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Trump Suspends Travel From Europe, Offers Financial Aid for Coronavirus

TrumpPresident Donald Trump announced the United States will suspend travel from most of Europe for 30 days beginning Friday to help halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump also unveiled some executive actions and several high-dollar spending measures that he is asking Congress to enact. His announcement Wednesday night came hours after the World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus to be a pandemic.

“Smart action today will prevent the spread of the virus tomorrow,” Trump said in a prime-time address to the nation from the Oval Office.

He later added: “We made a lifesaving move with early action on China. Now we must take the same action with Europe. We must not delay.”

As of Wednesday, there are 938 cases of coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, in the United States across 38 states and the District of Columbia, with 29 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Actor Tom Hanks and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, announced they have coronavirus. And the NBA suspended games after a Utah Jazz player tested positive.

Trump noted that the United States quickly suspended travel from China after the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan spread. However, he said the European Union “failed to take the same precaution.”

As a result, the virus came from Europe into the United States through travelers, the president said.

“After consulting with our top government health professionals, I have decided to take several strong but necessary options to protect the health and well-being of all Americans,” Trump said.

He added:

To keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days. The new rules will go into effect Friday at midnight. These restrictions will be adjusted, subject to conditions on the ground. There will be exemptions for Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings.

Trump said the restrictions won’t apply to the United Kingdom.

The president also announced financial assistance measures he has touched on previously.

“To ensure working Americans can stay home without fear of financial hardship, I will soon be taking emergency action which is unprecedented to provide financial relief,” Trump said. “This will be targeted for workers who are ill, quarantined, or caring for others due to coronavirus. I will be asking Congress to take legislative action to extend this relief.”

In a call for calm as the markets have rumbled, Trump said: “This is not a financial crisis. This is just a temporary moment of time that we will overcome together as a nation and as a world.”

Trump talked about eliminating the payroll tax, which he’ll have to rely on Congress for.

“I am calling on Congress to provide Americans with immediate payroll tax relief. Hopefully they will consider this every strongly,” he said.

He also announced Small Business Administration loans to firms affected by coronavirus.

“These low-interest loans will help small businesses overcome temporary economic disruptions caused by the virus,” Trump said. “To this end, I am asking Congress to increase funding for this program by an additional $50 billion.”

The president added that the Treasury Department will defer tax payments without interest or penalty for certain individuals or businesses.

“This action will provide more than $200 billion of additional liquidity to the economy,” he said.

Reprinted with Permission from - Daily Signal by - Fred Lucas

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3 years ago

Another point, I am also for Trump & voted for him , but at this time he must do nothing but the truth to us…….as I do not want to see USA another Italy

3 years ago

I know that this board is all for Trump, but I think that he should admit when he is part of problem………blaming this on other nations is crazy & why even try to do this. The USA needs more testing ASAP and that is answer to see how far this has gone.

3 years ago

Good start, should include UK in this ban. And need to get more tests ASAP to prevent this from spreading. Now , it is coming state-to-state via travel. And what about Mar-a-Lago having some positive guest from Brazil………..Need Tests, tests, tests now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Test the healthy now & quarantine them if positive to stop spread.l

Allan Brem
3 years ago

It has become almost impossible to tell who is just being resistant and who just doesn’t know better.

3 years ago

It’s just sad to watch a lot of demonrats still angry about the 2016 election still trying to hurt America! They are shameful and worse than children. Get over it and move on for the good of the USA! Sad to see such a smear campaign still going on after 3.5 years! Man up, put on your big girl pants, and you big boy pants! Time to really be about keeping America safe and sound. Thank you President Trump for always having our back and keeping America going in spite of all the lies and hate! We continue to pray for your safety and for wisdom to carry on in spite of the useless democraps! God Bless America!

Barbara Lynch
3 years ago

Take a deep breath people it will all be ok. Turn off the news and your phones and talk to your family. This may end up being something good. Maybe people will start talking to each other again.

