U.S. Flag Removed by Vandals at Colorado ICE Facility, Replaced With Mexican Flag

US Flag ICE facility protestThe removal of the flag of the United States and its replacement with the flag of a foreign nation — the Republic of Mexico — at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in Aurora, Colorado, on Friday evening sends a powerful message of the disloyalty of some in the open-borders movement to America’s national sovereignty.

In addition to tearing down the U.S. flag and replacing it with that of Mexico’s, protesters spray-painted the words “Abolish ICE” on a Blue Lives Matter flag, then flew it upside down.

The aggressive action against the U.S. flag occurred during what organizers claimed was a non-violent protest against planned arrests nationwide this past weekend of persons who have already been found to be in the nation illegally. Some illegal aliens were being detained in the ICE inside the facility.

President Donald Trump had initially ordered a nationwide round-up of illegal aliens in 10 different cities in late June, but delayed them when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked for their delay. Trump delayed the raids on the condition that Democrats show some sign of taking the issue of illegal immigration more seriously, but nothing was done during the two-week hiatus.

The 10 cities targeted for the raids originally included New Orleans, but that city was taken off the list because of tropical storm Barry. Other cities included Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco.

Protesters in Aurora planned what they called a peaceful candlelight vigil, but some in the crowd decided to show their disdain for U.S. immigration laws more directly by taking down the flag of the United States and replacing it with the Mexican flag. Police stood by and did nothing while these demonstrators went onto ICE property and removed the U.S. flag. Some local officials in Denver have publicly criticized the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

Nicholas Metz, the Aurora police chief, defended the decision of his department to allow the vandalizing of the flag on U.S. government property. “We were ready to act in the event that anybody did anything that was assaultive in any way, or in any way that we felt they were creating any kind of property damage we felt would risk the security of the facility,” Metz explained, arguing that he was concerned that any intervention might escalate the situation.

“It never reached that threshold so we continued to monitor it as close as we could, but I think we made the right decision in that we know, had we moved in like that, the likelihood of people getting injured would have been high.”

Metz also offered another defense of his department’s failure to more robustly defend the facility from the attack. He said that some members of his department met with the officials at the ICE facility long before the attack, and recommended that ICE place a more substantial barrier in front of the facility, but nothing was done.

While Metz’s police officers did nothing during the event to prevent the actions, his department is now asking for any video that might have been taken of the Friday night incident, promising to seek prosecution of those who committed criminal acts. Of course, the police could have taken their own video of the event, but for whatever reason chose not to do so.

After the U.S. flag was removed and replaced by Mexico’s flag, protest organizers decided to call off the vigil, citing safety concerns. One of the organizers, Cristian Solano-Cordova, who is communications manager of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, expressed outrage at the actions of what he considered a minority that ruined the event. “It’s really disappointing that a small group of people basically ripped away the mic from our community members. Instead of talking about [the impending raids], we’re talking about these idiots changing a flag. That action doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t protect anyone. In fact, it just put in danger the communities they claim they want to protect.”

Solano-Cordova argued that the actions of the those who took down the American flag were “inadvertently sabotaging the work we’ve been doing for years.”

It is not an uncommon tactic for persons in the extreme Left to use grievances, real or imagined, to advance their cause. As an example, when veterans of the First World War descended upon Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1932 to demand that Congress give them their war “bonus” money several years earlier than the planned date of 1945, Communist Party members circulated among the crowds in an attempt to create a violent incident that could advance their leftist cause.

In this case, while Solano-Cordova and others may very well have been simply peacefully protesting for better treatment of illegal aliens, or even the abandonment of the enforcement of all immigration laws, it provided an opportunity for radicals to promote their own agenda. By taking down the flag of the United States and replacing it with the flag of Mexico, they are making a statement that they do not regard America as the rightful sovereign in Colorado and many other locations inside the United States.

And, whatever the motivations of Solano-Cordova and his peaceful group of protesters may be, the continued call to not enforce our immigration laws will eventually arrive at the same place as the goals of those who took down the U.S. flag in favor of another country’s flag — the end of America’s status, for all practical purposes, as a nation with recognizable borders.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Steve Byas

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3 years ago

Hope they found the person that hung the Mexican flag and arrested him. This is NOT Mexico, it is the United States of America!!!

brian dutton
3 years ago

No one likes to say it, but America and its values are literally under attack. Other Nations want to destroy our history and the fact we are so free and wealthy. The chaos is truly here due to the illegal immigration policies the Liberals want. I actually believe that MANY elected Democrats are being paid off by the Cartels and with all the addictions , they are really in control. I hope real generational Americans wake up soon. We have become a Nation of wimps.

Texas Belle
3 years ago

The Chief was afraid that it would escalate the situation? I would call what happened a escalation of violence to begin with. Removing the American flag and replacing it with a Mexican flag is an act of treason and it should be punished. If they were illegals they should be deported post haste. If they were just vandals and criminals they should be punished.

3 years ago

I agree !!! If anyone who doesn’t respect our flag, Constitution, Religions or anything AMERICAN ~ they should LEAVE !!! Why should this, our country, have to defer to them ~ whether they be Mexican, Muslim or whatever ! If you don’t like the way this country is run, go back to wherever you came from !!!

3 years ago

In this case, the Aurora police used the correct action as long as it stayed peaceful. Police Dept. all over have a tough/demanding job.

