The Trump Boom: Economic Success and Promises Kept

Trump Jobs SpeechOne million jobs have been created since President Trump took office on January 20. That’s right— one million.

There’s no doubt that Trump inspires business confidence. Likewise, the president bolsters employment through his strong platform of rebuilding the economy by bringing jobs back to America. Now, Trump’s effect on the economy is finally measurable.

The impressive economic growth that many are calling the “Trump boom” was evident last Friday when the government released its latest jobs figures. Along with the creation of one million jobs since January, the figures also showed that July’s unemployment rate dropped down to 4.3%, the lowest it’s been since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s during the dot-com boom. The last time the US unemployment rate was ever this low was March 2001.

The month of July also marked a record high for the number of employed Americans, which reached a total of 153.5 million workers, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And in the midst of all this success and growth comes perhaps the most significant part of the Trump boom: the trade deficit has dropped again. The US Commerce Department reported on Friday that the trade deficit has dropped to $43.6 billion—that’s nearly 6%! Gary Cohn, Trump’s top economic advisor and director of the National Economic Council, reported that he and the president are both “very happy with the number”, explaining that this was part of their plan for national prosperity, and that all was going as intended.

In an appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Varney and Co.”, Cohn was asked what would be next for President Trump regarding the economy. Cohn stated that the administration plans to move to tax reform soon, saying that a temporary tax cut is not good enough and that Congress must pass comprehensive tax reform that is permanent and doesn’t add to the deficit.

President Trump spent much of his campaign vowing to bring down America’s trade deficits, saying that they are caused by bad trade deals and abusive practices by China and other trading partners, and that as an experienced businessman he would fix this problem. By successfully lowering the deficit, Trump has once again shown that he is staunchly committed to keeping his campaign promises and will not stop until they are fulfilled.

The Trump boom is compelling proof that Donald Trump is indeed making America great again, just as he vowed he would.

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He’s doing so much but those few in the Senate are going to block him at every turn. Obamacare, tax reform, etc. They don’t want him to succeed because they are part of the “swamp” he’s attempting to drain. Call or write your Senators/Representatives and tell them to get behind President Trump’s plan for America.

Maco you are so right. The senators to email or call that are causing the health care plan not to even get to a discussion are Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and John McCain. Remember John McCain’s vote ended the “skinny” repeal in order to just start talking about the health care we can enact. I have sent them so many emails it’s not funny. Lisa Murkowski from Alaska admitted she lied when she voted for the same bill in 2015 knowing once it reached Obama’s desk he would veto it. So her YES vote there was only for political reasons. Then how are her constituents suppose to feel about her NO vote this last vote on the very same bill she voted YES on and lied? She knew that if she voted YES it would of been signed by our President. She just needs to go.

All of the numbers look good except one. The GDP which is the one that says the boom is sustainable is the one needing to show large improvement. We need a sustained 3-5 – 4% annual growth in GDP to really say the economy is robust. The 2% or less that was normal during Obama’s tenure doesn’t cut it. My point is that what we are seeing is mostly in anticipation of a better business climate which President Trump is promoting, but we aren’t there yet and will not get there without a serious reduction in business tax rates along with the continued repeal of so many expensive regulations. The GOP better get it together and pass some major tax reform in spite of Democratic resistance or what we see today is likely to be temporary. BTW, a robust economy always results in increased tax revenues even when tax rates… Read more »
Very well said Wayne. While last quarter’S GDP increase to 2.6 percent, everything to date since Trump’s election has been driven by the anticipation of true, real, across the board tax reform being enacted by the GOP Congress and signed into law THIS YEAR by President Trump. Yes, Trump has helped justify a lot of that optimism by slashing a lot of unnecessary and economically ruinous regulations, but true tax reform being enacted is what will kick our economy up to the annual 3 to 4 percent GDP range on a sustainable basis. Not simply some tax cuts for just the large corporations, as Ryan, Brady, McConnell and others are now hinting at, but the kind of real, across the board tax reform spelled out in Trump’s campaign tax plan. Again, this is just a matter of the GOP Congress simply adopting Art Laffer’s plan that he wrote for Trump.… Read more »

It has always been up to Congress, PaulE; even the run away Courts are theirs to fix or not. Good observations to both of you, Wayne and PaulE. And the Constitution always has had the answer. Too bad our so-called leaders never ask the right questions.

Dick Erickson, US Army (ret)
I have backed President Trump since well before the election and I’m frustrated with the disingenuous detractors from the Left, the Never Trump(ers), the archaic Washington establishment (especially the numerous traitor RINOs, who refuse to acknowledge how much better off our country is now. Of course, the so-called main stream (more accurately – “lame brained”) media can’t get any of it correct. Trump supporters must hang tough and fight the odds. Don’t let them accomplish their nefarious plans to bring down the President by any means they can. And yes, Republicans in Congress must get rid of Mueller, his Obama-Clinton holdover, very illegal mission. He is obviously biased and very mixed up in his principles. I’ve contacted those who represent me in our government and told them to support Mr. Trump or retire and let someone who can do the right thing. If they feel threatened… GOOD!

I wrote those who represent me as well and told them to get behind the president. Of course, the Democrat senator won’t but I had to try. President Trump is the best thing that’s happened to this country in a long time and definitely knows what he’s doing (not for himself but for the country, too).

I’ve enjoyed hearing these good numbers since Donald Trump was elected president. Southern border crossings are way down, employment is up, consumer sentiment is up, stock market’s way up…what’s not to love? Now if only those squishy Republicans would get themselves in gear and vote for the two things that would send this economy soaring–repeal of Obamacare and a major decrease in corporate (and, hopefully, individual) taxes! I hope President Trump will push for the 15% level, which would make America attractively competitive with the rest of the developed world, and would cause a resurgence of the manufacturing sector like we’ve never seen. Think about what a company could do if it was allowed to keep $20 or $25 more of every $100 in revenue! This is how businesses expand, hiring employees and increasing wages. The problem is Republicans don’t all think alike, and that’s a good thing when throwing… Read more »

The republicans better get behind him or they are going to lose it all over again stop sending money to those republicans that are not doing their jobs and maybe they will get behind the president


I had stopped sending money to these so called republicans a long time ago. We will see if they will get behind the President if they do.

Maybe the Republican Congress People can’t/won’t get their act together and support the agenda that got Trump elected
But Trump can govern the Executive branch, enforce federal law and lighten up the regulatory burden.
Speaking of Congress People, are there gonna be any group bus tours to John McCain or Rob Portman or Susan Collins or Mitch McConnell town hall meetings.