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Trump: US Won’t Close Over Second CCP Virus Wave

Trump CCP virus covidPresident Donald Trump on Thursday said the United States will not shut down if there is another COVID-19 wave.

“People say that’s a very distinct possibility. It’s standard. And we’re going to put out the fires,” Trump told reporters when he was touring a Ford manufacturing plant in Michigan. He was asked about whether he’s concerned about a second wave of the virus.

But Trump added a caveat, saying that “we’re not going to close the country,” and “we’re going to put out the fires.”

Trump expressed confidence in the United States being able to contain future CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus outbreaks.

“Whether it’s an ember or a flame, we’re going to put it out. But we’re not closing our country,” the president said.

Currently, data shows that more than 90,000 people in the United States have died from the virus so far. Starting in March, a number of governors have imposed strict lockdowns, leading to layoffs and business closures.

Trump made the remarks while touring the Ford plant, which is currently making ventilators in response to the pandemic.

But over the past month or so, all 50 states have started some level of reopening, including New York, the state with the most COVID-19 deaths.

The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits in the two months since the coronavirus took hold in the United States has swelled to nearly 39 million, the government reported Thursday, even as states from coast to coast gradually reopen their economies and let people go back to work. More than 2.4 million people filed for unemployment last week in the latest wave of layoffs from the business shutdowns that have brought the economy to its knees, the Labor Department said.

That brings the running total to a staggering 38.6 million, a job-market collapse unprecedented in its speed.

The number of weekly applications has slowed for seven straight weeks. Yet the figures remain breathtakingly high—10 times higher than normal before the crisis struck.

And the continuing rise shows that even though all states have begun reopening over the past three weeks, employment has yet to snap back and the outbreak is still damaging businesses and destroying jobs.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Jack Phillips

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Cathy H
2 years ago

I have first hand proof that the numbers can’t be trusted. A 30-something friend had slight symptoms, was told she had the virus WITHOUT being tested, and was told she could go back to work. 600 doctors sent a letter to POTUS saying the lockdown is a casualty. Many dissenting health professionals have been silenced on social media or threatened into silence by their places of employment because they don’t support the panic narrative. I’m not a child to be protected from harm by anyone but God my Father. I refuse to make government my God. Give me my freedom back!!!

2 years ago

Pretty obvious the longer this goes on what it is all about..We have a flu going around thats killing some like all flu’s do. Everyone is reporting different versions of stats, and different ways to combat it, we have heard them all… Meanwhile the left has a senile old pervert hidden away from public view and have managed to collapse the US economy, give money to about every non essential leftist organization possible, sneak unAmerican articles into the stimulus bills and is in the processes of attempting a coup w/o violence involved. The American people will be the losers… not the government

The worms eye view
2 years ago

It’s time to go on the attack domestically with dems and with Communist China. We must never feed the enemy ever again.

The OLD Warhorse
2 years ago

Just wondering if one of your “Investigative Reporters” could look into the logic(?) employed in some states that sent CCPvirus patients BACK into Nursing Homes instead of keeping them separated in facilities handling virus patients. Seems like an almost guaranteed way of spreading the virus among the most vulnerable. A cynic could say it was a way to hasten the death of folks with many other problematic conditions. Follow the money???

Nero Wolfe
2 years ago

Quarantines were designed to isolate the infected, not healthy, keep the infected quarantined for evaluation and treatment until their illness is cured and let the healthy function as normal. The Fascist UN and its servant Dr. Fauci obviously have an evil agenda of fear and control with the media providing propaganda.
The “next wave” is the seasonal flu that comes around November.

Susan Perry
2 years ago

It’s too late. Trump has let this go on too long and he is now helpless against the Dem governors who don’t plan on opening up soon enough to not cause irreparable damage.