T Taylor
3 years ago

Here are my thoughts on the “Corona pandemic.” Italy restricts all travel, Disneyland is closing for only the 4th time in its history until April 1st; schools are closing, people are buying out toilet paper and bottled waters at COSCO because of their unfounded fears; the media has once again stoked the fire of ignorance. Is anyone talking about the (facts) number of deaths in the U.S. thirty plus maybe with twenty-six cases in a nursing home located in Washington State. Have Americans gone mad? Are we that unenlightened? Weak minded? Why are we not talking about the survival rate which is extremely high? The media and Democrats are really playing this up; it’s their “A’s in the hole;” get the people worked up, tank the economy then Blame you Mr. President. Does anyone remember the dreaded Sar’s virus, swine flu? Ebola, killer African bees; oh, “the sky is falling the sky is falling.” The only ones who are at risk are the aged, and those who have compromised immune systems. Have we become so feeble in our reasoning?
LET’S STOP THIS MADNESS. Tell Americans to wash your hands, cough into your shoulder and stay home when they are ill, and all will be fine. Start a campaign of educating Americans on the facts about the Corona Virus. One can reason with a little education the end of the world is not here yet; it is simply a strain of the flu. By the way why are the Democrats attempting to stop your travel ban if this virus is so serious? It’s all a political game when it should be handled by the health experts. Democrats and the liberal media need to be stopped from politicizing this virus and causing pandemonium. My warning to the democrats is simple keep crying wolf and see what happens in the future.
Surely my heart goes out to loved ones who have lost someone to this virus to be sure, but my sympathies also go out to millions of Americans who will lose their employment due to the drummed-up pandemic panic; this is one hoax that has gone too far left.

John Karkalis
3 years ago
Reply to  T Taylor

T Taylor, the quick answer about our “feeble reasoning” is YES. No amount of crapping is worth all the toilet paper purchased within the last few days
You know well the 24/7 feeding frenzy of mainstream media lives on fear, panic, ignorance.
This will pass. There will be more fatalities, but folks, living is ultimately fatal.
I agree, wash your hands, be aware of your surroundings, and keep your grubby fingers away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. They don’t belong there anyway.

Z Martin
3 years ago

Thank God we have a President who has an abundance of common sense.

John Karkalis
3 years ago

A cheerful note

I don’t think we should take anything for granted concerning the election. November is still a long way off, but I remain optimistic.
I was thinking of that glorious night of November 2016. I was watching the video from Hillary’s campaign headquarters.
The balloons were on the ceiling, the champagne was ready to be uncorked.
Everyone was smiling, laughing, and just having one h*llof a good time.
Around 9PM Cleveland time the mood began to change.
I don’t pretend to read minds but I think I’m pretty good at reading faces. I was seeing that look of, “What’s happening? What does it mean? Say it isn’t so!” Things only got better with time, until I witnessed on so many faces that universal gesture of shock, despair, and disbelief. Hands to the mouth with tears welling up.
The balloons remained on the ceiling, but the champagne remained corked.
In the old days a victorious warrior would take the scalp or the armor of his fallen foe as souvenir.
I would like to think that somewhere in Mr Trump’s office is a souvenir bottle of champagne from that night waiting to be opened on election night.
I wonder how many fellow AMAC members remember that glorious night.

Ed J
3 years ago
Reply to  John Karkalis

I heard that Trump offered Hillary 5 cents on the dollar on election night 2016 to buy all her victory fireworks! ?

John Karkalis
3 years ago
Reply to  Ed J

Man!,I would still like to have one of those corked bottles of champagne to open on election night and get smashed.