3 years ago

We have gone beyond the point of where talk is going to solve America’s problems and not quite yet to the point of violence

3 years ago

At Montechello High School in California Mexican students or people
of Mexican decent from other schools lowered the Stars and Stripes and then ran up the Mexican Flag. Next they ran the American Flag up -upside down below the Mexican flag. People let it happen! During Cinco de myo American students were told they could not were any clothing with the American Flag on it. Parents let it happen. We are one election away from
losing our American culture as we know it. We have made mistakes along the way but our history ,culture and values stood for others to follow. American people knew what it was to be an American. Today the American nationality has been reduced to mere citizenship. Prior to 1965 immigrants lost their ethnicity and retained only their race. Now people who come to America raise the flags of their mother countries speak the language of their country and celebrate their ethnicity. American have no one flag to raise except the Stars and Stripes. In our liberal education system the American child is taught that he is the son of rapest and enslavers, murders and thieves, liars and hypocrites. White Americans cannot form a congressional caucus. Start today my fellow Americans. Look at the faces around you. If they are Patriotic Americans who care about our culture and country, see them as your brothers and sisters and stand together Remember the Great Americans who stormed the beaches of Normandy and made the landings in the pacific. The nation which loses its culture, its culture, way of life and defenders will itself be forgotten.

Archie Markelitz
3 years ago

Start shooting the MFer’s? It’s going to happen sooner or later. No respect gets no respect. I am waiting for one of our ICE officer to go postal.

Anna Petrocelli
3 years ago

I have to admit I have not finished reading this article before I started to write. I did not need to do that anyway. All I have to say is that it is shameful of the Police Chief and Gov. Polis to allow this disgrace to The American Flag. If these two elected officials do not respect the flag of this country, where else are they basing their liberties and honor. I grinch for all I hear and read these days and I am ashamed to admit that I have not become more involved in protecting the constitution of America. I am a naturalized citizen of the United States and I have been very proud and grateful in the more than fifty years I have lived in this country. What angers me is my compatriots who have forgotten where they live and what they believed in if ever they did so, and especially those peoples the majority elects to guide and lead this state and country to better improve and promote it rather than disgracing it.

3 years ago

That’s what you get when you let people in from another country. They disrespect our laws and our nation. If they really want to come to be citizens, they can do it the correct way like they did years ago and follow our laws.

Kathy Wilson
3 years ago

Why are all those celebrities still here who said they would move to Canada if Mr. Trump was elected? Leave like you promised.

Greg Russell
3 years ago

It is simply unthinkable, that anyone, would so demean the United States of America., the greatest nation ever to preside upon the earth. This nation has had it`s faults to be sure, but this nation also has been responsible for some of the greatest humanitarian efforts to ever occur, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, saving the afflicted, but more than that, being a beacon of light in a dark and hostile world. Inviting lost souls to seek out their eternal destiny in the saving faith of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

3 years ago

Police Chief Metz, should be arrested, heavily fined, and fired. He’s sworn to uphold the law which he intentionally chose to ignore. In the future, all persons involved in actions like this should be SHOT ON SIGHT!! All videos should be reviewed to identify any and all persons involved in this despicable act. Any legal persons not born in the U.S. involved should be stripped of the citizenship, forfeit all their property and deported. All illegals and those in the process of gaining U.S. citizenship should immediately be fined, stripped of all U.S. property and denied citizenship for life. And, all natural U.S. Citizens involved should be arrested and indicted for Treason! This disrespect for U.S. laws and the Nation in general CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!!! If it’s ignored and allowed to continue, we will soon have no country. At 68 years old and now family left, I expect to outlive what’s coming. But I feel sorry about what’s coming for the younger generations if they don’t put a stop to what the Commucrat party is trying to do, THIS is exactly the reason why our forefathers determined it was so important for our Constitutions 2nd Amendment to guarantee our right to bare arms, “in order to form a militia” to defend our country from the Government turning this country into something other than how it was intended. As President Trump reiterated, that has been said for years, “If you don’t love the U.S.A. – get the hell out!!!!”

Phil Caiazzo
3 years ago

Absolute disgrace what is happening to our great country it’s time to bring American History back to our schools and rid ourselves of the Lefty Political members of Congress and Senate and while we’re at it how about the rotten Teachers.

michael failla
3 years ago

They should have been arrested for trespassing.

3 years ago

Another do nothing police department.These idiots should have been dealt with,severly.Lethal force sounds about right.

3 years ago

Noone is makin them stay here. They are free to leave. Those who did this should be made to leave! This stuff really bothers me. President Trump needs to be left to do his duties. Anyone who doesnt like it shut up and do us all a favor and leave!

Roberta Williams
3 years ago

Thanks to Steve Byas and Amac for bringing us this article. And I agree with GySgt. Joseph E. Barlow Jr USMC (Ret) and yes even our President…….If you come to America for a new life and Dream and don’t like to abide by the Constitution and laws, then please Leave. There are many that are weary of paying taxes that end supporting people that are here illegally, want us to accept them, but will not even learn English. I am a former Honorable Service member U.S. Navy, I know what it means to serve this country and STAND PROUD FOR COUNTRY AND FLAG!

3 years ago

There’s a place with plenty of Mexican flags. It’s called Mexico.

3 years ago

Nicholas Metz Don’t Californicate Colorado oops to late UPOS.

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