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Trump Ends Obama-era War on Coal; Scraps Clean Power Plan and Puts a New Focus on a Valuable Resource, says AMAC

‘President Trump has kept another campaign promise—one that will have a positive impact throughout the country, particularly on the lives of our senior citizens’

WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 13 – “The ‘climate changers’ came out in full force when the EPA announced earlier this week that it was ending the Obama-era war on coal by scrapping Mr. Obama’s Clean Power Plan. But, America has the world’s largest reserves of coal—an asset that should not be dismissed out of hand for a variety of reasons, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].

Weber says that extreme restrictions on the use of coal to generate electricity “acted like a national energy tax. They minimized the positive impact of our lowest cost and most affordable electricity, much to the dismay of senior citizens, in particular. As it is, too many of them struggle to heat their homes in winter and cool them in summer. And then there is the effect these regulations have had on our economy, including the loss of countless jobs throughout America’s coal mining regions, and the devastating impact they have had on whole communities.”

As for the potential threat to the environment, the AMAC chief says carbon capture technology may hold the key to the ability of coal-fired plants to burn the fuel in a clean and efficient manner. The cost of implementing the technology has so far been prohibitive but the Associated Press reported recently that projects already underway are aiming to reduce the cost from $100 per metric ton to $40.

Weber says that if the purpose of the Obama Administration’s war on coal was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it was wide of the mark. According to Michael Oppenheimer, a professor of geosciences and international affairs at Princeton University, told Scientific American that “marginal cuts by the U.S. don’t have a long-term overall big effect on the climate. What has to happen to have a big effect on the global climate is for all the big emitters to get together and decide that they are all going to cut some substantial fraction [of emissions].”

Reducing emissions from “just coal-powered electricity, and in just one country” won’t do the trick,” Oppenheimer said.

Jim Matheson, chief executive of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, says that the Trump Administration’s decision to overturn the Clean Power Plan rule will allow providers to offer affordable electricity to its customers.

“President Trump has kept another campaign promise—one that will have a positive impact throughout the country, particularly on the lives of our senior citizens,” says Weber.

The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members. We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today. Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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The Liberal loonies are going berserk that President Trump is spitting in the face of the Communist Muslim and his One World, Global Climate Change policy that would have eventually brought America into third world status to level the playing field with his beloved third world Muslim countries. Obama did his best to destroy America. Whether it be our economy, our military, our middle class, our Christian heritage, Capitalism, our individual liberties, our justice system, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our borders and nation’s sovereignty, Obama and his Communist cronies ignored existing law and did everything possible to undermine and destroy America! … I may not agree or even wanted Trump as my Party’s candidate, but I now believe he is the ONLY person as President capable of saving this country at this crucial time in our history. Because he is independently wealthy, he doesn’t give one iota what… Read more »

Bill Thompson

Finally, an acknowledgement that President Trump is doing what he promised to do and what we who voted for him asked him to accomplish.


Certainly getting rid of unworkable and policies that are a detriment is a good thing. Trump is doing what he said he would do. That is why we and i voted for him. That being said, yes, we are the saudi arabia of coal. Will coal make a complete comeback? I dot think so but it is a major part of our energy in this country and a major commodity to be exported. Certainly the technology exists to reduce coal emissions which truth be told are not out of control as the left constantly claims but we all are stewards of our planet and so diligence is warranted to not foul our nests. A wonderful side benefit is watching the left become apoplectic over this and many other things. They seem to be okay with subjugation but not okay with freedom. They fail to realize that burdensome restrictions are a… Read more »

Mike T

MR Michael Oppenheimer’s remarks ignore the fact that global climate change is a lie. It is not merely a matter of whether one country or all countries reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions. The issue is the entire subject is a lie fabricated by NWO global cabal called The Club of Rome. In the mid 1970’s they wrote a propaganda piece called the First Global Revolution in which they admit they were searching for an issue they could use to manipulate the “ignorant” masses (their term). In it they decided that global warming was that issue and have consistently worked to fabricate a case so they could do what they wanted which was to subjugate the world to their perverse vision. As long as phony scientists like Oppenheimer do not openly call out the NWO globalists for the liars they are, any discussion of the false issue of “climate change” allows… Read more »


Not only will this impact coal miners and electricity providers, but also the railroad industry and its hundreds of thousands employees and their families. Coal is the railroad’s number one client and the restrictions were severely hurting railroads.

Martin Steed

Folks, the ONLY reason Obama did anything was to try to bring down the USA. He did and still does hate this country, as do many of his followers and supporters. Trump, on the other hand, loves this country. You may not like his methods, nor his frank comments, nor his brash style, but you cannot question his patriotism and love of country. He is the only one of ALL the candidates that ran who could call out congress for not doing their job. That’s why they are all squeeling. Think of this: A congresscritter or senator who votes against a policy or program that is good for the country and the people because Trump said something that hurt his feelings or pissed him off??? Stand up Senator McCain, and take a bow.

