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Trump tweets: 2.7 million votes erased nationwide

trumpAmid legal challenges in several battleground states alleging vote fraud, President Trump dropped a bomb Thursday with a tweet claiming 2.7 million votes for him across the nation were deleted through Dominion Voting Systems machines.

The tweet cited a report by One American News that attributed the claim to an “unaudited analysis of data obtained from Edison Research.”

OAN did not name the author of the analysis, which the television network said found that 221,000 votes had been switched from Trump to Joe Biden.

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Bill Brown
28 days ago

Wake-Up!! There are no Republican and DemocRat Parties!  There is only the “Unity Party” “RINO’s & Socialists”!! They run a giant SCAM with the Media to keep us “sheep” entertained and in line!! The FreedomWorks.org group and the Trump Group thought they were changing the Republican Party!!! FORGET IT!!! Ryan, McConnell, Romney, etc. are the tip of the “fake loyal opposition iceberg” helping the DemocRats lead all Americans into a SOCIALIST HELL-HOLE!!!! Form a new Political Party – The Freedom Party!!! President Trump’s Movement and FreedomWorks.org have consolidated the base!!!! The American Revolution 2.0!!!!!

2 months ago

This was all orchestrated by the Globalists who were able to manipulate the system to remove Trump.

My concern is for the BLM and ANTIFA crowd who now want some return on their participation.
They obviously didn’t figure on getting thrown under the bus.
When they figure out that the Globalists hate Socialists as much as they hate Trump.

And am I wrong to suspect that ANTIFA and BLM won’t just accept it all?

Brenda Brooks
2 months ago

Biden -Harris is a nightmare..My Prayers for President Trump, family and the U.S.A.I pray President Trump/Pence is re-elected again

GT Patriot
2 months ago

We now, I think , know who the enemy is. The dems , knowing that Biden is a loser. set multiple traps to spring during this election.
When will we repubs ever learn. We all knew that they would slit their throats before allowing Trump to be re-elected. I don’t blame
the crooked left. I blame repubs for thinking we would run an honest election. When will we figure it out ? If we can ever get smart
we will be a competitive party.

Brenda Brooks
Reply to  GT Patriot
2 months ago

I agree , not a doubt about it.

Dan W.
2 months ago

Proof aside, you don’t allege that 2.7M of your votes were deleted when you are down by 5M+. You might as well allege 6M if you are going trot this one out at all.

Reply to  Dan W.
2 months ago

Agreed!! However, if 2.7 were switched by a machine and another 1 m were dead people and another 2.1 were non citizens and another 500k were non state residents and etc. etc., well you get the drift.

Reply to  Dan W.
2 months ago

Proof aside. Our President is obviously not making it up or he could have said 6M, he is telling the truth.

Dan W.
Reply to  Peggy
2 months ago

Ok, then let’s see the proof that 2.7M votes were switched. Now’s the time to show your cards.