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Trump Wins Border Wall Victory at Supreme Court – Narrowly

borderIn a long battle to restore integrity to America’s southern border, victories are hard-won, sometimes followed by reversals, and demonstrate the need for continued, unyielding and principled leadership.  Last week, the Supreme Court gave a victory to President Trump.  Americans are safer as a result.

In recent years, the onslaught of Central American gangs like MS-13, violent Mexican drug cartels like CJNG, and an upsurge in cocaine, heroin, and synthetic drug production, have made closing the border more important than ever.

Illegal immigration was another threat confronted head-on by President Trump.  In May 2019, an eon ago now, caravans of illegals crashed our borders – seeking illegal entry.  A total of 145,000 pushed for illegal entry that month, encouraged by Democrat-led “sanctuary cities.”

President Trump said, “no entry,” and continued to reprogram funds, fortify deficient parts of the wall, and build out new wall.   In late 2018 and early 2019, he had to shut down the government to affirm this was more than a campaign promise; it was national policy, and it affected Homeland security.  By May 2020, border apprehensions had fallen to 23,000, and even in January 2020 stood at 36,000.

Working together, parts of the Justice, Homeland, Defense and State Departments have worked to restore border sanctity and internal security.  On the drug issue, Defense, State, and DEA have worked with allied source and transit countries, while others tackled violent cross-border gangs.

Beyond better intelligence and interdiction, the Trump Administration has not shied from arrests, prosecutions, and deportations of cross-border criminal groups.  In the last three years, much-maligned ICE has deported over 16,000 gang members and arrested 2,000 members of MS-13.

But the rubber meets the road at the border.  That is why President Trump focused attention in 2016 – and has since – on securing the southwest border.  And that is why his vindication, in a 5-4 Supreme Court decision, matters so much.

In a seminal action, the Supreme Court refused to declare President Trump’s reprogramming of federal defense dollars for wall construction a violation of law, for having been done without congressional authorization.  Instead, they declared work can continue.

For reference, liberal lower courts had opined that President Trump exceeded his constitutional powers by declaring a national emergency, permitting him to reprogram $2.5 billion appropriated for other purposes to the wall.  A 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court refused the lower courts’ reasoning, and – as they did in July 2019 – allowed the wall’s construction to continue.

Three takeaways come from this gratifying – and entirely logical – outcome.

First, President Trump was right to identify border transgressions – including Obama-era increases in drug crime and illegal human traffic – as a national security threat, declare an emergency, and realign federal resources to address the security issue.

He was right in 2016, right later to reprogram for the wall, and is right today.  Americans are safer for that insight, resolve, and stick-to-it-ness.  Fewer kids will die from drug overdoses on foreign-source drugs, or gang violence perpetuated by those deported, blocked or apprehended.  Fewer illegal aliens will burden taxpayers, especially as we dig out from COVID-19 and social unrest.

Second, the President was right to battle for executive prerogatives in the federal courts, prevailing – on this issue repeatedly – at the Supreme Court.  Any future Democrat challenges – and House Democrats were behind this one – will be mute by the time they again reach the high court, as that portion of the wall dependent on reprogrammed money is almost complete.  The 200th mile was finished in June.

Third, the message behind the message:  President Trump remains fully committed to protecting America’s national security – on multiple fronts.  These include his border wall, forcefully confronting regional drug traffickers, cross-border Mexican cartels, and Central American gangs, and putting 200 law and order judges – and two Supreme Court justices – on the federal bench.

Looking forward, Americans who appreciate border security, law and order, deterrence of drug trafficking and gang violence in America’s cities, suburbs, and Heartland – should remember that these outcomes are not an accident.  These issues are front-and-center in 2020.  Progress can be reversed – or reinforced.

Supreme Court decisions as narrow as 5-4 are always at risk.  Democrats are hardly retreating from anti-Trump challenges, open borders, sanctuary cities, and defending illegal immigration. The only sure way to preserve progress – is to assure the White House, Senate and House do not reverse the law.  Like so many equities, this one too will be resolved in November.  Let us not forget.

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1 month ago

As I’ve stated before, I have resided in Progressively Communist Democratic California for the last 30 years. In that time, I have have witnessed a state that maybe had 5% of it’s population as Hispanic back when I came here 30 years ago to where I would now venture to guess that 1/3 of our state’s population is not only Hispanic but prefers to openly speak Spanish instead of English and it disgusts me greatly! Not only is this border wall necessary, we also need to DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS and reclaim our country as a law abiding nation truly representative… Read more »

Jodi Lewis
1 month ago

It is so GOOD to see President Trump smiling again. I’m so happy he’s had this victory…because he so wants good to come to the people of this country, and to be of sincere help in time of need. Hail to our Chief!!! :)

1 month ago

Thank you President Trump! Here’s for 4 more years!!

