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Trump Hits Communist China – Shocking US Media

trumpPresident Trump – in a May 28 press conference – pulled no punches in describing China’s dishonesty, manipulation of facts, and repression.  In terms reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s assessments of Soviet Russia, Trump questioned the communist nation’s legitimacy. He also imposed consequences for bad acts – another new idea.  Mainstream media hates this anti-China turn – as they hated Reagan’s blunt talk about the Soviet Union. Still, it is right.

The trigger – or straw that broke diplomacy’s back – was China’s crackdown on Hong Kong’s autonomy, ending terms agreed decades ago.  Among the terms were legal and political independence and universal suffrage – a promise that never materialized. Click here or here for examples.

Trump was comprehensive in fingering China.  He named violations of international law and human rights, including responsibility for COVID-19’s 350,000 deaths and 80 trillion dollars in global economic damage (see example,) violations of sovereignty, maritime and space treaties, interference with international trade routes, militarization of waterways, abuses of multilateral organizations – including the World Bank, World Trade Organization, and World health Organization – and systematic repression of individual liberties.

Factually accurate, flanked by six cabinet members, Trump’s message was clear:  Enough is enough. Communist China’s anti-international, anti-diplomatic, rogue behavior must stop. Click, here.

He then took action, including restriction of Chinese access to US capital markets, ending investment of US thrift fund resources – that is, American pensions – in China’s companies, de-coupling from the blundering, China-dominated World Health Organization (click here) imposing sanctions on officials responsible for violating human rights, and ending special privileges for Hong Kong – now that Communist China has retaken it. In short, the President decided to confront China – in a way no recent president has.

As the world wrestles with China’s COVID-19 pandemic, China has pivoted to taking advantage. As a result, President Trump called foul and is seeking global unity in opposition.

China is charging usurious interest rates on nearly $200 billion in loans to more than 60 poor countries, made possible by their borrowing of billions at low interest from the World Bank – in which the US s chief shareholder.  This while G-20 countries agreed to suspend interest on all loans to poor countries. See, here.

China has propagated threats to withhold lifesaving pharmaceuticals, shipped defective protective gear to Western countries, and delayed critical supply chains to the United States.  See here or here for examples.  

China has even ramped up interference with civilian and military shipping in international waters and patrols in international airspace, to which the US has begun responding. See, here.

Trump is stating the obvious:  For years, China boldly violated norms of national sovereignty across Asia and Africa, violated international treaties governing land, sea, air and space, ignored requirements set by multilateral institutions, stole US public and private intellectual property, personal and sensitive government information, bought influence in hundreds of US universities, and repressed human rights at home, including speech, religion, assembly, travel, due process, equal protection, unreasonable search and seizure, right to confront witnesses, political kidnapping and incarceration, cruel and unusual punishment, lack of appeals, and denial of personal liberties from privacy and reputation to loss of life.

China has been unapologetic, and – since communist-run – atheist and aggressive. They have assumed the posture of a button-down government, all the while coercing Western companies, stealing intellectual property, hacking public and private databases, offering dependence for cheap labor, plentiful communist capital, and promises of a one-day consumer market.

China accommodated efforts by a vice president on an official trip to facilitate meetings for his son, who emerged with a multi-billion-dollar deal – and had national security implications. See, here.

Reality is that China has gotten away with too much for too long. This American president is the first to say, enough!  He wants accountability.  Unlike predecessors, he is exacting consequences from China – overtly linking “private” companies with the State, banning Chinese front operations from influence in US universities, scrutinizing educational contributions, tying leaders to illegal actions, and challenging unchallenged Chinese affronts to security and trade.

Perhaps the most under-reported fact is the media’s shock at Trump’s candor – and willingness to impose consequences on this Communist country. Not only has the media forgotten Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal, they are sufficiently anti-Trump to carry China’s political water.

Accordingly, mainstream outlets give more ink to what China thinks than to Trump’s reasoning on the Chinese illegalities – including e damage inflicted on global health, safety, and security. Reuters says China “bristles” at Trump, the New York Times reports China’s “defiance” of Trump, and the Washington Post says “China vows to ‘smash’ any Taiwan Independence move.”  The same media scorched Trump for dropping flights with China early in the coronavirus. See here.  Current reporting omits past media errors and pro-China bias.

Bottom line: American foreign policy for decades indulged China, overlooking egregious violations of human rights, international law, global security protocols, economic and political overreach. We pursued a strategy of hope – but hope is not a strategy.

