Two Leading Senior Groups Join Together

by John Grimaldi

AMAC and Generation America have united to strengthen advocacy efforts on behalf of America’s seniors.

amac plus Gen a 60WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 11 – The conservative voice of America’s senior citizens “has just gotten a little louder,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), and Michael Young, founder of Generation America, who issued a joint announcement today on the combining of the two powerful senior advocacy organizations.

AMAC, with 1.1 million members, will add Generation America’s hundreds of thousands of members to its rosters, creating a “new, more powerful alternative for Americans over 50 who seek to reverse the left turn the country has taken in recent years,” Weber said.

“AARP’s political leanings were exposed when the Obamacare debate started in 2009, revealing itself to be part of the new liberal elitist movement, following the programs of the newly elected administration in Washington. As a result, AARP lost credibility among a major segment of the population, the nation’s senior citizens. Thus, groups such as AMAC and Generation America have come to the fore with options focused on American values, the Constitution and the legacy of our Founding Fathers.”

Michael Young’s vision for the organization he founded “is consistent with AMAC’s aims and it was only logical for us to get together at some point,” Weber added.

Young noted that the Association of Mature American Citizens and Generation America have been friendly competitors for years. “In fact, we’ve always had a healthy respect for each other. But, during these critical times for older Americans, when it seems that the administration has declared war on seniors, we realized that to succeed in our mission we can have a stronger impact by working together.”

Young will join the AMAC Board of Advisors. “Be assured that I am truly excited to be part of the team and will continue to forcefully advocate for the rights of the country’s 50-plus generations. The country took the wrong fork somewhere along the road. Our intent is to put us back on the right path – while protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare, which are both in deep financial trouble.

The Association of Mature American Citizens is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation. Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members. We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today. Live long and make a difference by joining AMAC today.

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6 years ago

“AARP’s political leanings were exposed when the Obamacare debate started in 2009, revealing itself to be part of the new liberal elitist movement”

Trust me — gun owners realized AARP’s bias way earlier.

Julie W
9 years ago

I first became a member in 11/2012 for one year. Now I recently renewed my AMAC membership under the 5 year plan and paid my dues. I have also highly recommened to several of my co-workers who were AARP members to join AMAC instead. They were not aware AARP leaned liberal or that there were alternative organizations out there like AMAC or Generation America that they could join. I am trying my best to help spread the word so good conservative people don’t get taken in by the liberal agendas of AARP unknowingly. Thanks AMAC for all you do.

9 years ago

Fantastic! The merger is something I had hoped would happen, and wondered why it had not since the organizations’ seemed so similar. I look forward to some great things happening as the brain trusts of both organizations join together with the citizens they represent.

Marie Eastwood
9 years ago

I originally joined Generation America and found many of the options useable. When AMAC became available, I kept my GA account and also AMAC. Now that they are together, I will be paying one premium. Advice to other members, always take advantage of the multi-year renewals, it definitely saves you money! I am hearing more and more advertisements for AMAC and tell as many people to join and reject AARP. This word of mouth is a wonderful testament.
So, everyone, spread the word!!!

Rebecca Hollingsworth
9 years ago

My husband and I are thrilled about the merger. We never considered joining aarp and signed with Amac just a few months ago because of the conservative values that are the foundation of Amac. The citizens of this great country are finally waking up and realizing that their constitutional rights and privileges are gradually being undermined and destroyed by the current administration.

Tony T
9 years ago

It is the Obama DON”Tcare Act. Glad I joined AMAC, a great experience.
If we don”t fight now; who and when. Our last Sacrifice it’s worth it.

Harold Kastens
9 years ago

Last year after reading the AARP stood strongly behind Obamacate, my wife and I canceled our AARP membership and joined AMAC.
Sat week when several pages of the Present’s “wonderful” healthcare announced it had enough enrolled a couple of pages of the hundreds of sections and pages were given to us to read on the internet, I felt a stab of fear. Page. 272
at age 76 we are not eligible for cancer treatment . Our admittance hospital Cardenas changed. our primary physician. It’s admit us to an emergency roomformedicare to pay. What if you are traveling or or are wintering in a milder climate,
You better be a millionaire to pay the bill ? The interesting part is H B3200 reference pages 58and. 59. Insurance will. Be provided for all non residents , even if they are here illegally. Pages 58 a : 59 of HB3200 section152. the government
Will have real time access to an individual’s bank accounts and to have the authority to make electronic fund transfers
From those accounts .This would ruin people like us who live pension check r pension check.