Susan Perry
2 years ago

Trump is a businessman so I’m surprised he would listen to anyone tell him to shutdown the whole country. He played right into the Left’s agenda of taking away our freedom and destroying everyone’s livelihood. Now the Commies plan to remake America into their version of utopia. While he says HE will never do it again, guess what, the next Demonrat president sure will. They’ve seen it done once, it will be even easier next time. Not to mention governors that will do it again in a heartbeat.

2 years ago

NEVER CONSULT Dr. Fauci again, he did everything he could to bring down this economy.. He is pro leftist democrat….. the Bushs. Clinton. Obama….he has been around DC too long…he needs to go

anna hubert
2 years ago

It’s now or never November is our last chance

2 years ago

This pandemic is something that has not happened in my 70+ years. President Trump has done a masterful job responding to the crisis. Many Monday morning quarterbacks can criticize the President but I know that if Obama was president, he would be directing the response from a surfboard in Hawaii, smoking a joint and laughing. Hillary would be home, hunkered down in her mansion, soliciting funds for the Clinton foundation, on her rest room server. Creepy Joe would be hiding in his basement, muttering nonsense with a little girl on his lap. President Trump has given his full attention to the CV-19 issue. He may not be right all the time, but he polls the experts, gathers information and then makes an informed decision as to what is best for our Country. I applaud your efforts, Mr. President.

2 years ago

To Coach Terry, Between 1966 and 2000 there were ONLY 400-500 deaths from the Measles a KIDS Disease. Fewer cases than 200 usually in a year.
Now this Pandemic; Worldwide infected over 5 MILLION. 1,562,714 cases in the US alone. Around the world 329,816 have died. 93,863 have been reported by the US Higher than any other country. How many unreported, My Mom for instance. Her positive test came back after she was buried.
in the 2018-19 flu related deaths only 34,200. In all of the Viet Nam War deaths of US Military There were ONLY 58,220 fatalities.
In just between February, March and beginning of April we surpassed all the US military Deaths from Nam for as long as that war went on, several years. 2 1/2 months we had 93,863 DEATHS FROM THIS VIRUS. and you talk about the lowly measles and mumps?????????????
You’d better go back to school and learn MATH and study Science while you are at it.

David Nelson
2 years ago

I’m looking forward to the PPLL (Post -Pandemic Lessons Learned) era. What have we learned?
* Allowing chokepoints in critical supply chains to be in the hands of sworn enemies: Stupid.
* Surrendering almost all manufacturing capability necessary to address emergency needs: Stupid.
* Relying on the testimony of proven pathological liar states: Stupid.
* Sheepishly following orders without looking into the agendas and special interests of the orderers: Stupid.
* Believing that widely varied Americans living in widely separated places face identical risks: Stupid.
* Tolerating bureaucrats dictate who loses their jobs while they keep their taxpayer-supported ones: Stupid.
* Suffering being lectured to by puppet leaders of global organizations: Stupid.
* Thinking even for a moment that ‘what’s good for one group’ is required for all: Stupid.
* Asking ourselves, “Where is our God?”, after most of us have convinced ourselves our self-sufficiency made irrelevant: Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
I fear however that the dark side is also considering lessons learned:
* Need to build “concentration areas” for multitudes of violators of 2nd-wave lockdown orders.
* Need more limits on “un-scientific speech.”
* Need more “tools” to “influence” individuals to “make the right choice/do the right thing/follow orders.”
* Need to publish guidelines for front-line health care workers for deciding who lives/who dies, “improving on” first-come/first-served.
* Need to redouble efforts to remove national borders which frustrated a “one-world/one-solution” approach.
* Need to assist foreign governments in stopping “leaks” of unsanctioned information which only fed panic and caused questioning of the official narrative.
* Need to bet every American on the dole and waiting for a monthly check from the government. (Almost there.)
* Need to implement 24/7 monitoring of individuals for contact-assessment.
* Need to expand the list of disease threats for which people will accept lock-down.

I recently saw this, one Internet wag’s assessment:
“The spread of the coronavirus depends on two things:
1. The density of the people, and
2. The density of the people.”

