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Trump Ends Impasse – Full Speed Ahead!

trump“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” Those famous words, spoken by US Navy Admiral David Farragut on his way to winning the Battle of Mobile Bay, might as well have come from President Trump this past weekend.

Trump has pressed Congress to compromise – for months – on a combination of personal and corporate relief for struggling Americans.  His negotiators worked week on week – to no effect.

On the House side, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) thought she had him over a barrel. She got her leftist caucus to pass a massive $3.5 trillion bill.  Disingenuously, she called it the “HEROES” act, another feckless Washington acronym, that fooled no one. It reeks of unfunded giveaways, inducements to dependence on government, in a word, socialism.

Ironically, the name was “to honor those on the front lines,” even as Democrats pressed defunding the police, which endangers everyone from state and local police to first responders and those trying to manage social unrest in the health, transit, and other sectors.

Beyond extending the $600 a week federal top-up of state unemployment benefits, which disincentivizes return to work, Pelosi used the bill to bail out bankrupt public unions in Democrat-led states, give up to $6000 to families, expand Obamacare, pay mortgages and rents, increase federal entitlements like “SNAP” (food stamps), and pre-set mail-in federal elections.

The 1,800-page Pelosi bill ramped up Post Office spending, underwrote a vote-by-mail campaign and same day registrations, textbook for mismanagement and fraud – as evidenced by Democrat primaries.  To this, she added senseless, indefensible spending. On whose nickel?  Yours.

President Trump issued a veto threat, explaining the bill amounted to a “longstanding partisan and ideological wish list.” Senator McConnell (R-Ky) called it “unsalvageable,” filled with “absurdities.” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pelosi-tries-to-rally-support-for-3t-coronavirus-relief-bill-in-face-of-veto-threat-gop-ridicule.

Pelosi ignored the Republicans.  In fine Washington tradition, she pushed for everything – causing her caucus and Senate Democrats to crater everything.  She and Senate Democrats blocked compromise on stimulus, while stiff-arming black Republican Senator Tim Scott’s (R-SC) attempt to secure a thoughtful police transparency bill.  In short, dead and dead.

Pelosi and Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) thought they had Republicans – and President Trump – in a corner. They would get Trump to fold, win their goodies, advance socialism, dependence, and debt – or blame Trump for no stimulus and a wobbly economy.

Trump tried – he really did.  He worked on a compromise for weeks, sent Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin, and half the Administration looking for light.  But there was no light to be found or joy to be had.  The Democrats refused compromise.

In truth, they had no interest.  Pelosi doubled down, saying she would not put a price tag on the bill, then said Republicans did not “give a damn” about those in need, and flayed an NPR reporter who dared ask why she could not compromise, as Republicans were being “flexible.”

No, like her arrogant, intransigent, take-it-or-leave-it, socialist House caucus, Pelosi gave no quarter.  She was happy to launch torpedoes, create a minefield that worked against the American people – if it would also impair the President.  Her bloated stimulus package was a campaign document, never had a chance of passage.

So, what did President Trump do? After trying – with his top-tier negotiating team – to reach sensible compromise, he said “enough.” On August 8, he signed four executive actions into law.  They will lift the economy, help taxpayers and businesses, save trillions in what would have been mass overspending – and give a firm “no” to Pelosi’s socialism.

Specifically, the four executive actions – which may be challenged, but to no end – will “extend unemployment benefits, suspend payroll taxes, and offer federal eviction and student loan relief,” while setting the stage for compromise on side issues.  Call it, “art of the deal.”

As a result, “enhanced unemployment benefits” will continue at $400 per week, not the work-killing $600 dollars a week.  States are authorized to cover 25 percent of that, from previously awarded federal aid.  This will be a lifeline for some, help others return to work, and bridge the gap to recovery.  Notably, the economy unexpectedly created 1.8 million new jobs in July.

Second, Trump directed Treasury “to allow employers to defer payment of employee-side Social Security payroll taxes through the end of 2020,” for those earning below $100,000. Third, he authorized forgiveness of deferred payroll taxes, and pledged to make permanent “payroll tax cuts” if reelected.  Finally, responding to public urgency, he froze evictions from federal housing and “paused” student loan payments through yearend. See,  https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/511186-trump-signs-orders-on-unemployment-benefits-payroll-tax-after-talks

So, what just happened – in practical, economic, and political terms?  In practical terms, the President tried in good faith to reach compromise, demonstrating again that deals can only be made when both sides act in good faith – and congressional Democrats had no interest.

In practical terms too, Trump saved millions of individuals and families, small businesses, those in federal housing and struggling students continued stress.  He offered real relief – because that is what they needed.  He showed, when push comes to shove, he cares about people – not games.

In economic terms, even if challenged, the move is a shot in the arm for America’s economy – in two ways.  First, people will have a backstop, less worry, with more seeking jobs, finding work, spending, and creating jobs with new consumption. Second, by forestalling more federal debt – Trump gave the Federal Reserve and future generations less to fret.

