Trump Calls for Voter ID: ‘Only American Citizens Should Vote in American Elections’

elections Trump transgender Americans militaryPresident Donald Trump has made it clear that immigration will be a major campaign issue for him, in both the midterm elections and in his own re-election bid, and that was evident at the president’s rally in Florida on “Tuesday.

“Republicans want strong borders and no crime. Democrats want open borders, which equals massive crime,” he said. “And on top of that, the Democrats…they’ve launched outrageous attacks on our incredible law enforcement officers and on ICE and our Border Patrol — can you believe it? People that keep us safe.”

Trump said Democrats, in their pursuit of open borders, also want to let illegal immigrants vote. “It’s crazy,” he said:

“In some states, Democrats are even trying to give illegal immigrants the right to vote. They want to give them the right to vote. And what about all those people that are waiting in line for seven, eight, nine, ten years, trying to get into our country. They don’t have the right to vote.

“We believe that only American citizens should vote in American elections. Which is why the time has come for voter ID, like everything else. Voter ID.

“You know, if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card. You need ID. You go out and you want to buy anything, you need ID, and you need your picture. In this country, the only time you don’t need it, in many cases, is when you want to vote for a president, when you want to vote for a senator, when you want to vote for a governor or a congressman.

“It’s crazy. It’s crazy.”

“But we’re turning it around,” Trump promised. He received a standing ovation when he called for voter ID.

Some U.S. cities and towns allow non-citizens to vote in local elections, but under federal law, non-citizens are not supposed to vote in other elections.

Liberal activists argue that requiring a photo ID to vote disenfranchises poor and minority populations. But Trump and many other Americans argue that NOT requiring a photo ID encourages voter fraud.

Reprinted with permission from - CNS News - by Susan Jones

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Phyllis pole
4 years ago

Yes with photo! Obama’s man Holder put pressure on SCarolina to prohibit this law He had his selected left judges to stop it AND we know why. Dont we. !!!!!?

Phyllis Poole
4 years ago
Reply to  Phyllis pole

We also should ban machines. Two people called in to talk shows saying they ckd their vote after using a machine and it was for Clinton whom they did NOT vote for

4 years ago

Part and parcel of the transformation of America that was derailed by “our” 45th President. The opposing party are mad as hell and will do and say anything, to stack the deck at the voting box. Cannot win on foreign or economic policies that are working, so compromise the voting process! This is an outright gutter fight. Everyone that votes should have a valid American ID photo.
Why is the opposing party supporting “Sanctuary Cities”? We know why, and so do the American people!

Glenn Rosemeyer
4 years ago

Absolutely 100% agree with voter I.D.!!!!!
End Chicago sanctuary city! Defund them all!! They are making them legal to vote! My wife is from the Philippines becoming a citizen LEGALLY and we are really P.Oed about this!
So nice to have a President that is for us and has our backs! We all know what this man is up against. DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP! Mr. President!

Glenn Rosemeyer
4 years ago

It’s insane not to have voter ID in these times with so much identity theft. They ask me for my name then look at my address and look at my signature. Never ask for a licence or any iD.
It seems Dems want it so anyone can fly in and vote. Because with sanctuary cities giving illegals a place to vote, anyone can.

4 years ago

Absolutely, bring on Voter ID! When I vote in any election, I present my driver’s license. When the volunteer says, “Oh, that’s not necessary,” I mention that this is the only way to protect my vote and all the other votes. All they do is check my stated name and address with a notebook sitting on the table. How easy would THAT be to defraud?!
ID is required to verify age for those buying liquor and cigarettes or for those wanting to fly or drive, but for this important function of government (the election of our leaders) you need no proof of identity or that you’re even a citizen of the United States….???

4 years ago
Reply to  Kim

A photo ID is required for entry to every state and federal building in order to validate the person’s identity for access past the lobby area. Basic security to ensure the person entering is who they claim to be. When I worked briefly for the federal government, years ago, your photo ID had to be worn openly at all times and was required for access to all high security areas. The badges were all chipped with your profile data that was automatically validated every time you tried to open any door or access any area. Your photo ID badge would only allow you to access areas tied to your level of security clearance and job responsibilities.

While we are not talking about that level of security here, a simple, federally issued and authorized photo ID would only be detrimental to individuals or groups seeking to commit voter fraud. The argument of a photo ID somehow disenfranchizing anyone from their legitimate ability of vote in an election is utter nonsense. The argument against a photo ID for voting would only sound reasonable to the most ignorant, biased or dishonest of our society. Which is of course who this anti-photo ID stance is squarely aim at.

A photo ID is required as a security validation at airports and car rental locations. As you said, a photo ID is requited even to buy liquor or cigarettes. A common and accepted means throughout our society to ensure you are who you say you are and are allowed to either access a location or buy certain goods. Yet the left continues to hold out that going to an officially authorized and federally issued photo ID, for the purpose of voting, is some sort of insurmountable obstacle to select individuals and groups. All of which just happen to make up a signifant percentage of the Democrat Party. Otherwise known as a political talking point for the DNC. By the way, just try and enter the main HQ of the DNC in Washington, D.C. without an officially issued photo ID and see what happens. Hint, you won’t get very far.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Kim: I do the same thing and the precinct worker always appreciates it! I do not understand the thinking of the left in this situation at all. The right to vote was bought at a high price and is a very valuable gift to all citizens.

4 years ago
Reply to  RLD

…yes…to CITIZENS!! I don’t get it either. But, considering that the dems are the “no borders” party, it’s easy to understand that there are NO guidelines that define ANY entity in their world.
Many areas of this country are playing with the idea of letting illegal immigrants and other non-citizens vote. California says it will limit this right to school board elections….rriiiight….

Rebecca Drummond
3 years ago
Reply to  Kim


I, too, present my driver’s license when I vote even though my state didn’t pass that law. The poll workers always appreciate my doing this and would that all people had to show identification.

How have the bleeding heart liberals been able to turn our government upside down? I know that Mr. Obama, the closet Communist, said he was going to fundamentally change how business is done in D.C. and, by hook or by crook, he was able to create havoc in race relations.

Thank God President Donald Trump was elected and loves the United States and is working to undo what the miserable left has led us into. Congress must get on board and support this President.

4 years ago

This should never even been an issue. My state has always (until recently) required a photo ID. This disenfranchise issue is bogus (bu—s—t). How does a anyone live in this day & age and not have some sort of ID? The answer is simple: they don’t. It’s just a cover to let “illegal” immigrants vote. California especially is doing everything to get them on their voter rolls. More has to be done to weed out those ineligible to vote. I applaud Trump’s diligence in pushing ID’s. There is much more needed and he IS aware of it. The states that won’t cooperate are mostly blue states.

Make sure you vote in your upcoming Primatries & in November so Trump
can continue to return our country to its former greatness. We need to maintain the number of Republicans in the House and INCREASE the numbers of Republicans in the Senate, hopefully conservative one’s not RHINO’s who will obstruct Trump’s agenda!

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