I have seen too much of the density of the people in my lifetime, voting to fill their own bellies rather than voting for what’s best for their posterity. Time will tell if this Great Pause in our lives will learn us anything.

David Nelson
2 years ago
Reply to  David Nelson

GOSH! I wish Amac would hire a PROGRAMMER who could figure out how to PRESERVE FORMATTING in these posts! It ain’t rocket science. They taught us in computer science: “Whitespace matters!”

Art A
2 years ago

Very early on POTUS Trump stated that he hoped the cure wasn’t going to be worse than the disease. After he succumbed to a lot of crying and hand wringing, we wound up with “expert” Drs. Fauci and Birx making recommendations. We also had the opportunists playing this for all the political poison that they could generate. We had the main stream media blowing everything out of proportion and creating the constant background noise of second guessing every move made by the WH just so they could get some face time on TV.

We have started to readjust and reevaluate things. Things will not be exactly as they were before. What have we learned and how will the lessons be applied should we have an issue like this again? WE THE PEOPLE WILL WIN.

2 years ago

Our President listened to the governor’s demands that he let them decide when, if, and how to shut down our country so that the hospitals and medical workers will not be overwhelmed. He gave them permission and the go ahead.
They never came close to being overwhelmed. In fact the medical workers are being laid off as there are not enough patients or work for them to help or do.
They never want or plan to give up the dictatorships they’ve created by blaming our President and the coronavirus. These politicians are willing to put your health, livelihood, homes, and businesses that you put your all into jeopardy to try and unseat our Sitting, Duly Elected President out of office, against the will of the people, We the People.

Susan P
2 years ago
Reply to  tony

For democrats is is all about CONTROL. They care nothing for the welfare of the people of the USA. The sooner everyone realizes this, the sooner we can make the democrat party irrelevant and as extinct as the dodo bird. It is time that all citizens of the USA vow to never again vote for any candidate, local, state or federal who runs as a democrat. They are either evil or too stupid to do the job. IF they are well intentioned and still run as a democrat, they are not smart enough to be of use to the rest of us. Also, watch carefully that you also do NOT vote for an RINO. We need no pretenders in office.

2 years ago

Thank you President Trump! This country cannot survive anymore shutdowns.

2 years ago

Good, it’s all BS anyway

Yvonne Fleming
2 years ago

President Trump–thank you for your strong leadership. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing–they have a hidden agenda and would rather see the great USA fall into ruin. Keep, keeping on! I am solidly behind you and Vice President Pence. You have once again brought “hope” to America and I thank God for your service to the U.S.A.

2 years ago

It’s going to be hard to get some people back to work when they’re making more on unemployment than their paycheck. The Democrats trying to extend the unemployment add on until January 31, 2021 would be a bigger catastrophe than the virus. I’m a 64 year old heart patient with diabetes and I say let’s rock and roll. I’m going to conduct myself sensibly by avoiding large crowds but I’m not going in the ground to hide. If my family catches the virus, I’ll do all I can for them including taking care of them. That’s my job.

2 years ago

The shutdown was an idiotic idea! Democrats and ChiComs released this virus to crash the economy and try to win the 2020 election. How the President fell for this hoax is beyond me! THE COMMIE COUGH SCAMDEMIC!

2 years ago

Good. Now I wish he would do something about the stupid masks. CDC is recommending anyone over 2 to wear a mask to school. That’s insane. Can you imagine a 3 year willing to wear a mask? My older grandkids won’t wear one. They’re many doctors who don’t recommend that healthy people wear a mask. You get viral overload, depletes oxygen,etc. I feel sorry for people that are being forced to wear one at work. In Texas where I live stores aren’t requiring masks so I don’t wear one. I wrote Trump 2020 on a mask I carry in my purse. I figured it will be a liberal that will require it and it will annoy them to see a mask with Trump 2020.

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