Western leaders imagined giving leeway to Chinese communism – encouraging economic development and overlooking illegalities – would incentivize freedom. It did not. Slow-motion appeasement empowered Chinese communism – making fools of those who thought China would never bite a hand that fed it. Bite hard it has – and hard. Consequences must follow.  Some in the media never learn, but China must. Reagan, in time, showed Soviet illegitimacy.  Trump is doing that with China.

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2 months ago

I expect that in the 2020 US Presidential election, China will pour billions into defeating Trump and also into Democrat party coffers to wrest control of US SENATE away from the Republicans . Be alert America, you are going be bombarded with leftist TV ads, newspaper columns, biased coverage by the major legacy networks, and various labor union sources.

Gram Cracker
2 months ago

Another insightful essay, Mr. Charles. Thank you! To believe that not addressing sin/wrong/evil will make it melt away has been the deceiver’s ploy throughout civilization. Just ignore it and it will go away. But it never did, and many of us still have not learned that lesson. Thankfully, we have a President who can see the big picture and think through to long-term outcomes.
(Side note: Voting in the primaries today in PA was an experience)!

2 months ago

Hooray!! Let’s get out of China. We don’t need them, they need us!! Bring American businesses home where they belong.

John A. Fallon
2 months ago

The demonrats are helping china to overthrow the free world and enslave ALL AMERICANS, they would sell thier own mothers to get MORE MONEY!!! that is all they care about, its amazing all how many STUPID PEOPLE thier are in the socialist/demon party that embrace thier own destruction, GOD HELP US AND PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

Burton Pauly
2 months ago

Thank God for this president calling out China. All nations who deal with them needs to back the Potus up. It is high time that China answer for their duplicity. Sic-em Mr. President.

Phil Hammersley
2 months ago

Trump is spot-on as usual! First president in ages to tell the truth about other countries. Biden and the US Chamber of Commerce and others profiting from “globalism” are busy working against our president!

2 months ago


Liberalism is EVIL.
2 months ago


Can you imagine the state of the world if Hillary was POTUS!?

4 more years!

We can take back our nation from these devils!

2 months ago

You go Mr. President! Socialism/communism is evil, and inhumane. Communist China is no different from Hitler’s National Socialist Germany, or Stalin’s Soviet Union of Russia. China has been fighting a “total war” as the Nazis called it, or “unrestricted warfare” as the Chinese communists call it against us for decades. About time we cut ties, and eliminate their ability to steal, or buy our technology to use it against us. Soviet Chairman Krushchev once told Kennedy that he believed that we will sell the communists the rope with which they’ll hang us: looks like Mr. Jinping will have to learn… Read more »

Joe Bee
2 months ago

It is about time that someone stood up against China w never change unless they are forced to change. God help our President and our country of the U.S.A. gives in to China again. Thank You President Trump!and Joe

2 months ago

I thank God every day that President Trump is our president at this time. We need to get our medicine manufacturing away from China ASAP. If the Chinese would poison dog food they wouldn’t think twice of doing the same to their enemies. I read we don’t even make an antibiotic in the US these days. How did we let our politicians do this to our country. I don’t care if I have to pay more as I want things made in the US. Perhaps the unions need to give a little in wages to help bring these products back… Read more »

Kevin Pugh
2 months ago

An inspiring take on Trump!

2 months ago

Are we ready for war? And is all this just a Soros/globalist set up for NWO? Why is he untouchable? Begs the question of who is running the larger show.

2 months ago

I LOVE our President! A real man of action

2 months ago

Let us hope that other free nations have the cojones to speak up too; it can’t be done by the USA alone!

2 months ago

China is a monster and it’s been long over do!

Jean H.
2 months ago

AMAC reports what’s really going on. I didn’t know how in tune AMAC was before I subscribed and now I find myself cheering for them to keep going!

Sally Duncan
2 months ago

Well-said! Our President has the spine, as did Reagan, to go against China. I believe he is one if the greatest presidents, if not THE greatest president we have ever had. I fully support his efforts and the mainstream media can go suck an egg!

Ed J
2 months ago

FINALLY! A breath of fresh air. Thank you, President Trump, for calling out the Chinese Communists for their predatory behaviors. Let’s hope the Demsheviks and lamestream media don’t go farther left to become the continuing “water carriers” for the Chicoms, but get on board (probably begrudgingly) to truly strengthen our nation as we move forward. Time to start hitting the Chicoms where it hurts – in the pocket book. Let’s hope that repatriation of the manufacturing of our prescription medications back to the USA is only the tip of the iceberg. The USA should rapidly disengage its “business arrangements” with… Read more »

Judy Cole
2 months ago

Super and I encourage President Trump to continue and make it rough for the country of China!

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