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Trump Authorizes Federal Government to Arrest Anyone Who Vandalizes, Destroys Statues

trumpPresident Donald Trump on Tuesday said he’s authorized the federal government to arrest any person who vandalizes or destroys a monument or other federal property.

The wrongdoers will face up to 10 years in prison, Trump said in a social media statement.

“This action is taken effective immediately, but may also be used retroactively for destruction or vandalism already caused. There will be no exceptions!” the president said.

Prosecutors can use the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act or other pertinent laws. The act, passed in 2003, says that people who willfully try or successfully injure or destroy any structure, plaque, statue, or other monument on public property commemorating service in the armed forces of the United States shall be fined, imprisoned up to 10 years, or both.

Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt late Monday condemned anarchists and others behind the violence seen in cities across the nation, calling the people who tried toppling a statue of Andrew Jackson near the White House criminals.

The Lincoln and World War II memorials were previously defaced, he said.

“Across the country, some elected leaders of our cities have expressed enthusiasm and support for these criminals, exhibiting an undeniable unwillingness to protect law abiding citizens and their property,” he said on Twitter.

“We live in the greatest country in the world, and I thank our dedicated law enforcement officials who stand tall against these coordinated attacks and seek peace and justice for all.”

Executive Order

Trump’s announcement came hours after he said he was planning to issue an executive order that would force cities to guard statues and other monuments.

“It’s a disgrace. Remember, some of this is great artwork. This is magnificent artwork, as good as there is anywhere in the world, as good as you see in France, as good as you see anywhere. It’s a disgrace. Most of these people don’t even know what they’re taking down,” Trump said.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Zachary Stieber

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1 year ago

Just say NO to to these anarchists that want to destroy our country/heritage!!!! The US has stamped out ISIS, terrorists in other countries and has allowed them to act in our own country! These are domestic terrorists. By any other name, they are terrorists! Zero tolerance!!!!!

1 year ago

It is about time that either Antifa, BLM and/or ignorant elite America haters get payback for their destruction of property, public, federal, historical, etc. honoring those who helped create the greatest country in the world. How fortunate they are free enough to express themselves, but once breaking law, it is time for them to pay the ultimate price….jail for minimum of 10 years.

Lloyd Chappell
1 year ago

Please, remember these TERRORISTIC actions is WAR ON AMERICA ! TAKE AWAY THEIR WELFARE payments and STUDENT Loans for life. An , if they can’t pay restitution, DEPORT THEM to a 3rd. Class Country

1 year ago

Thank God the Lord has a Hand on this, that Trump is it’s been used by God to save our country,
From All these evil people all these Devil Worshippers that bring hate to our souls and to our Nation
Pray Everyone to Yahweh and Yeshua and Holy Spirit (God Jesus and The Holy Spirit) that God sends
A Spirt of love and understanding to take out the the seed of hate in which the Devil has Planted ,
Pray for the protection and health of our President Trump and that God Keeps Using Him.
We need Law And Order more then ever We must Pray also for our Police Force to keep them Strong.
Keep Faith Thank God For All His Blessing To All Of Us. Manny ???????????

1 year ago

Shame it has to come down to this, yet too many idiots out there that do not respect public and private property. Many do not own any property so do not have the respect. They not only should be arrested, but required to pay for the damages.

Rodney Cradoct
1 year ago

I truly believe that destroying anything related to the history of our country is a disgrace. History is something that you can learn from, so things you disagree with can be remembered and not repeated. Stand up for what you believe in, but don’t destroy our history, if you truly hate the USA leave.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rodney Cradoct
1 year ago

We only have ourselves to blame for this anarchy. we’ve ignored our children and not taught them right from wrong. we’ve sent them to colleges with liberal agendas. and apparently they were not taught anything about history. they have learned about socialism and how to get your way if you threaten to or actually destroy stuff. the head of BLM says if we don’t meet their demands they will burn it down (whatever that is). we can not let them destroy this country.

1 year ago

Last I heard is that Trump might sign exec order this Friday??? Has not been done yet??

1 year ago

I have agreed with Trump on most all his decisions, but I disagree on this one! I think it should be 20 year sentences instead of 10 year sentences! This would give these reprobates plenty of time to grow up and time to think about what they have done while sitting in prison! They are stealing from all of us when they destroy these statues!

1 year ago

I agree with this. People cannot vandalize things and get away with it. I wish there was an order to lock up protesters. This has gone to far.

Phil Hammersley
1 year ago

Catch and prosecute all these domestic terrorist. Give them 10 years or more and the the choice of moving to North Korea, China, or Venezuela where they will see what their crap leads to!!

1 year ago

My only thought was that I wish he had said, “The survivors will face up to 10 years in prison.”

W Arce
1 year ago

The prosecution and punishment should start with all the corrupt, liberal and immoral politicians, so called “leaders” and people who have persecuted the good people of this country; the radicals who have destroyed properties and hurt, maimed or killed people who did not agree with their ideology. What happens to them should be an example to others who will want to follow them, not have double standards. The good people in this country deserve better.

W Arce
1 year ago

Radicals are already clamoring to take down images of Jesus and Blessed Mary, historical statues, pictures, etc. and they are not stopping there. Living in this country, it is hard to get clear, real and honest picture of what is really happening because MSM has been controlling the flow of information they want the people to see and learn, have given us lies in the guise of news, except for few heroes who work harder to give us honest reporting. The corrupt media has been dumbing down the people of this country for sometime now, in cahoots with the liberal, immoral, corrupt and greedy supposedly leaders, like politicians, educators and other members of the CABAL; they have created generations (and still are) who hate this country and what it stands for, who will use anything and anybody to achieve their objective: destruction of this country, its people and its constitution, absolute power and control of this country and to scrub, purge and change the history of this country. The liberals have used the pandemic to CANCEL our freedom and even made God as non-essential, but fortunately good people are awakening. I have not seen nor heard “democrat leaders” call out all these attacks from radicals, they are not genuine leaders and I pray that God give us the wisdom, knowledge and clear understanding and vetting candidates during elections, if not, we will not even have elections and the freedom to vote. I really don’t want to go through it again, freedom lost.

Wayne Sluiter
1 year ago

Go Trump Go!

Dr. Cissero
1 year ago

Vandalism of property is just the beginning for these marauders, their sponsors in the corporations are removing black models from food packages.
What’s next, Book Burning? That is probably next.

Bob L.
1 year ago

Vandalism is vandalism no matter where it occurs and should lead to the prosecution of those who practice it whether at the local or federal level.
Recently, it has become epidemic with vandals defacing and destroying public property without regard to it’s historic background. Lincoln and Grant are two examples that point to the fact that this Constitutional Republic is the actual target of the radical insurrectionists using police “brutality” or racist history to enlist masses of “useful idiots” and as cover for their revolutionary actions.

1 year ago

What the radicals are doing to our beautiful country saddens me to my core. I am so glad President Trump is taking action. BUT, enforcing this order is quit another thing. With the police losing their power who is going to carry out the arrests and who is going to prosecute them, the liberal judges will just find a way to let them go.I say, call in the National guards and end this travesty right now. or citizens take up your arms.

1 year ago


1 year ago

These anarchist have no vision or knowledge of history. when I look at the Lincoln statue I see The president breaking the chains of the slave and lifting him up as a man. we are in very dire straights and in the process of losing our historical identity and we need to stand up and say enough. every statue and monument tells a story about America both good and bad. we recognize our mistakes and correct them. we cannot depend on the democrats to help us move forward.

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