Don Honey
9 years ago

Will the new organization offer a supplemental insurance plan for medicare recipients?

Murry Stewart
9 years ago

Discounts do not make up for senior support provided by AMAC. Join as soon as possible.

Lawrence D.
9 years ago

I believe as more and more seniors learn of AMAC’s existance, they will switch their membership away from AARP. No senior with any common sense would support the the leftist views of Obama and the AARP. With continued promotion of AMAC, it is my hope that AARP will lose so much membership that it eventually ceases to exist!

Mary Shell
9 years ago
Reply to  Lawrence D.

Many of us share your dream of the collapse of the AARP, among other traitorous groups … especially the treasonous media that continues to fail in it’s single existential purpose: gov’t watchdog. We’re the media now! Keep on teaching and informing. Americans WILL do what’s right when they are given the truth …

9 years ago

As soon as AARP met with the Prez and came out saying they were behind the (un)affordable health care bill, I called and personally talked for quite awhile to an AARP operator and canceleld our membership.

When I heard about AMAC we joined and have not been disappointed. I continue to ‘advertise’ for you to friends and on facebbok

Joe Nava
9 years ago
Reply to  Barb

I am very interested in joining AMAC, please advise how I go about doing so. VERY ANGRY SENIOR CITIZEN

9 years ago

As so many others have posted, when AARP stood in support of Obamacare I cancelled my membership and joined AMAC. I would love to see all the other conservative senior groups mentioned above join together with AMAC & Generation America to show how many conservative leaning elders there are out there. Show strength in numbers!

Don Volz
9 years ago

I left AARP and joined AMAC in AMAC’s first year of operation. I’ve never regretted it and will likely remain a member for life (unless AMAC’s leaders lose their heads like the those at AARP).

Even after the merger of AMAC and Generation America, seniors have many viable conservative alternatives to AARP. They include: the National Association of Conservative Seniors (NAOCS), the American Seniors Association (ASA), Conservative Seniors Association of America (CSAA), 60Plus Association, The Seniors Coalition, and others.

Should conservative seniors feel compelled to join more than one, or to agonize unnecessarily over which organization best represents them? I don’t think so. It’s true that these organizations have subtle (and perhaps not so subtle differences) in their respective visions, missions, and strategies – differences that oblige them to remain independent.

Even so, couldn’t they preserve their unique identities while uniting under some kind of umbrella group to leverage the political clout of their combined membership numbers? It would be like a Chamber of Commerce or a Trade Association for advocating the views shared by conservative senior citizens. You could even call it something like: “The Alliance of Conservative Seniors Associations.”

In terms of advocacy and political lobbying, the value of such an alliance is greater than the sum of the parts. Seniors have more to gain than to lose from such an alliance and I for one would be willing to pay a few bucks more per year in membership dues to fund such an alliance.

9 years ago

This is my 3rd comment. I have read many of the comments and see that their are so many persons recognizing the need for kicking AARP in the you no what and getting other organizations to do the same. We need more support for AMAC and Generation America and we need more mergers, like English first, amnesty last, constitution first, etc.

Mike C.
9 years ago

I believe I seen a while back AARP had about 2.5 to 3 million mind numb followers. Thank you AMAC and Generation America for getting together. There is truly strength in numbers.

9 years ago

It’s about time that freedom loving organizations join together. Power is in the strength of the people and their support for the constitution. Get more freedom loving groups to join in and back AMAC. The larger the force the greater the power to bring this country back to reality.

Cindy Billman
9 years ago

This is great news! The more people/organizations with the same or similar conservative values merge, the louder and stronger we will become – we MUST take back our country and or constitution. Too bad, the RNC hasn’t realized that!

Howard S.
9 years ago

Don’t fall prey to the “free” AARP membership offered from AOL, stick with AMAC,
the group that works for us !

Glenn Thompson
9 years ago

I don’t really know how many members AARP has. But I do know that as of 10 minutes age they have one less and that AMAC has one more. I fell that AMAC represents my values. I’m not much concerned with discounts and benefits. Those things don’t count for much when the whole nation is in such deep moral trouble and financial debt. We must Wake Up people and at least take a stand in any small way that we can.

9 years ago

I will try one more time. As a past member of AARP I am over joyed at the opportunity to have the conservative voice of heard. Keep on Keeping the voice of the constitution heard and let the values that this country was conscieved on ring loud and clear.

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