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

replace Ginsburg, vet all USSC candidates prior, & others if needed then sure win for future

Alicia Leaving Liberals
1 month ago

‘Progressively Communist Democratic California’ alright! Even the milk cartons are written in Spanish and English! Conservatives of the United States, need to wake up to the Democratic Party is courting a ‘Marxist Agenda’. They pretend to offer a lot of progressive ideals. Instead, they just want to wipe out all of our history and culture. Hence, you see the ‘protesters’ burning Bibles, burning ‘pigs heads’ with cop hats on them, and American Flags! Yes, we need a complete ‘Border Wall’, we also need law enforcement, and we need to take back our country!

Paul W
1 month ago

What happened? Roberts actually had a brief moment of judicial clarity? Armageddon must surely be at hand.

1 month ago

Go Trump Go 2020

John A. Fallon
1 month ago

Socialist/dems continue to focus on the second amendment but the REAL target is the CONSTITUTION they want to take ALL our freedoms, the dims are to stupid to understand that, gun control is just easier to sell than attacking freedom of religion or speach, we need to make sure everyone understands that, if we let them take one we lose them ALL! VOTE THE SOCIALISTS OUT! VOTE REPUBLICAN, VOTE FOR FREEDOM.

Diane M. Loeffler
1 month ago

Great article! The public correctly believes the Democrats have hindered President Trump and his agenda for America. While this is true, I would like to be able to cite all of the legislation that has become law in spite of the Democrats. Would you either email me a list or publish an article with a list? I would really love to point to achievements and say, “This is what 45 has done in spite of obstacles. Give him four more years so he can achieve more.”

1 month ago

Why was this such a narrow victory? What is wrong with the Supreme Court??

Patriot Will
1 month ago

In reality, there still are plenty of illegals who sneak into the US. Therefore, President Trump’s efforts to build the wall are necessary to at least somewhat control the open border supporters. From stats that have been thrown around for the last 50 years, the estimates of 10,000,000 illegals in this country are certainly way too low. It would not be surprising if the USA actually had about 30,000,000 undocumented inhabitants.

1 month ago

Thank you, President Trump. And to the Supreme Court Justices for caring for the welfare of our
Young people and for properly interpreting the Constitution and the overall welfare of us, the citizens of this great country that the evildoers in high places are hell bent to destroy us Patriots and this wonderful nation! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THOSE WHO BLESS US AND CURSE THOSE WHO COME AGAINST US! Amen.

Art A
1 month ago

I am going to take the low road and not use capital letters. This issue should have no push back. I may have to paraphrase my response. “Good fences make good neighbors” and “Good neighbors respect one another’s property.” These came from “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost. The same poem stated “There may be something that hates the wall.” Too bad. Protect your territory! If all of these bleeding heart Liberals/Progressives want open borders,let them adopt and otherwise take responsibility forwhomever many they want “own.” Slavery anyone? Take a number and wait until your number is called to be sent… Read more »

1 month ago

Thank God for President Trump…The right Man At The Right Time…God Bless America and President Trump.

Larry Fritts
1 month ago

Seldom hear any news like this on ANY news channel…quite refreshing! Please rid yourself of Ray, Fauci and many of the hidden ‘Obama’ holdovers before the next 4 years…start with a clean slate. Best president in my lifetime! Hang in there Sir! Trump 2020 !!!

Marie Barnes
1 month ago

It’s about time this serious problem of illegals so easily crossing into the USA. The long term effect will be felt by our children and grandchildren, if not already. This country that so many are serving to protect, and to those who have served, is leaning dangerously to the Progressive Socialist Communist programs. This must stop! We are already feeling this by Democrats, WHO, CDC, etc..using the Covid-19 as a shield to hid behind. Only God knows what is going to happen after the election. We pray and Trust. Thank you for the honest information that is shared

1 month ago

I’m glad to hear the president won a victory on the wall. Everything he was elected to do, has required a hard fight. The democrat communists in congress as well as those in the media have been nothing but mean spirited jerks to this president. To make matters worse, he has had to drag the republican party with him with him all the way. Our country is worth the fight! We not only need to re- elect President Trump, we need to elect a conservative congress who’ll work with him….that’s right, vote out all democrat communists (redundant)! Pay no attention… Read more »

1 month ago

Keep going strong Trumpster and getting things done that really matter//How can anyone vote for the pathetic liberal candidate known as Ahlzeimers BIDEN// Trump stands for Law and Order and protecting the AMERICAN CITIZEN// Biden stands for riots/looting/ and giving everything to illegals and China//Trump is a good man and hopefully wins in a landslide conservative election and Biden can go back to his dungeon and have tea with Pelosi and Schumer and all his radical looters//

Betty Pilcher
1 month ago

I am so happy about this. He has had so much opposition during this pres. term. I don’t remember how long it has been since I have seen him with a genuine smile. I am grateful for this president. I pray he wins the election in Nov.

1 month ago

Let us just hope that all of the celebrities(?) who threaten to leave the country if Trump is elected actually do. It will be a win win for the USA. Let them go to China and try their BS over there and see where they land. Perhaps the could be persuaded to take the politically leftist elites with them, I mean they love China and hate us, so why not. Maybe China would blow their planes and yachts up before they could land and further pollute their nation. The CCP are not stupid after all.

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