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Trump Campaign Focuses on Exposing Socialism

Trump campaign focus socialismPresident Donald Trump’s reelection campaign will focus on exposing a dramatic shift toward socialism among the Democratic candidates while spotlighting the successes of the president’s administration, Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary for the Trump 2020 campaign, told The Epoch Times.

McEnany said it would have been unimaginable a decade ago for Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, to push for the radical proposals embraced by every major Democratic contender for the 2020 election.

“Every single member of the 2020 Democratic field will emerge with the scourge of socialism attached to them. They all want government takeover of health care, of energy, and with the Green New Deal. They want these radical proposals,” she said.

According to McEnany, the campaign didn’t plan to take on socialism, but is making the adjustment given that the majority of the Democratic field has embraced the ideology.

“We thought that debate ended in the 1980s. We thought it ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but here we are today with Democrats wanting to take us the way of Venezuela,” she said. “So we’re all very keenly focused on socialism—every single one of us in the campaign.”

Of the eight Democratic presidential candidates who have officially declared their intention to run and are polling at 1 percent or more, seven support the socialist Medicare for All and Green New Deal policies. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) is the exception among them, although even she has co-sponsored the Medicare for All bill and views the Green New Deal as a key long-term goal.

“We’re going to expose it,” McEnany said. “You know, the facts don’t lie. Bernie Sanders back in 2013 and back when he was proposing legislation on single-payer health care, he had zero cosponsors. Now he has virtually the entirety of the Democratic field.

“Same for free college and all of these socialists proposals that would cost our economy tens of trillions of dollars, raise everyone’s taxes, completely explode our debt.

“This is socialism—it’s wrecked economies, it’s destroyed personal freedoms, and now it’s amazing to me that on a Democratic debate stage you are going to hear the word socialism.”

Only 18 percent of Americans view socialism in a positive light. While polling data for Medicare for All suggests that Americans support it, the approval rating drops significantly when the policy is described as “socialized medicine” or if respondents learn that the policy will result in tax increases and the elimination of private health insurance.

Support for socialism is highest among the younger voters. McEnany believes this is because the millennial generation was excluded from the economy during the Obama years.

“My peers—I’m a millennial—my peers couldn’t find jobs, they couldn’t find well-paying jobs, certainly couldn’t find a use for their college degrees,” McEnany said, adding that the trend is changing under Trump.

“Finally what we’re seeing is that millennials are having access to the job market, finding jobs, being able to leave their parents’ homes, being able to no longer delay life decisions like marriage and having kids,” she said. “So millennials had it tough. And now, finally, they’re getting opportunity thanks to President Trump.”

The campaign will take the message of the administration’s success to the social media platforms where millennials spend much of their time, including Facebook and Twitter.

“We do think that some millennials will come around and say, ‘Hey, yeah, I’m way better off today than I was four years ago. And that means I’ve got to vote for President Trump,’” McEnany said.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Ivan Pentchoukov

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Two things: first, when many of us were entering the job market in the seventies, the economy wasn’t doing well either. We shifted gears, with quite a few, yours truly incl, entering the trades, dirty hands and all. These kids had that option too. Had they taken that option, how many fewer south of the border types wouldve come to take those jobs? Second, one of my nephews graduated with a finance degree from a great college in 09. He did what we did. He mowed lawns and even worked with me in hard physical labor. After many months a position opened up that was considerably less desirable than what he’d hoped and planned for. He took it and instead of moping in disappointment, kicked a.. The boss noticed, of course. He was quickly promoted. He now works in an unplanned for and quite unimagined field where hes making enough… Read more »


You go Mr. President! Socialism has never made any country great. And America didn’t get to where we are by the government elite redistributing wealth and resources at their whim.

I am more satisfied every day that I voted for you. Keep up the good work!

Sylvia M Villarreal

I’m glad President Trump will attack Socialism. If dems don’t watch FOX, they do not hear the facts from the other networks. Democrats need to be educated on the subject . . . at least they will hear about the danger during debates.

'grandma' Jeanne

Wake up America!! The schools teach socialism to their students….They are being brainwashed in the colleges and high schools.

Frank S.

If it wasn’t so pathetic, I’d be funny the way the Democrats are knee-capping Joe Biden, who lacks the prerequisite socialistic credentials. Not that I’m a Biden fan, but he is a perceived threat to the socially “progressive” agenda of the new Democratic party–he’s just not radical enough. They will not allow him to be a player/candidate for president. This is just another example of the “no-holds-barred” leftist perspective. To these people, the end really does justify the means, and that makes it okay to eat their own. They will continue working for their idea of utopia, no matter how many heads must roll. I hope the majority of Americans wake up to realize what is happening under their very noses.

Ed Varner

Socialism is a cruel lie perpetrated on the uninformed or those who are deliberately lazy.

Bill Brown

As Professor Toynbee warned us, “Anyone who is ignorant of History is doomed to repeat it.” This fact is why our US Government decades ago gave guidelines to Librarians to remove all non-fiction over 15 years old. We cannot have new “History” books contradicting the new “History” books. And many organizations, particularly including the National Education Association (NEA), have been advocating new “History” books fit a “new politically correct” revised History. For decades now, our children, particularly in public schools, have been fed false histories. They have also been fed false praise for Socialism. The few that understand know that the only purpose of Socialism is to prepare “the world” for for a one world government under “soulless Communism. Yes, America, your children are being brainwashed in the public schools, and some private schools, into believing in Socialism/Communism. Communism was not defeated. Russia is now ruled by an ex KGB… Read more »

Todd Wingard Taylor

I am glad President Trump is bringing some light to the very dark and evil socialist movement happening in our country; nothing good can come from the liberal socialist movement. We need to have our public schools and higher education do a better job educating our students on how to think for themselves. The brainwashing needs to stop; education should be about teaching our students how to examine the facts, weigh them against personal convictions then come up with sound, unemotional opinions.

