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Trump Rips Biden on Afghanistan in Alabama Rally

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As President Biden faces an unprecedented international catastrophe thanks to his mismanagement of the American exit from Afghanistan, amounting to the most jarring crisis of his presidency thus far, former president Donald J. Trump was back on the road this weekend in Cullman, Alabama for a rally on Saturday night, his first since early July.

Organized in support of Congressman Mo Brooks’ (R-AL) candidacy for the U.S. Senate, the event was also the 45th president’s first visit to Alabama since the 2020 election. The state was the site of one of Trump’s first Make America Great Again rallies of the 2016 election cycle.

Upon taking the stage, Trump wasted no time in calling out the Biden administration for its calamitous first seven months: “One year ago this month, in my nomination acceptance speech,” he said, “I warned the entire country of the disastrous consequences of a Biden presidency.” He continued: “Not only have my predictions come 100 percent true, but it’s even worse than any of us could have imagined in our worst nightmares.”

After hitting President Biden for the country’s rapidly rising inflation, skyrocketing crime rates, and the Biden administration’s bungled messaging on the Covid-19 pandemic, Trump immediately pivoted to the Biden team’s forced evacuation of U.S. military forces and American citizens from Afghanistan. Trump lambasted Biden’s handling of the crisis as “a great stain on the reputation of our country” and “the greatest foreign policy humiliation in the history of the United States of America.”

Contrasting the Biden administration’s chaotic exit from Afghanistan with the Trump administration’s conditions-based withdrawal plan that would have included the removal of American citizens and military equipment before United States military forces left the country, Trump assured the crowd that our nation’s current predicament could have been easily avoided. “Biden’s botched exit in Afghanistan is the most astonishing display of gross incompetence by a nation’s leader perhaps at any time that anybody’s ever seen,” he declared. “All Joe Biden had to do was follow our plan.” “The issue here,” he added, “is not about whether to leave Afghanistan. The issue is Joe Biden’s staggering incompetence and gross negligence.”

Trump then turned to immigration, condemning Biden’s failure to stop the massive illegal migration into the United States. “In a matter of mere months, Biden has thrown our southern border wide open. When I left office, we handed the new administration the most secure border in U.S. history and they turned it into the greatest border disaster in American history, probably anywhere in the world,” Trump said. Citing Border Patrol’s apprehension of 210,000 illegal aliens in July alone, a 21-year high, Trump ripped Biden for revoking his administration’s border security policies, stating that his administration understood that “immigration security is national security.”

Prior to introducing Congressman Brooks, whom Trump has endorsed in Alabama’s upcoming Senate primary election, the former president also spoke at length about election security and the need to strengthen election integrity laws.

As next year’s midterms elections loom, President Trump has clearly maintained his immense popularity within the Republican Party—and his influence is only likely to grow. Since leaving office, he has traveled the country to support conservative candidates in upcoming House and Senate races, hoping to further unify the GOP and wrestle back control of Congress from Democrats next year. Most recently, a Trump-endorsed candidate in a House primary in Ohio’s 15th congressional district easily defeated 11 Republican rivals, many of whom had ties to the GOP establishment, demonstrating the unwaning power of a Trump endorsement. Moreover, with a laundry list of self-inflicted crises plaguing the country under Biden’s leadership, President Trump’s America First approach to policymaking seems to be more vindicated with each passing day.

President Trump has repeatedly teased the possibility of running for President for a third time, and the rumors are only likely to increase in the coming months. Whether he ultimately does so or not, his status as his party’s kingmaker remains indisputable. As the Biden agenda continues to collapse and its popularity continues to dwindle, Americans of all political stripes are beginning to miss the Trump years and are unfortunately coming to understand first-hand the radicalism of the Democrat agenda. And in the months leading up to the midterm elections, that trend is only sure to accelerate.

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1 year ago

Hey Obama this is what a real President looks, acts and sound like, perhaps you could watch and learn something since this is technically your 3rd term!

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

I watched the Trump Rally in Cullman, Alabama in it’s entirety on Saturday…40,000 plus in attendance. JRB couldn’t fill up a movie theater for a Town Hall…
The downside of the rally was listening to the empty voices of the majority of politicians that got up to speak. Case in point, Congressman Mo Brooks running for Shelby’s Senate seat. He goes on to say & I quote ” we need to forget about the 2020 election ” & concentrate on 2022 & 2024. ” he almost LOST the crowd with that ill advised statement, I might add…
Trump however was right on script & he never disappoints! Yes, he laid into Comatose Joe quite effectively especially with his total & complete Afghanistan catastrophe & the US wide open southern border…Gross incompetence was his description of JRB…I whole heartily agree with that statement.
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

I agree with President Trump’s policies…but what he said on Fox Sunday morning floored me…”When asked about the situation in Afghanistan?” “Trump answered…”Biden should not have been born”… I voted for Trump…and would vote for him again…but sometimes wonder…” What on Earth is going on in your head…who talks that way”…

1 year ago

Yes, Vote out all these Communist liberals.Take our Country Back.

