Trump Supporters Targeted in Vicious Attacks

donald trumpfrom – Polizette – by Edumnd Kozak

In addition to a rash of violent protests from angry liberal agitators, Donald Trump’s stunning victory in the presidential election appears to have sparked a spate of attacks on his supporters.

Trump’s unexpected win seems to have triggered progressives so hard that all pretense of respectability — not to mention respect for the democratic process — has been shed, and for the first time in generations, the American Left has let its violent, totalitarian flag fly openly…

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Hen3ry H
6 years ago

The liberal left wing Dems are very much into multicultural diversity
That is until one disagrees with their statist agenda
Then all bets are off.
What a tolerant, civilized, polite bunch they are
And of course Barrack and Hillary will try to rein them
Don’t hold your breath
Go Trump Go.

David Shipp
6 years ago

Why do all these media reports of stupid people attacking indicate the attackers are “anti Trump” people. Why are they not labeled “Hillary supporters.”

6 years ago

Nothing will change in the House if QUISLING RINO RYAN is not dumped!

6 years ago
Reply to  Jarhead

Amen they should ship Ryan to democrat nation

Garry W.
6 years ago

Typical childish, stupid, lib. behavior.

6 years ago

this is what Obama wants, now he can declare martial law and never leave office., Killary is calling us deplorable, what a joke. Wait till these young people get knocked down by life they will change their minds.

R Martin
6 years ago

Why is it the D supporters are usually violent?
Why is it the D’s are the ones caught with many extra votes in the ballot box?
Why are the D’s supported by the media?
Why is it the D’s and some R’s in DC, are always saying the SS system is out of money? (The vast majority have been paying in all their lives)
Why is it the Welfare system is Never running out of money? (The vast majority have Not paid a dime into any program)
Why is it the American communist party endorsed Killary?

Why??? The D party has been hijacked by the socialist party, and the R party is close behind ( socialist party is the little brother of the communist party)

The Silent Majority has spoken this past election.

Too much to type…Done.

6 years ago

It’s a spiritual matter that puts good and evil against each other. Satan and his minions have enjoyed the last 7.5 years of running amok of society thru a Muslim President Obama; who embraced the opposite of a good moral society. The past several years, Obama allowed anarchy thru the police shootings across this country to push his agenda and use the black communities for his advancement to turn Americans against each other; so he can be our savior of law and order.He could speak out against the rioting against Trump, and how would this serve Obama is his last months in office? He has allowed fear to rule all levels of government and society. On Nov 8th, the people have spoken, Trump will be President and evil is pi**ed off and will do whatever it takes to stop this change agent from happening. This change coming is not by accident, but by design and GOD has spoken!

More or Les
6 years ago

If George Soros is funding this insurrection as is rumored, why isn’t he being investigated and, if found guilty, jailed.

More or Les
6 years ago

Simply amazing.

A few months back we were hearing that Trump would be the end of the Republican Party.

Now we are witnessing the end of the “Democratic” Party. If nothing else, the hijacking of the name.

Judy - Kalamazoo, MI
6 years ago

What a bunch of sore losers & the results of Common Core: apathy & stupidity. I’d imagine most if not all of ’em have no clue as to the History of our Nation,
what it cost to get it, keep it, improve it, etc. etc. etc. We finally got someone who will do something correct and this is the reception he gets? Sad. Conservatives
this is our possibly one & only chance to wipe out the knotheads on the other side of the aisle, including the RINOS of which one sadly got re-elected here in SW
lower Michigan…one of those multi-millionaires that just warms the seat of a chair. We could use a big dose of Patriotism, Truth, Honor, Pride, Support of our
once great Military & Police forces…dream on. I think it’d be a hoot to run every govn’t employee on a polygraph & if you fail, you’re out – forever. That’d give
good reason to start all over with the honest folk that didn’t get elected thanks to scum like Soros who bought England & now is trying to do the same here…. :(
My “instructors” are: Mark Levin, CRTV, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage (who has an excellent book out right now) & Robert Dobbney… totally awesome. Be real
WITH A KEY & A PERSON IN UNIFORM……. :)) Respectfully submitted………………………… J & Rescued/Adopted former Track Greyhounds (the kids!) :)

6 years ago

This Mamaw and my entire family agree! There have been two vandalisms to daughter’s truck on college campus because of her Trump magnetic bumper stickers…which were also stolen. Lowlife scumbags going to school on the dole and just thugs. I hope Trump lets law enforcements do their jobs and prosecute these rioters and thugs preying on innocent citizens to the fullest extent of the law. We need to nip these socialists in the bud and send them packing. Democrats, the party of lawlessness and corruption. But the good ones, oh yes there are plenty, evidently afraid to do what is right and correct their party.

Galen S.
6 years ago

It is now obvious to any intelligent Citizen that the so-called Progressive Democrats, and their associates in groups like Black Lives Matter, et al are actually nothing more than a Gang of Thugs, Thieves and generally uncivilized cry babies throwing tantrums because the day of totally free stuff is coming to an end. It is evident that the education system has been co-opted by progressive socialists intent on transforming our nation into a slave plantation ruled by the likes of an Obama, Clinton or other elitist master. We now have the chance to stand strong against the forces of enslavement to the progressive agenda espoused by the Democrat Party and their brutish response to the wishes of the American Citizens who love their country and want a return to true Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness espoused by the Founders of this Great nation. It is now time for all who love this country to stand together against the Evil vision of those haters on the political Left who desire the destruction of this free, capitalist economy and their desire to replace it with their socialist ( read slave) Utopia. God Bless America and her true citizens.

Wayne Peterkin
6 years ago

Which confirms, if one needed confirmation, the level of intelligence, character, and morality of Democrats in general and hard-core Clinton supporters in particular. The socialists have taken control of the Democratic Party. Moderates and conservatives must go elsewhere.

Tom Wilde
6 years ago

One only needs to go back through history to find that what is happening here today is exactly what the Communists and Nazis did to seize power. Yep, and another Socialist political movement – the DEMOCRAT PARTY – is doing it here.

All through Trump’s campaign the DEMOCRATS railed against Trump calling him a variety of scurrilous things including a Fascist. Then they hit the streets rioting, burning, killing and looting as well as beating political opponents just like the NAZIS did in the 1930s to seize Germany. And, just like Communists did to seize any number of countries for the past 100 years!

It’s the Globalist/Socialist/Communist/Pro-Muslim DEMOCRATS who are the real Fascists and Communists today. Labels mean nothing, their agenda and conduct say everything!

The problem is that Jimmy Carter’s DEMOCRAT Common Core has dumbed down American youth to the point that they are hopelessly ignorant of who and what they are and who and what controls them. It is disgusting beyond measure that they refuse to open their own eyes and ears to reality and steadfastly follow that glowing carrot on the end of the patently phony Free Everything stick.

If they only knew what a stifling, toxic cesspool they are walking happily into! IGNORANT FOOLS!!

6 years ago

Get socialism out of our schools, colleges and out of our country that is not who we our.

6 years ago

The “progressives” are showing the true “content of their character”. They are Socialists and they have been brainwashed by a left wing school system and Socialist/Communist rhetoric supporting news networks like CNN & MSNBC and more. If you know your history you will recognize their tactics as being reminiscent of the Bolshevik’s of Russia and Nazi’s of Germany.

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