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Trump’s Crisis Management – Textbook

coronavirusTrump’s mastery of crisis management is textbook. People may object to his optimism, generalities, or editorializing on medical data, but the basics are all there. As the coronavirus crisis persists, Americans should be grateful for a seasoned chief executive. Despite Speaker Pelosi’s unforgivable default to pushing unrelated money into the third crisis bill, partisanship must be secondary – for all of us. Ground truth: Trump’s instincts are proving right.

Several points make the case.  They confirm the crisis is being well-handled. First, core principles matter. Veterans of government, business and military crises know them.  You need a viable plan, dispassionate review of facts, qualified team, delegation of authority, internal and external communication, anticipatory thinking, and adjustment to changing circumstances.

Winston Churchill, no stranger to controversy or crisis, offered nuggets.  Three come to mind.  Reflecting on World Wars I and II, Gallipoli to Battle of Britain, he never lost hope, focus or confidence in the future.

He noted success is hard, especially when good news is in short supply.  Keep envisioning, working, and believing – as success begins and ends with the conviction that victory is possible, especially by working together.

Asked to define success, he observed: “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”  Trite yet true, and he knew, as he had.

In another exchange, he reflected on approaching the storm, being in it, looking back.  Key is the conviction to survive.  Simply put, “if you are going through hell, keep going.”

Most timely, Churchill guided leaders in crisis to harness the past in service of the present. “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”  President Trump is doing that.  He is lashing experience together, seeking to draw the best from all.

In short, the President is implementing those core principles.  In response, America is settling down, reassessing his leadership, working with him to prevent a more pronounced crisis.

In one week, approval for his crisis management has taken a big turn.  An ABC News poll shows Americans approve of how he is handling the crisis by 55 percent to 43, a reversal from one week earlier. A Hill-Harris poll of March 18 showed crisis management approval at 56 percent.

Why is Trump’s crisis management acumen not surprising?  Because he is no stranger to crises. He managed global business operations through countless crises.  He knows the field.  Accordingly, he assembled an expert team, collected the best information, wasted no time sharing it, triaged with method not emotion, delegated and has been thinking big.

At the same time, he is filling critical information gaps, drawing good inferences, avoiding unjustified leaps.  He has made clear his decisions are tied to experience, logic and data.  Not denying uncertainty, he has asked collective responsibility.

He is honoring the Constitution, refusing to federalize the response, allowing states to set their own parameters.  He has empowered governors, secured key resources, called on all Americans to do their part.  He is open to out-of-the-box solutions, cleanly separated “urgent” from “important” – yet kept his eye on one goal, saving American lives.

He has acted to improve the odds of success by linking public and private ingenuity. As a seasoned leader, he has accepted risk – personal, political, legal, medical and financial, remembering that risk of action is balanced against risk of inaction.

Like a battlefield commander, he has delegated, empowered, adjusted solutions to facts based on what we know, suspect and anticipate.  He is beyond the horizon, thinking about the enemy.

He has encouraged review of parallel cases, application of lessons from history – knowing it never repeats exactly.  The Spanish flu was not Ebola or MERS.  COVID-19 is not SARS or H1N1.  Still, lessons from past crises are applied – border shutdowns, quarantines, cross-application of medicines, factory conversion.

More, Trump has neither over- nor underestimated this foe.  He has communicated honestly and regularly.  He has put fear in a box, hope on public display.  He and the vice president have offered grounds for calm, served as an example.

Surely, he knows success will be incremental, and a collective effort.  He has given credit widely, including to foes.  He has one goal, lead America to win for America.  Synergy comes from buy-in, melding life experiences, creating radiating circles of teamwork.  He is doing that.

Winning in this crisis – as in past crises – will require unrelenting effort and unity of purpose.  Trump is so far delivering.  Good leaders know the slope in a crisis is steep, but for “going through hell,” Trump is proving a very capable crisis commander.

Reprinted with Permission from Town Hall

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Thank you Father that you sent President Trump for a time such as this.What a blessing.


The President has continually reassured this citizen that he knows what is going on and is getting all information available before coming to a decision on acting upon that information. We are truly blessed, finally, to have a leader who leads. Is he perfect? Am I? Are you? We know the answer to that is “no,” no one is perfect! He does, however, inspire confidence in his leadership and I love it, especially when the left and its media try to buck him, when it is proven over and over he is right! You would think they would realize the situation and just quit doing the same thing over and over again with the same result (it’s been said that is the meaning of mental illness), the left and its media should just quit and wait him out politically; but, alas, they are useless. Adam Schiff is digging another hole… Read more »


I think that our President is doing an outstanding job. We don’t have to love the man but We should appreciate a Job Well Done. He has proven himself time and time again. I am Happy that President Trump is our Commander and Chief. I would hate to even think about what we would be going through if it were someone else. He is not a politician He is our President looking after the United States of America and putting us the people 1st. I can’t say that about many of the others in Washington D.C.
I think we should be thanking God for our many blessings!