In political terms, Trump took the initiative, showed leadership. Some will say that was bold, but Trump is Trump.  Trump’s patience – with dissembling Democrats, who impeach and implore, pretend they are for the front lines but defund police, pass “unsalvageable” bills – ran short.

If Pelosi and Schumer want to play games and lay mines, let their anti-Trump animus run wild, so be it.  Trump will keep getting things done.  In a nod to Admiral Farragut and the Battle of Mobile Bay, President Trump seemed to say: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

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Paul W
1 month ago

Now sit back and watch as the moronic dims fight him on this tooth and nail. They despise the thought of A) Allowing him a victory that benefits American citizens and B) Helps struggling Americans without the encumbrance of a $3,000,000,000,000 bill heaped full of leftist pork. Well done Mr. President.

Sandra Davis
1 month ago

A true leader! Well done President Trump! Thank you!

Joseph Harrington
1 month ago

This president is all about the good of the country and the working people, and getting things done. The dems are not. There has never been such a distinction between candidates in the next election. God bless President Trump.

Joe McHugh
1 month ago

The Democrat attempted coup, (the Russian collusion frame up), failed. Now the Democrats are openly working to crush the economy as a way to defeat President Trump.

I’ll say it right now, the Democrat Party has become a front for Marxism, and the people who support it are unworthy to be citizens of the wonderful country that the Founding Fathers bequeathed to all of us. Political opposition is one thing, outright sabotage of the economy is quiet another.

Most politicians are somewhat despicable, the Democrat ones are worse, they are enemies of the Bill of Rights.

1 month ago

Excellent article. I am so proud of Trump. We should be able to fire these traitors. We need term limits for sure. I am so sick of Pelosi and Schummer and their BS. They think they will get everything they want with socialism and the rest of the American people will get nothing but misery. They should be thrown out on their you know what. Enough as Trump has said. It is absolutely ridiculous and amounts to sedition. No excuse for such behavior.

1 month ago

Thank you President Trump!

Gary Bellmore
1 month ago

As my wife and I watch this debacle unfolding and running rampant before us, we thought of “Nero fiddled while Rome burned”….same thing happening with the Democrats watching America burn.

Morty Tupperman
1 month ago

What Trump did is characteristic. Yet, it is precisely what the otherwise feckless Barack Hussein Obama would have done had the shoe been on the other foot. Pelosi, Schumer and their Merry Pranksters have been,,,well…”Trumped”.

Kandy Chisholm
1 month ago

AMAC the conservative alternative to Aarp!

1 month ago

That is awesome President Trump, keep doing what you’re doing for ALL Americans to keep America from turning into a Socialist State. God bless Pres. Trump and God bless America

1 month ago

Plain to see why the Democrats want to dump Trump! He doesn’t play their childish games. Because of the Dems continued antics, they will find they are being dumped not President Trump.

Carolyn Mercer
1 month ago

I am so proud of our President. May God Bless him , lead & guide him. Keep a hedge of protection around him. America pray for this man because he is up against so much evil.

1 month ago

That President Trump continues to find ways to circumvent the obstructionist Democrats, who if we are to be completely honest don’t care one bit about the American people they claim to care so much about, is yet another example of why we need to stop electing career politicians going forward. What we’re seeing is the difference between how a decisive, intelligent business leader addresses impediments laid out to solving a problem versus how your typical, weak-kneed career politician would have reacted to the extortion demands of the left. Any other President would have either capitulated to the insane demands of… Read more »

S Lynn Cooper
1 month ago

Some how this needs to spread to all the uninformed watching and supporting the left and the socialism. Praying for America and sending blessings to our President.

1 month ago

Executive orders I believe are not constitutionality granted in this state matter, but being a Michigan resident with a socialist governor, I would rather close my ears then plug my nose . Full steam ahead, Mr. President ! 🙉

1 month ago

The Democrats show, once again, that they are the Enemy of the American People. Make no mistake about it, Democrats are Communist at heart, their front groups, BLM, Antifa, KKK, all Soros organizations want to plunge us into a Civil War & a thousand years of Darkness. The Dems are Evil personified & MUST be cast out of every public office from the Town Hall to DC, if not, the Constitution is toast!

Ruth Pierce
1 month ago

Once again President Trump is showing true leadership. He totally knows how to get things done! That’s the reason I voted for him in 2016; I will vote for him this November. Great article, AMAC!

1 month ago

If the democrats try to take the emergency executive orders to court, when the emergency is obvious to so many voters, they will look bad (again). My guess is that they thought they had him cornered and will find out November 3, they are marching down the street with no clothes.

1 month ago

Leaders act, dissemblers just talk. We elected a leader. We love that guy!

Sharon Harrigan
1 month ago

Our God has a plan and a purpose and He is in control. Take heart, trust Him. He will see us through this time of crisis!

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