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Trump Wants Transparency in Hospital Pricing

Andy Mangione, Senior Vice President of AMAC Action, discusses AMAC’s participation in the amicus brief supporting price transparency in health care.

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Pamela Derouen
1 year ago

I don’t care for liberal Democrats
Bernie Sanders…..
Bernie Sanders wants minimum wage to be $15 per hour.

15$ X 40 hr week = $600
600$ X 52 weeks per yr = $31,200

Bernie Sanders wants free health care for all and was asked how he would pay for it. His answer was raise taxes to 52% on anybody making over $29,000 per year.

52% of $31,200 = $16,224 in tax
$31,200 – $16,224 = $14,976 is your pay

$14,976 ÷ 52 weeks = $288 per week
$288 ÷ 40 hr week = $7.20 per hour

So much for 15$ an hour minimum wage
Think people for yourself.
Guy is really an idiot.

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