Joe McHugh

OK, here is socialism 101 for the uninitiated. First, forget all of the labels that the lefties try to confuse you with. Liberalism, progressivism, Marxism and communism are all peas in the same socialist pod. All of these posers are linked by the same false political theory that is socialism, whether or not they admit it. By the way, the word fascism is often confused with socialism. Fascism describes a government that plays favorites with private corporations against companies that don’t play ball and engage in kick backs. Benito Mussolini’s government was as fascist as you can get. Mussolini was a socialist until he was shocked by what was happening in the U.S.S.R. Hitler was an outright socialist. as was Stalin. Socialists dictators hate each other even more than they do the governments of free nations. So much for world government under socialism. Socialism, in a nut shell, is the… Read more »


Most young people today have no clue of the ramifications that come with socialism. It is frightening to think the direction our country might be heading if the far left has its way.

Stephen Russell

Focus on Dem history since 60s to today, mindsets, celebs to lobby against socialisim nationwide.

Be Reasonable

Well electing enough socialists to office is only plan A. Plan B is to take away constitutional rights such as the 1st and 2nd Amendments. When we’re disarmed it’ll be much easier for “Democratic” socialists to take over.

Todd Wingard Taylor

We have taught millennials and generation “Z” that they can get something for nothing–Socialism. For example, at a children’s soccer game I heard the team directors, coach gaving everyone a trophy for “breathing;” what a waste. If my child came home with such a trophy I would put it in the trash. Life is a competition and we must prepare our children to engage, to strive for their best efforts and that hard work in it self is a reward. My oldest will graduate Summa cum laude this spring from college as well as our youngest Magna cum laude; they did not get their because they thought they were entitled or had parents who could pay their way.

Dave Campbell

I think part of the problem is a lot of people don’t know what socialism is. They think it means something it doesn’t. They often hold up European countries as examples of socialism. But there aren’t any socialist European countries. Many of them do have socialistic elements to them (as do we, just not as much) and I think many people confuse that with socialism. (And those socialistic elements weigh down their economies, which is why ours is so much stronger.) Just as “medicare for all” is perceived positively by many people until it is explained to them what that actually means, and then support goes way down. We just need to do a better job of explaiing what socialism actually is.


High School, Military, College, hard work and success. That is how I came up. Walter Williams said it best: What is the best way NOT to end up in poverty: Finish High school, Wait until you are married to have kids, Don’t do Crime and take a job, ANY job and work hard. Someone will notice and you will be rewarded. Too many young people expect to get a comfy job right out of college, making a zillion dollars a year and live happily ever after. Sorry to burst your bubble, but hard work is the key. Yes, I worked 3 jobs so my wife could stay home and raise our 2 sons. That was our choice and they turned out all right. We struggled but we are now grand parents and comfortably retired.


Socialism would destroy AMERICA.There are the people that abuse the system now,they have no incentive to change because the government is their”babys daddy”and then the socialists want the working class to do more to support the deadbeats.That would take the incentive away from the people that still have to work to make ends meet.How do you liberal socialist idiots think that this is the way to make AMERICA better,DUH!!!


The reason that Socialism never works is because it is Satanic inspired. People are deceived by seducing spirits and teachings of demons.

Michael B.

We need to call for a disbanding of the Democrat Party. They are completely bent on Forcibly Overthrowing our Government and Taking Away all of our rights, as well as, our freedom. Protect our Constitution, Save Our Nation. Now is the time to stand up and Prosecute the (Treasionist, Socialist, Communist Leaders) and Disband their Entire Party. Mr. Trump, keep it up your doing Great Things. Don’t let them get away with their feeble attempts. Now to the rest of the Rebellious Republican Senator’s, Grow a pair or pull the ones that you have out of your throat and Support your President. He’s already carrying enough dead weight. Either Support Him or Resign Your Own Post.

Todd Wingard Taylor

We have taught millennials and generation “Z” that they can get something for nothing–Socialism. For example, at a children’s soccer game I heard the team directors, coaches gave everyone a trophy for “breathing;” what a waste. If my child came home with such a trophy I would put it in the trash. Life is a competition and we must prepare our children to engage, to strive for their best efforts and that hard work in it self is a reward. My oldest will graduate Summa cum laude this spring from college as well as our youngest Magna cum laude; they did not get their because they thought they were entitled or had parents who could pay their way.


I don’t know why anyone should be surprised that the party of oppression, feudalism, slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and the welfare state wouldn’t push for more of the same to be in power. Power and control has always been the goal of the Democrat Party. We are already a quasi-socialist country. The Democrats having no success in completely destroying our Constitution, especially our 1st and 2nd amendments and the rule of law, will not give up until we are all slaves of the state. They are trying to eliminate the Electrorial College while allowing illegal the right to vote. They want a communist/Marxist government and they mean to take control.

Wake up America!!!!! ?????????