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Trump Takes a Stand for the Mentally Ill

Trump His budget proposes to end a 55-year ban on Medicaid funding for institutional care.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans with serious mental illness sleep in jails, shelters and prisons on any given night. Fewer than 40,000 are in state psychiatric hospitals. This is largely due to a federal policy, the Institutions for Mental Disease Exclusion, which created a financial incentive for states to kick the mentally ill out of hospitals. The White House’s new budget…

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Reprinted with Permission from - Manhattan Institute by - DJ Jaffe

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1 year ago

Unfortunately, the entire proposed federal budget from President Trump was thrown in the garbage by Speaker Pelosi as soon as she received it. Same as what she did last year after the Democrats gained control of the House. If you want any of President Trump’s budget enacted, then first you have to take the House back from the Democrats in November. Otherwise, all these budget related articles are just nothing more than wishful thinking.

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