Trump Closes PLO office in Washington DC

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Heather Nauert
Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
September 10, 2018

The Administration has determined after careful review that the office of the General Delegation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Washington should close. We have permitted the PLO office to conduct operations that support the objective of achieving a lasting, comprehensive peace between Israelis and the Palestinians since the expiration of a previous waiver in November 2017. However, the PLO has not taken steps to advance the start of direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel. To the contrary, PLO leadership has condemned a U.S. peace plan they have not yet seen and refused to engage with the U.S. government with respect to peace efforts and otherwise. As such, and reflecting Congressional concerns, the Administration has decided that the PLO office in Washington will close at this point. This decision is also consistent with Administration and Congressional concerns with Palestinian attempts to prompt an investigation of Israel by the International Criminal Court.

The United States continues to believe that direct negotiations between the two parties are the only way forward. This action should not be exploited by those who seek to act as spoilers to distract from the imperative of reaching a peace agreement. We are not retreating from our efforts to achieve a lasting and comprehensive peace.

Reprinted with permission from – State.gov – by Heather Nauert

A Brief History of PLO

13 Arab nations pledged to take a more active role for the “liberation of Palestine.” Since that time it has declared itself the representative of the Palestinian people and their nationalist aspirations. The PLO has operated primarily as an umbrella organization for six Palestinian groups, most prominently, Yasser Arafat’s Fatah group. In 1969, Arafat was elected PLO Chairman, and Fatah became the dominant party in the PLO.

The guiding ideology of the PLO was outlined in the Palestine National Charter or Covenant, which was adopted at its founding in 1964 and amended in 1968. The Charter functioned as the PLO’s constitution, and contained 33 articles calling for the destruction of the State of Israel.

In June 1974 the PLO adopted its “Phased Program” which declared “Any liberation step that is achieved constitutes a step for continuing to achieve the PLO strategy for the establishment of the Palestinian democratic state…to pave the way for completing the liberation of all Palestinian soil.”

The PLO was responsible for scores of acts of terrorism from its creation, resulting in the deaths of thousands of civilians. Among the infamous attacks conducted by the PLO are: the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games; the killing of 21 schoolchildren at Ma’alot in 1974; the death of 35 people and wounding of 85 in an attack on Israeli tourist buses along the Haifa-Tel Aviv coastal highway in 1978; the hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985 and the murder of disabled American Jewish passenger Leon Klinghoffer. The PLO also launched terrorist and guerrilla attacks against Israel from Jordan — until they were ousted by King Hussein in September 1972 — and from Lebanon — until they were ousted by Israel in 1982.

In 1988 in Geneva, Arafat announced that he would accept the existence of the State of Israel, renounce terrorism, and accept U.N. resolutions 242 and 338. Despite this declaration, the PLO continued terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Following secret negotiations with Israel in Oslo, on September 9, 1993, Arafat sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin recognizing Israel’s right to exist, renouncing terrorism, and pledging to remove clauses in the Palestine National Charter calling for the destruction of Israel. In return, Israel recognized the PLO as the “official representative” of the Palestinian people and began formal negotiations with the PLO. The Charter was revised in a vote by the Palestinian Authority Parliament in the presence of U.S. President Bill Clinton in December 1998. However, the original Charter is still featured on some Palestinian Authority web sites.

Today, the PLO continues to exist; however, most of its leaders have now become top Fatah officials in the Palestinian Authority. Fatah-related militia groups, such as the Tanzim, Force 17 and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade played a leading role in Palestinian violence during the Second Intifada, including suicide terrorist attacks, ambushes, and shootings of Israeli vehicles and facilities.

With the death of Arafat in November 2004, Mahmoud Abbas, a long-time secretary general of the PLO, became the new Chairman of the PLO and was subsequently elected President of the Palestinian Authority.

From www.adl.org

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The PLO and all of their subsidiaries are not now, nor have they ever been interested in pursuing, much less achieving, any form of peace with Israel. They have made this abundantly clear in all of their language, documents and actions since and even before their official inception.

The Palestinians singular and only goal is now, and has always been, the complete destruction of the nation Israel and the Jewish people. This fact is abundantly clear as they have proven, over and over again, that they will agree to just about anything as long as it will move them closer to this goal.

Anyone who will not bring themselves to acknowledge these facts are simply part of the problem.

I say Good for Trump! As usual, he puts his finger on the real issue here.

Wayne A. Sluiter

Long long over due, thank you President Trump. I agree, the Palestinians singular and only goal is now, and has always been, the complete destruction of the nation Israel and the Jewish people, I will add destruction of America and her people too. It is time people to wake up to this fact.

Peter Cazzolla

God Bless our President Trump. Everyday he makes decisions that go counter to political correctness and the international political game that no president prior to him had the fortitude and courage to make. Also everyday, because of his objective analysis and decision making, he annoys and scares all who are part of the political ” Ping Pong” game where no one wants to score the needed points to win, with pragmatism and common sense. . The National and International political fraud committed by political elites and establishment are being exposed for what they are. I pray that my fellow citizens get interested enough to understand, with common sense and open minds, how they are being duped and manipulated by the errant policies and ways of the Democrats and “Progressive ” world leaders and by the propagandizing of their ideology by the major media. Yes, we need to pray hard for… Read more »


Why give our support and tax monies to the palestinian slackers who are nothing more than professional agitators for terrorist associates????


How about kicking out the UN, too?!!!


Good for Pres. Trump. He’s smart and brave. God bless.

Dolores Aams

How can. you object to a new peace plan when they won’t even look at it? Glad our president is going to close the PLO office.

Paul W

Buh-bye…don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.


Closing is great news.

Martin Steed

Arafat was offered everything he had asked for during the Clinton administration. He turned it down. IF they accept peace, they would lose all the money that everybody keeps pouring in to help the “refugees”. That money never quite makes it to the “refugees”, except in the form of a rocket or a grenade or perhaps a suicide bomb vest. Peace would break out tomorrow IF the “Palistinians” would just stop trying to kill Jews.


we also need to shut down cair. it is a muslim brotherhood front

Andrea Bell

Good move! Thank you, President Trump!

Andrea Bell

Good mov

J. H.

Genesis 16:12

michael failla

Long overdue…kick da bums out!


Oh, I forgot to say….this is the 21 Century…come on, grow up, aready!