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Trump Raid: A Shameful Abuse of Power


This is my take on the beginning of an early, ugly — very ugly — start of the 2024 Presidential Election cycle. If I am right, it is a shame that will hover over us for many election cycles to come. Whether you like or dislike President Donald Trump, he served in office honorably and no one can take that away from him. That is a fact.  Rather than give him the respect he deserves, the current administration seeks to defame him. Their latest attempt? Raiding President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. Joe Biden is afraid of him; he fears that Mr. Trump might easily earn another four years as president. The indicators are on his side.

Thus it is a grievous, unprecedented attack on a likely opponent that has ever been attempted by a political rival.  Biden’s use of the FBI to denigrate President Trump is a downright slimy way to run for office. The man is not only senile, he is a clear and present danger that cannot be ignored. What he did — ordering the FBI to be his accomplice — exposes the fact that either he suffers from dementia or that he deliberately used his office to disgrace Mr. Trump, Biden’s potential and powerful rival in the 2024 election. Either way he is the loser. Never has a president resorted to such chicanery, to such underhanded trickery this far in advance of a reelection campaign. He gives senior citizens a bad name.  We sixty and seventy year-olds should be ashamed of this old man’s penchant for power.

Were the optics of Biden’s DOJ and FBI raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, FL  intended to suggest that he is some sort of a criminal? As Senior Editor Matt Vespa at writes it “looked as if the Democrat-run Department of Justice had been unleashed against the top political opponent of the opposing party. Then, we learned that agents were combing the grounds for papers relating to the preservation of documents under the auspices of the National Archives. Are you kidding me? They unleashed an army of federal agents to find those 15 or so boxes that allegedly weren’t turned over after the end of the first Trump presidency. That’s rich—and pure propaganda. No one believes that.” Perhaps Biden was “unleashing the Justice Department’s full force to find something that could bar the former president from running again.”

Newsmax took to the air waves with a panel of guests to unravel the truth about what the raid was all about. Congresswoman Claudia Tenney [R-NY] was among them and she called the raid an “abuse of power…These are just like show trials; these are all about the perp walk. They don’t care if they ultimately get somebody arrested or indicted and then convicted of anything. This is about humiliating and embarrassing people to get that perp-walk effect, get the media, get everyone against the person and then it’s almost impossible for them to have any kind of trial.”

Congresswoman Tenney wasn’t the only one to express concern over the Biden FBI surprise. Note the repeated suggestion that Biden “weaponized” the Department of Justice and the FBI:

Senator Ted Cruz [R-TX]: “The FBI raiding Donald Trump is unprecedented. It is corrupt & an abuse of power. What Nixon tried to do, Biden has now implemented: The Biden Admin has fully weaponized DOJ & FBI to target their political enemies. And with 87K new IRS agents, they’re coming for YOU too.”

Ronna McDaniel, Republican National Committee chairwoman: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Countless times we have examples of Democrats flouting the law and abusing power with no recourse, including Hunter Biden.  Democrats continually weaponize the bureaucracy against Republicans. This raid is outrageous.”

Kari Lake Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate: “This is one of the darkest days in American history: the day our Government, originally created by the People, turned against us. This illegitimate, corrupt Regime hates America and has weaponized the entirety of the Federal Government to take down President Donald Trump.”

The Justice Department and FBI declined to comment, according to an ABC News report. They were speechless.

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Andrea Rentas
8 months ago

I’m scared.

Karen Knowles
9 months ago

I agree with the comments made by Kari Lake and Sen. Ted Cruz. The raid was outrageous and an extreme abuse of power.

Robin Boyd
9 months ago

More abuse from an out of control fascist regime influenced more by Socialist billionaires and Communist Chinese than by American citizens. The U.S. is under attack!

9 months ago

Utterly disgusting!!! When are they going to take care of Hunter, Hillary, Schiff, Schumer, Wray, Joey Biden, and the rest of the commies in the Dem administration


9 months ago

My take is that this is the only way the Dems get their base out to vote. They know they are headed to losing in the mid-terms as well as the next presidential election. Rile up Trump as well as those who support him on the fringes, and you end up with the same outcome and turnout as 2020. And now that some one has taken drastic action against the FBI in Cincinnati, it is playing right into their hands.

Joanne4 justice.
9 months ago

FBi and DOj are truly sinister and evil I can’t ever; ever, ever justify that stunt!
I pray that all ,and everything ,,comes toppling down for the Socialist Dems …… they deserve the WORST AND MORE -!

