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Trump’s Special Master Approved | EP 149

US District Court Judge, Aileen Cannon, has declared Trump’s special master request approved – and Rebecca Weber, CEO of AMAC, has all the details from this ruling in a BFA Special Update! Tune in to find out why a special master is necessary, what this means for the DOJ, and what to predict for the outcome of this unprecedented Mar-a-Lago raid.

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Casey C Matt
13 days ago

As long as the DOJ also approved of this special master one can be assured that nothing having anything to do with honesty or integrity will occur. Threats will be made, positions will be offered…..the special master will do what the DOJ wishes or……………well, think Epstein!

Laurie m Berdahl
13 days ago

I truly believe Trumps recommendation and the DOJ selection of Dearie is part of a calculated plan to show even more corruption on the part of the Deep State Cabal. Dearie was responsible for signing all those “illegal” FISA warrants during the Russia hoax. Bet this is part of Trumps plan to have the truth come out to the public when ALL TRUTH COMES OUT!

13 days ago

Personally I think that the fbi has become an arm of the demorats and bozo Biden. Wouldn’t be surprised if Trump is indicted 2 weeks before the midterms just to try and sway votes toward the demorats!!

Dr Rene
13 days ago

It doesn’t matter that a Special Master was assigned if it is another Activist Democrat.

Maur Edmond
14 days ago

This special report is the honest truth – the FBI had no business going after the former President. This was a politically motivated incident.

Dr Rene
13 days ago
Reply to  Maur Edmond

The FBI doesn’t have the right to harrass 50+ Americans for voicing their 1st Amendment rights. Especially, harrassed by highly armed military type FBI THUGS.

Steve G
13 days ago
Reply to  Dr Rene

I hope the FBI comes to my door, they will be met witha hail of bullets

14 days ago

I hope Trump made copies and has them safely hidden.

Rebecca Weber is divine.

Richard Brie
8 days ago
Reply to  Honey

You’re joking, right? Please tell me you don’t hope that trump made copies of top secret documents to hide for himself.

David Millikan
15 days ago

WHY has the video been removed by uploaded?

Dr Rene
13 days ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Because Google owns the Internet than js to the Congress & Barack H Obama.

Dr Rene
13 days ago
Reply to  David Millikan

It’s disgusting that a FB tweet supporting a former POTUS leads to an armed FBI RAID by FBI THUGS!

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