Bob L.
3 years ago

There has to be more to the “crisis” than is being revealed. The travel ban from Europe is an extreme measure given that the virus is not as big a deal according to many experts. Strange too that Trump made the announcement shortly after meeting with the international banking cartel that manipulates our markets and economy every since they took part in creating the FED in 1913. President Trump is as bad as Congress for unbridled spending of money that does not exist. Both political parties are equally guilty of the spending. Our federal government operates on fictitious digital “money” the fed creates at the request of Congress and charges taxpayers for every dollar it creates. 1920’s Germany and recently Zimbabwe are prime examples of unlimited and unbacked (by hard assets) money creation.

As for travel bans and “quarantines”, this sounds like an exercise in getting the public used to being controlled by government orders more than it is a valid reason to cancel many public gatherings of various kinds. Xi must be proud our government is beginning to follow Red China’s example of people control.

George Orwell’s “1984” is just a few decades late, but it appears to be becoming reality.

Enuf Said
3 years ago

It NEVER ceases to amaze me that Americans feel they HAVE to travel to foreign countries. There is so MUCH to be seen in America. Keep yourself in the USA-spend your monies here– HELP Americans businesses and let your children and grandchildren appreciate what a wonderful country they live in and one that has so much to offer them. I don’t care to hear at parties about your trip to Paris to ANY foreign country!! ALL Americans know that most foreigners dislike us except for ONE THING– The American green back!

3 years ago

The fake media will never be happy with anything done. They should focus on informing people the preventive measures. As well as the Liberal Politicians, they know how to cure everything.

Saul Saldana
3 years ago

Thank you Mr.President. God Bless You

j r
3 years ago

If the EU is against this, then it’s probably good for the US.

3 years ago

Too many are in panic mode and that’s costing this country, not only money but employment too! How many are now out of work cuz venues are shutting down and events being cancelled? I’m sorry but this is all panic and when it’s all over (spring is around the corner and higher temperatures will kill this virus off), the same panicked children, masquerading as adults, will move on to the next crisis to keep panic going! The SKY is NOT falling but one day when it does, cuz the boy keeps crying wolf, no one will pay attention when they really need too! I know folks who are afraid to go outside!!!! This is just getting absurd! If you are an average healthy person, this is not going to kill you! Don’t PANIC!

John Karkalis
3 years ago

I repeat myself, Patriot Will, let the Commander-in-Chief and his advisers do their job. They are tasked with keeping us safe. The naysayers stand on the sidelines and give the administration the finger. Easy to do when you bear no responsibility.
The one caveat I would offer, this is still a developing story. Of course, one day it will be history. It always is.
Even Marx, Lenin, and their acolyte,Bernie, don’t have the answer.
I was going to have a get together with some friends at a convivial pub (one that is always busy) tonight.
We temporarily called it off. Is that a panicked response or just good old common sense?
The county where I live, in Ohio, was the first to have confirmed cases of Covid19. Even so, apart from common sense measures, I refuse to cringe in a dark closet. When the hysteria loving media get to be too much? I do something constructive, like cleaning my cat, Louie’s, litter box.
It never occurred to me until just now to send Louie’s poop and pee Express mail to MSNBC and CNN.
Thanks for inspiring me, Patriot Will.

Ed J
3 years ago
Reply to  John Karkalis

If you do send Louie’s “presents” to MSNBC and CNN, send them postage due.

3 years ago

It should have been referred to as a “flu” just like swine flu and bird flu were. Then the hysteria might not be so crazy. It is still killing less than the annual flu that goes around.

3 years ago

Our President, God bless him, has a lot more brains and heart than “Chucky baby” Schumer and Nancy the “wicked witch of the west” Pelosi. If these two goof balls and the left wing loon media would take an extended spring break to China, this nation would accomplish for the American CITIZENS!!!!

Brenda Blunt
3 years ago

Prayers are needed. People need to do the right thing. Politicians need to get out of the way!!!

Martin Steed
3 years ago

IF the President discovered a cure for Cancer this afternoon, the headline in the NY Times tomorrow morning would be: “Trump puts doctors out of work!”. Just ignore the media and use common sense and unless you are already very weak, you will be fine.

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