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Trump Should Broker US-UK Trade Deal – Shock EU Leadership

trade deal

Wild things are happening in Great Britain – and they might affect average Americans. Put all this Brexit fandango to one side.  An opportunity could be emerging for the United States to negotiate a unique, once-in-a-generation trade deal with the United Kingdom.  Such a deal – negotiated ahead of Brexit – might be the missing piece, allowing conservative UK leadership to play the Trump card and escape an unyielding European Union (EU).

If this scenario played out – over the next five months – the outcome could boost imports and exports for both countries, reduce Chinese influence in the UK, accelerate stability post-Brexit jobs, and dramatically elevate revenue and jobs for US farmers, car, aircraft and computer makers, manufacturing and services.  

In short, if a US-UK deal were inked within that period, newly reasserted British freedom might be beneficial to both the US and UK.  Such a deal would reaffirm the long-standing “special relationship” America and Great Britain have had.  It all depends on the facts and political will.

Here are the key facts.

The backdrop is set.  The EU has been reluctant to allow Britons to leave on terms many Britons voted for and still want.  As the Financial Times reported last week: “Britain will remain as a member state of the EU until 31 October, with the option to leave earlier if Theresa May can secure Commons support for the Brexit deal, after a Franco-German carve-up of the UK’s future.”

In short, Britain has little leverage with the EU at the moment.  This impasse has flummoxed – and annoyed – many in the British Parliament. Successive attempts to vote their way out stumbled on uncertainties about their economic future.

EU leadership has hardly been gracious about managing the desired exit; their approach has been relentlessly unhelpful and repeatedly high-handed.  Now, after “a six-hour debate among the EU leaders” last week, they offered an extension to October.  The European Council President figuratively kicked the UK Prime Minister on the way out, adding “do not waste this time.” 

In other words, as the EU leadership sees it, Britain needs – and owes –them more than Great Britain needs or owes the EU.  But is that right? Really so?  Maybe not. 

Consider trade balances first – between the UK and Europe, and then between the EU and US, and UK and US.  This stuff matters. 

If the UK could craft a trade deal with the US that gave UK leaders the votes needed to exit, then EU antagonists might find themselves in a different position.  More, such a deal might actually strengthen the US hand in dealing with several intransigent EU members later. 

Here are numbers that matter.  The US is the UK’s top export destination, followed closely by Germany, Netherlands and France.  Certainly, with incentives that lowered prices on UK goods, Americans might buy more from the UK, less from others.  The UK sells cars, medicines, turbines, and things we need.  Why not buy more from them, less from others?

At the same time, Great Britain buys from Germany and France many cars, parts, medicines, planes, and energy.  Why not buy those commodities – and discounted services – from the US? 

Today, the UK has a negative trade balance with nearly double imports to exports.  We could help them re-balance, while helping US producers, farmers, manufacturers and service providers. If the EU wants to punish UK producers and consumers, why not craft a near-term way to fill that gap, offer proportionate advantages – and reset the dial with increased transatlantic trade with the UK?

Notably, UK trade with non-EU countries is already rising, although China is a major beneficiary.  Why not have US gain that non-EU market?  Currently, the EU sells more to the UK than the UK sells to the EU, but if the UK pivoted to the US, this might incentivize EU countries to improve trading terms with the UK also – far beyond Brexit.

Bottom line:  The UK is “caught in irons,” wanting out of the EU but not sure how to get there.  They are looking for something to break the impasse in the UK Parliament, incentivizing a majority to make this definitive move back toward uncompromised British sovereignty, escaping the increasingly arrogant and intransigent EU leadership.  A newly empowering, anticipatory US-UK trade deal might help them get over the line.

Long-term effects?  Such a deal would create new jobs, new relationships, and new revenue for US and UK businesses, lower prices for consumers and businesses in both countries, suddenly make EU leaders rethink trade treatment of both the US and UK, strengthen the “special relationship” between our countries, and prove – once again – that President Trump is ahead of the curve, helping common wage-earners and American business get ahead.