R. corcoran
1 year ago

It’s up to us as Americans to get our country back working the way it should be. Get these woke c r t communist out of our country they don’t belong here they need to go Vote Vote Vote Vote !!! Of course only with ID

1 year ago

America needs a miracle to turn us back around. All the citizens who BELIEVE in our Nation MUST RISE TOGETHER, PRAY TOGETHER continually and take strong and definite ACTION, in order to REVERSE all the ATROCITIES BIDEN and his ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION have created at home and around the world by their sick and sinister political views.

1 year ago

I pray each and every day that God will turn this country back around; and the Republicans and Democrats will finally come together to end the current administration and get us back to the great country we once were!!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Brenda

It’s up the American people to turn this country back around. If everyone is just going to sit by passively and wait for God or someone else to do the heavy lifting for them, then you are in for a very long, long wait and will be sadly disappointed when you wake up one morning living in a socialist Utopia.

The Democrat party has largely been consumed by the American socialist / communists movement, that happily embraces the transformational changes being proposed and enacted by Sanders, AOC and the rest of the squad. They have NO INTEREST in changing the present course we’re on. If anything, most of the hard core left in this country complains that the Biden administration is taking too long to enact the kind of sweeping changes they want enacted.

Look at how the Democrat controlled House votes in almost complete unison for policies that fundamentally are designed to damage and permanently change our nation. Do you hear of 30, 40 or 50 percent of the Democrats in the House telling Nancy Pelosi they won’t vote for a hard left agenda? No, of course not, because they all either support the agenda or fear the hard left will primary them out of office. The Democrat voter base in this country certainly isn’t demanding that Congressional Democrats moderate their agenda. The Democrat voter base overwhelmingly supports the far left’s agenda. JFK style Democrats died a long time ago. The party belongs to the far left at this point.

Look at the Senate, where we are relying on one or two Democrat Senators, who are only holding out for a better financial deal for themselves and their families. Enough to retire with generational wealth, if elections even still exist when they are up for re-election. The rest of the Democrats in the Senate are happy to vote for any socialist legislation coming down the pike. The ONLY way for this to be stopped, before it is too late, is for the American people to say enough is enough and then push back hard and force change. If the American people don’t have the will or the stomach for that, then don’t expect you’ll be magically saved by “someone else”. This is not a metaphysical issue, but rather a political issue.

1 year ago
Reply to  Brenda

You’ll be waiting forever if you rely on someone other than US to turn the country around. It’s a fantasy to think the Republicans and the Democrats will join together to oust Biden the Braindead.

1 year ago

President Trump has usually been right on almost everything he has said. We, the American people, allowed the fraudulent election of Joe Biden to stand. That is on us. After the Supreme Court refused to even hear the Texas challenge to the ballot manipulations that occurred in the 5 key swing states, that miraculously all went for Biden in nearly identical fashion, that should have told you that the government had completely failed its people. So the consequences of what is now unfolding under the Biden administration is what happens when the American people cease to have the will to stand up and protect their rights and freedoms from those that seek to take them all away.

Yes, Biden and his administration completely mishandled Afghanistan and created a huge international crisis and endangered tens of thousands of American lives in that country. Along with all the Afghanis that assisted us, that we vowed to save when we finally exited properly. The Biden administration has created nothing but one crisis after another since taking office. Afghanistan is merely the biggest one yet. Have no fear though. There are still 1169 days until the next presidential election in 2024 and I’m sure the Biden administration will manage to create an even bigger and potentially more dangerous crisis before then.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Counting the days, are you, PaulE? After this fiasco in Afghanistan, I’ll consider this country fortunate if it hasn’t completely unraveled by then. Joe and Guakamala have made a really good start, though, right out of the gate. Awful. Tragic and awful.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kim

If the Democrats get both the bi-partisan infrastructure deal and the $6 trillion reconciliation bill passed and signed into law, the United States would cease as created. Sure we will still be called the United States, but the federal government will control virtually everything. States Rights effectively ceases. Both bills fundamentally enact wholesale socialist changes, that no future Congress or President would be about to undo. I would really be surprised if we last until the mid-terms over even the end of the this year.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

If it passes and gets signed into law, I guess maybe it would be time for states to consider withdrawing from the Union? Agree with your last sentence, I’m not holding my breath.

1 year ago

Shame on all the ignorant people who didn’t vote for Trump. This is a disaster is on your hands.

John S.
1 year ago
Reply to  Cath20

CORRECT! Trump promised to pull all the troops out of Afganistan – but he never would have actually done it. He was a smart man, the smartest we have ever had, he knew that telling us that was a good idea but that doing it would not be a good idea. He is smarter than we are. Definitely smarter than Biden

1 year ago

I can’t think of a decision Joe Hidin’ Biden has made which is not bad for our Nation’s short or long term benefit. Our only hope for a bloodless overthrow to get out Nation back is dimly looming on the horizon. I’ve said it before, “The Democrats want to RULE the Nation, not govern the Nation according to Constitutional provisions.”

1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

What is the dimly looming event you think is going to happen? If it’s the mid-terms, the country will be completely gone by then at the rate the Democrats are enacting permanent, transformational changes.

Patrick Nocero
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

It is so sad to realize that we had a coup and no one cared. All the average American cares about is the iPhone and access to Netflix.

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