Tom Wilde

The really sad part of Obama’s assault on the coal mining industry is that even while he was destroying them and their livelihood, they were still voting Democrat. It wasn’t until the damage was nearly irreparable that they woke up and turned on their Globalist/Communist Bosses. THAT says a lot about what is happening in this country. The same thing is happening in the iron mining region of Minnesota. The Democrats are busy destroying iron ore/taconite mining and working 24/7 to prevent any new sources of mineral mining to be exploited. Have the life long Democrats awakened yet? Well, in the November 2016 election the incumbent US Congressman, Rik Nolan, won his seat by less than a 1/2 of 1% margin. That margin is usually 25% or more! Around here that victory margin is remarkable! So okay, some people are waking up. But is it enough and is it already… Read more »

James H. Rust

Trump’s success on energy policy is shown by the stock markets reaction of Dow Jones Industrial going from 18,000 to 22,800.

Carbon dioxide is not pollution; but a gas that makes plants larger, have bigger root systems and decreased leaf stomata which makes plants more drought resistant. This has caused crop yields to increase the past 50 years so the planet has no problems feeding an increasing population of 2.5 billion in 1950 to 7.3 billion today. We should not make any effort to capture carbon dioxide because it is a valuable resource necessary for our survival.

Gary K

I truely believe President Trump would benefit from a little “charm school” training similar to what all military General Officer selectees receive. However, as far as his focus, ideas, and delivery on promises to the American people he is the best! If he can build a cadre of staff who can equally support him and deliver for him, I believe we will truely see genuine change in DC (aka draining the swamp.)


Thank you president Trump! The coal usage is just ONE of the reasons I voted for you! I find it hard to believe that today’s minimal coal usage could be polluting as much as the coal usage of the early 20th Century when nearly everything ran on coal, and that didn’t seem to affect our climate! It was just a stupid item on Obama’s agenda. Typical liberal thinking. Get something going to get votes no matter what the cost.

Jimmy Perkins

It was a very good thing to do it will create a few 100000’s of jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign energy

Ken Dahl

It’s time to get primary candidates for every establishment Republican. Steve Bannon is the man to do it. We also need to find strong candidates to run against the obstructionists Democratic candidates. This is the time we the people take our country back. They’ve ignored us too long. We have had enough. Let the voting begin. Ken

Pete M

Forget what Oppenheimer says. Even if ALL nations dramatically cut their coal-powered emissions, the effect on climate change would be negligible or zero! The only reason to cut emissions would therefore be for health benefits alone.

Lincoln Sorensen

I am a Vietnam vet, U S Navy 1959-1963. Until November of 2016 I hadn’t bothered to vote federally or locally since Reagan. All candidates are selected by and bought by the establishment of both parties. I happened to click on You Tube the 2013 Prayer breakfast speech by Dr. Ben Carson. Finally, someone who has ideas that actually are thought out and would be beneficial to america. I was invigorated and my first thought was hoping he might retire and run for president. He did and when he topped the polls, the media showed him he would never be allowed to be elected. That left candidate Trump as the last “outsider” running. I recognized that he had the moxie to survive the media, the corrupt media and the corrupt establishment of both parties. So far that has held true. He not only has few allies, he has many obstructionists… Read more »


Well stated in the previous posts; what fun it is to watch those who only abide by what lobbyists tell them to do turn purple from not being able to breathe. By the way CO2 is nearly at an all time low in our atmosphere. It has been above 4000 PPM in previous history, today around 400PPM


American coal production is the cleanest in the world. Wind turbines do not run simply because air pushes the propellers – it takes electricity to start them , to keep them going when the wind dies down and to run the electronic grid that takes energy to the collection point. Without an electric energy source the wind turbines are useless. Coal supplies 80% of the energy for electricity. Solar panels are nice, but in places like Alaska, Canada and States as far north as Montana and N. Dakota there are many days that have little or no sun. Again, electricity counts on coal to cover the gap. Trump did not scrap the clean power plan, he scrapped the clean power LIES, kept what works because he is a businessman, and did not allow the Paris Climate Treaty to rob Americans of jobs, to regulate the American Energy Industry, to give… Read more »


Good for heat costs, yes. Not so good for smog. We need the power companies to stop building 300′ high chimneys – to let the pollution go where the wind blows. In that case, solar & wind is needed.


Trumps reversal wont have any effect for reasons few are talking about, namely economic and market forces greater than any government policy change. The climate change Chicken Littles want sweeping industry limiting solutions for a non existent problem to come from big brother. The energy industry just wants to do business profitably. Coal fired energy plants have had available technology that can make burning coal as clean as natural gas. But even without the costly installation of these scrubbers, natural gas has been cheaper than coal on the free market for years. It isn’t just a temporary market fluctuation to wait out. Trump is making the same mistake that the previous occupant of the White house made. Government attempts to manipulate industries and make the free market less free don’t end well. What would the energy industry do without these government mandates, incentives, extra taxes, penalties? They would seek the… Read more »