M. Jones
9 months ago

You must be very selective and sensitive to what you print. No matter what I’ve written has been immediately rejected. Maybe print rules for comments.

9 months ago

AG Garland was on TV about an hour ago & threw the ball back into Trump’s court. Will Trump release copy of Search Warrant or not is the question & to not release will put a shadow of guilt on Trump.

9 months ago

Jesse Watters: Live on FOX Five yesterday made statement: that: maybe FBI planted evidence during this raid as the CIA & FBI have done this before”. That is a very strong accusation only couple of days after MaraLago raid. We do not need more conspiracy theories in this country & I hope that a whole bunch of people learned from Alex Jones trial & especially when he admitted that he knew he was telling a false conspiracy on INFO Wars program. FOX needs to question Watters on his statement & I suggest to all to quit jumping to conclusions before the truth comes out on what the affidavit & Search Warrant are made of.

9 months ago

The fbi is todays liberal owned version of hitlers nazi death squads.

Joanne4 justice.
9 months ago
Reply to  Frank

That is a strong fact!

9 months ago

This was just another “check” on the left’s list.It’s all being done to prevent this good man from again holding office.Every Anerican need to get out and vote..your conscience be your guide..if you love Freedom.

9 months ago

Biden is sailing along in the direction of converting our Constitutional Democracy into a Communist Rule bit-by-bit. He has now destroyed the majority of trust of the citizenry with regard to the FBI (Feckless Biden Interlopers). Seems to me it is the present FBI personnel that need to be intrusively investigated.

Joanne4 justice.
9 months ago
Reply to  Hal

I like that new name Feckless STUPID Biden CRIMINAL INTERLOPERS !

9 months ago

IMO, the news media in general is pretty low-key in their presentation and analysis of this criminal violation of an outgoing POTUS. It is so obvious that when the next non-DemocRat POTUS takes office he/she fires ever single member of the FBI (Feckless Biden Idiots) group that was involved with this outrage.

9 months ago

Abusive? YES? IMO also criminal, not just a simple violation of Constitutional rights. The DemocRats are showing how to abuse out Constitutional governance and using this abuse to try to establish a quasi-Communist governmental citizen that they try to convince the citizenry is Constitutional. It is beginning to look like the biggest enemy of our Constitutional governance is not Russia, China, etc. It is the DemocRat Party!!!!! As I’ve said before, the dominating goal of the DemocRat Party is not to GOVERN, but instead to RULE (Commie style). Sigh … election do matter … and a rigged election can have hellacious consequences to the great majority of the citizenry.

9 months ago

If you look at everything going on in our country and our banana government you will see communism at work. It has been indoctrinated into our children in public school, the news is false and our country is becoming Godless. We need to turn to God and pray like you’ve never prayed before. Evil is rampant in our leaders.

Dave Smith
9 months ago

Why not call it like you see it? Everything about, every word and action from what I used to call the Department of Justice reminds me more and more like every single movie or documentary I’ve seen about Hitler’s SS! And you’re lying to yourself if you think this will stop with Donald Trump! He’s just the biggest threat to their power right now daring to continue standing between them and Americans!

Larry Gibson
9 months ago

Why on earth would Federal agents show up in force with rifles drawn when Trump’s residence is protected by the Secret service? Only one answer, appearance of criminality!

9 months ago

Blame Mike Pence! He caved like a deck of cards, when We The People need him to be brave and honest! Trump won Election 2020! Trump 2024!

9 months ago

I use to respect the FBI and what it was and stood for in this country! After yesterday’s raid on the president’s home I have more respect for the KGB than I do for anyone associated with the FBI or any part of our judicial system. If you work for the FBI you should consider resigning your position and distancing yourself from this shameful government agency that uses gestapo tactics against Americans!
Arm yourselves, a civil war is coming!

9 months ago

Discusting!!! Is the FBI now going to plant a document in one of the boxes that outlined the whole Jan. 6 stuff so they can once again use falsified info to put Trump away? Will they stoop to that? Sounds like the KGB to me! Discusting!!!

Nick Patriot
9 months ago
Reply to  Carol

The have revealed who they are. I believe they will plant a false document. Does any sane person believe they won’t cheat on elections? This is something you would expect in a communist country.

Amy Clouse
9 months ago
Reply to  Nick Patriot

I agree

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