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In support of the UK and Brexit, President Trump has already encouraged trade talks between the U.S. and UK. But our “news” media, being completely saturated with anti-Trump negativity, Russian collusion, duplicate investigations, and tabloid opinion regarding the malcontents AOC and Omar, they simply have no time (or desire) to keep us informed of any progress with the UK.


It’s what I’ve said all along. If the EU sees itself as the strong arm enforcer of a globalist/communist UN then let’s see how their members in recession stricken countries will feel if they see a booming economy in thriving nation states like the UK that partner with a finally course corrected capitalist, champion of freedom U.S.A. . It is time to rid the globe of the ultimate mega big goverment centralization spectre of the likes of the UN and the EU with unelected bureaucrat apparatchiks deciding the fate of millions without any form of true representation, or electoral say in it. A U.S.-U.K. trade alliance could be a model for bolstering not only trade but freedom and republican democracies around the globe away from the encroaching agenda of globalist/communism in the form of organizations like the EU, the UN and states that seek to exploit others like China and… Read more »

William Bates

How about including England, Canada, & the USA in an open trade network based on our historical roots & strength? Something President Trump can probably broker quickly.

Jennifer K.

Being a Brit but living in the US, I think this is a brilliant proposal. How can we get this message to our President Trump?

Quam Linda

Sounds like this something Trump should do!!!

Frank S.

I say let’s cozy up with the Brits. We have far more in common with them than the rest of Europe, which clearly is dominated by their own “swamp” in Brussels. Talk about bureaucratic overreach and regulation, the Dems could take lessons from the EU. I wish all the best for the UK. On a personal note, having served in war zones with a number of European militaries, only the Brits and Aussies (and maybe Canada) were worth working with. God bless the Queen. :-)


Do it, Mr. President!!!


Better we should help the Brits, then the elite snobs that are the EU’s ruling class.


This sounds great but much prayer and intercession is required. I’ll be interceding for God’s best for all.

Big Al

Absolutely. The President seems to have a way of getting most things done without all of the preliminary lip service with but one notable exception. He should go ahead sit down and sign with Great Britain and beat the Parliament at the Dems’ game.


Germany has tried to rule the world with two wars. The EU is just their third attempt.

Bob L.

Yes, make a trade deal with the UK, individually, it would be a great step in the right direction for both countries.
The U.S. should be negotiating ALL of our trade deals, individually, without globalist trade agreements via the World Trade Organization, or any other regional agreements as well. “Blanket” agreements like NAFTA, the Transpacific trade and investment, etc include unconstitutional overrides of U.S. laws as well as our Constitution. Red China’s “most favored trading partner” status is a prime example of what’s wrong with “free” trade and has done immense damage to our industrial base while greatly building up a confirmed enemy of the United States.

Stephen Russell

Yes,why not see what UK wants & see what EU wants, deal is done??
Have reps of both in talks


The countries we deal with and sign on with should be the ones who have had our back in those bad times. I know we helped many of them even survive and my family lost many a sole to evil back when. We need no more evil! We get more support from the Brits and some EU countries than we get in our own southern hemisphere. South America has shown little respect for us especially when their economy depends on ours for them to even survive, especially Mexico. If we weren’t here they wouldn’t be! It is time for the countries we help out when things go bad for them to step up or they will lose it all!


YES!…. and the sooner the better.


The UK is pretty much a lost cause! Once they allowed the EU to take over their immigration policy, and let the Muslims take over London, it was pretty much “OVER!” Now, it would take an EPIC revolution to put a stopper in the bottle, one which the Brits are ill equipped to wage, as they let the Government take their guns away! The English Channel protected the UK for 400 years, but the EU and the “Chunnel” have managed to destroy it in one generation! VERY SAD!!!

Jo name

Send this to the president

J Maxwell

DumbRats will find something wrong with it as always.

Edgar Fletcher

Awesome idea. It would be a win-win for both the US and the UK

Beverly Necessary

I wish the AMAC would communicate this to Trump Admin. We have been there to UK let’s do it again. Thanks for listening.