I notice that NBC always quotes the worst case scenario – it claimed that Trump said that “240,000 would die” as though that was an absolute number. NBC continues to lie and try to scare people into thinking this is just running wild with no chance of control


I am convinced Trump is a gift from above, if we had what we had for a president prior to Trump, 2 million would already be dead. 2009-2010 the H1N1 killed close to 13,000 people with millions infected, and not a “peep” from the news media. The media is as corrupt as 1940 Germany’s government and Russia’s combined, America deserves better than this.


We have people in our country who want utter chaos. They will never agree that President Trump is the best thing that has happened to America and Americans since I can remember. Some people despise and hate the hand feeding, clothing and educating them. They all want to be in control but they lack the ability to lead and make crucial decisions. Luckily we have a President with very thick skin and is able to proceed regardless of the naysayers. God bless our President and our country and its people in this time of war. And Covid-19 is a war. I hope the people of our country can remember how the Democrats held the country hostage to promote their idiotic agenda in November. President Trump has to be re-elected in November for the sake of our children and our country.

Rodney Ernst

Very well written artical. Trump is going to war for us all against this virus. I do not see the left or the Democrats saying much. Now I read that Mr. Schiff vows to investigate Trump over the idea he hid stuff or knew things before all this started.They just don’t give up.


As if the American people didn’t have enough to deal with already, the communist network news media joins communist China to beat up our government. Trump 2020!

M M Collins

When I hear President Trump speak, his simple way of putting things puts me at ease.

Anthony Dellisola

I am so glad Trump is our President, leading us through this event. He is also taking in what will be done to prevent future occurrences going forward. We as Americans don’t need Adam Schiff developing some committee or commission to mess things up.

Clarence Holt Jr.

I totally agree with your article. I have had it with the mainstream media. CBS is almost worse than CNN. They refuse to report on anything positive. They don’t even try to hide it. If they have a guest on they will try and try to get the guest to say something negative about the president. If the guest refuses, they will cut the interview short. They brag that they only report the facts and tell the truth. Well if you refuse to report all the facts and tell the whole truth, isn’t that the same as lying. Most of the major media outlets should be investigated for deceiving the American people.

Ed J

Can anyone imagine what sort of feeble, ineffective and probably delayed response to the coronavirus pandemic would have been mounted if Hillarious Clinton was in the White House today? I think not, but I would expect it would have resulted in many thousands more deaths than will occur under President Trump’s efforts now on behalf of the American people and indirectly on behalf of the world. Furthermore, our economy would be much worse off under Clinton since it would never have been anywhere near the robust state that President Trump elevated it to in just three short years. Yes, we will probably have a recession, but the expectation and hope are that it would be short, mild and recovery rapid once the pandemic abates. But under a Clinton administration, we would probably enter into a much deeper and more extended recession, and possibly even into an economic depression that would… Read more »

Ronald Harris

I agree President Trump is doing all he can do to get us through this virus and the democratic house is doing everything they can to stall the progress, which means they are not only trying to hurt the president but also the country as a whole.

John Karkalis

This requires no deep study, and the analogy with Churchill is no accident.
Churchill’s debacle at Gallipoli during WWII should have ended his career. It didn’t. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that Mr Churchill saved Western Civilization by hanging on until the “arsenal of democracy “, the USA went into full swing, as is American industry doing today against Covid19.
I am watching Mr Trump grow in stature as the Corona virus advances, as did Mr Churchill during WWII.
Do you see the parallel?
Mr Trump and his team continue to keep us apprised of the situation, even when the news is baleful. He is performing as a leader should during a crisis. He remains concerned but calm.
The Dems? They remind me of those “dust bunnies” that collect under a bed in need of cleaning.


The gloom and doom liberal press, especially that half wit Jim Acosta, are complaining that the president is too upbeat about the future. To gain applause from them he would have to announce we will all die soon. They need an audience that is defeated and downtrodden without hope of the future to further the liberal agenda.
” Not today Jim! ”
I will listen to my president and his team. ! know this too pass followed by a brighter tomorrow.

Diane K

Great article with so much positives on how our President Trump has handled things with this crisis. He is definitely the man for our time. He is not an ordinary man. I don’t know how he endures the constant bashing he gets from the lame stream media. May God bless him with strength and continued endurance against the critics! I’m not a millionaire or have any claim to fame, but I am a true patriot who loves this county fiercely. The President is a true patriot who also loves this country fiercely. I feel like President Trump is just one of us – the millions who voted for him to make a difference. And, he is!


Trump talks about the Corona Virus in the State of the Union Feb 4
And then Madame Pelosi promptly tears up the speech.

Richard Maisto

Good article.

Marilyn schaefer

Thank you, Amen!


I am so impressed with all he’s doing to handle and this article has a wonderful way of describing it. When the going gets tough, the tough get going and he’s definitely capable. Great President!