

We patriots must vigorously oppose the Reconquista agenda of the far left.

Alan Segal

So it is OK to destroy federal property…. How many US CITIZENS get away with that? The slippery slope is dangerous!
Lock them UP! Call in reinforcements. Don’t just stand by and let them ruin our country. I am proud of every US flag I see,
whether it is on private homes, businesses, or government offices. I think it is disgusting to allow ANYONE to replace our flag with another.


They watch people born in America take this same action.

This kind of behaviir…if not dealt with harshly spreads quickly.

How dare you disrespect the place where you want to be accepted and honor the flag of the country you are here to escape.

They seem to have another agenda.

Bill Obregon

A couple of United States Marines placed around that flagpole…game over kids!

Phil Hammersley

We need to start arresting these goons on federal charges. This includes mayors of sanctuary cities who impede the enforcement of federal statutes. US marshals should arrest the mayor of Oakland and others and see what the other pansy mayors would do!


Aurora police chief, Nicholas Metz, needs to resign, and replaced with someone that upholds the law. This BS is going to continue till vigilantes take the law into their hands and then the crap is going to hit the fan and these protestors are not going to fair very well.


To arms, people! To arms!

Jack Muckey

I pray our Government Enforcement officers can control their emotions and not let these illegals be destroyed. They could be accused of treason if they were legal citizens. Treason is punishable by death. Send them back where they came from and anyone that interferes should be sent with them. The person we should deport if Zoros.

Elizabeth carla sonner

WHY was our flag not put back up ?????

Chris Grodhaus

In Colorado, what do you expect? I have been calling Colorado “Far East California” for years now. I have lived in both and escaped both of them. Now I live in Idaho. Biggest problem with Idaho? I did not move there 41 years sooner. CHRIS