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Trump at CPAC Calls on Conservatives to Fight “Marxist Morality,” Defeat Extreme Left

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On Sunday, President Trump delivered rousing remarks to a packed house filled with thousands of Republicans with millions more watching online at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas. President Trump crystallized the major issues for the 2022 midterms and issued a call to America’s silent majority to fight against the “Marxist morality” of the Left and defend the country’s “glorious cultural heritage” that undergirds and supports its written Constitution.

Trump’s remarks showed a way forward for Republicans looking to take back the House and the Senate in 2022 by outlining three major voting issues that Republicans can take across the country and win on next year. The first is the Biden border crisis.

As Trump described, “The Biden administration has turned the border into the single greatest disaster in American history.” He noted that “Illegal border crossings are up over 1,000% from last year” and “[f]or the last three months in a row, more illegal alien minors have arrived than any other month in united states history. This is the major pipeline for MS-13.”

“Overall,” he said, illegal youth arrivals are “up nearly 500%. Think of this, and they are being resettled in cities and towns all across the United States at taxpayers’ expense.” “Meanwhile, ICE removals are at the lowest levels ever,” he noted.

“When I was president,” Trump argued, “illegal alien criminals knew that if they trespassed across our border, they would be caught, they would be detained, and they would be sent to jail, or we would send them the hell back to where they came from.”

The second voting issue for 2022 that President Trump discussed was rising crime. Trump said that “The bloodshed and violence in these cities is reaching epidemic proportions. Homicides are up 42% in Los Angeles, 37% in Philadelphia, 68% in Atlanta, and over 500% in Portland over this time last year.” Trump declared that “The Democrats know their policies on crime are so unpopular, so radical, so crazy, they are now trying to pretend they never led defund the police movements in the first place. We never said defund the police, you know who did it, the Republicans did it. That’s what they do, it’s called disinformation.” Trump observed that, in reality, “If you want more police and more cops in the streets, vote for America-first Republicans[.]”

The third voting issue that Trump called Republicans to take up is resisting critical race theory in public schools and the radical teachings of the New York Times’ 1619 Project. Trump was greeted with thunderous applause for the simple line: “1776 not 1619!” Trump reflected that “If you listen to the media or watch the evening news casts our country has really gone bad. All we talk about is race. Race, race. We don’t talk about our country being great anymore. We don’t talk about how America can lead the world. We don’t talk about stopping crime, with all the hundreds and hundreds of people that are being shot in Democrat-run cities and what to do about it. We don’t talk about the drugs pouring across our borders.” And most importantly, he said, “we don’t talk about the great future of our country.”

He asserted that “the Democrat-controlled media talks race, race, race for political reasons. They always have, but never like this. It is hurting our country, more than anyone else, our great minority communities, it is hurting them badly.”

Trump then laid out a vision for the antidote to America’s divisive political discourse. He said: “We celebrate our rich heritage and traditions. We honor George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and all of our national heroes. And, of course, we always respect our great American flag. We believe in patriotic education for our children. And we strongly oppose the radical indoctrination of America’s youth. We are committed to defending innocent life, and to proudly upholding the Judeo-Christian values of our nation’s founding. We embrace free thought. We stand up to political correctness. And we reject the intolerance of left-wing cancel culture.”

A highlight of President Trump’s address came when he issued a call to action to all conservatives to “preserve our glorious American heritage.” It was a theme that President Trump wove throughout his speech. He said, “[T]oday that heritage is under threat like never before,” adding later that “like socialist and communist movements throughout our country, today’s leftists do not believe in freedom, they do not believe in fairness, and they do not believe in democracy. They believe in Marxist morality. Anything is justified as long as it hurts their political opponents.”

“Before our very eyes, the radical left democrats are turning the law itself into a weapon for partisan persecution,” Trump maintained. He claimed that: “There are now two sets of law in this country, one for the left-wing mob, the rioters and the rampagers, who can do whatever the hell they want to whomever they want to do it. And there’s another set of rules for law-abiding American citizens. Happen to be Republicans, who simply want to speak their minds and exercise their rights…”

Trump contended that this threat to American freedom was worse than at any point in living memory. He noted that conservatives had thought “for decades, all that mattered was policy fights in Washington. All it would take to prevail was winning small Supreme Court cases.” Now, Trump said, “[T]he battle is so much bigger and broader than any of that. The radical left has been methodically taking over every giant centralized institution in American life — the school systems, the universities, the bar association’s… Hollywood, journalism, the big banks, big tech…Our jobs and our mission is to resist this poison and fight for our Republic with all of our heart and all of our soul.”

He challenged every member of the movement to Make America Great Again: “We must decide that we will not stop, we will not rest until our American heritage of freedom, liberty and justice is once again safe and once again secure. We owe our country nothing less than that.”

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2 months ago

The Biden Administration will fail America.There Socialists,We the people don’t want Socialism.God Bless America!

Donna Hazelip
2 months ago

The Republicans in Congress and the Senate need to stand up for there constitutes and show more backbone against the Democrats. There are to many Republicans that were against Donald Trump. Te to cleane house. Which should have been done from the very start.

Bill on the Hill
2 months ago

Sadly enough Amac has indeed censored my previous comment on this article from yesterday. I got the ” awaiting approval ” & it never came… I had left a link on the Durham Probe, I’m more than certain that is what caused the censoring, sadly…
I watched our President’s speech in it’s entirety before YouTube shutdown the RSBN presentation…
So it would seem life has come down to We The People having to censor ourselves now in order to avoid being cutoff…I have already UNSUBSCRIBED from FOX & Newsmax over the censorship they employ & AMAC is getting dangerously close to meeting the same fate…
With each passing day, the current insurgents in the WH along with the Obama cabinet, are digging their own graves, deeper & deeper… The TRUTH will come out & it will PREVAIL…
With respect to the ongoing Durham Probe: Durham has it all. The ( 5 ) eyes spying organization is NOT what one would expect, i.e. it is NOT China, Russia nor Iran…
It is the following nations: ( 1 ) Australia – ( 2 ) New Zealand – ( 3 ) UK – ( 4 ) Canada & ( 5 ) The United States. The US is/was led by the Obama administration in early 2016 when Trump was candidate Trump, the DOJ, i.e. FBI/CIA is/was completely weaponized by Obama & they still are…
John Brennan, director of the CIA & the NSA were ordered to spy on the Trump organization & private citizens going back to 2014…Lest we forget the ( 20 ) phones that were tapped on the AP journalist as well as Trump Tower by the DOJ under direct orders from the Obama admins…
Impeachment 3.0 failed, i.e. the False Flag event on 1/6/21 at the Capital Building. Pelosi, Schumer, the Capital Police, the Sargent of Arms along with FBI undercover agents ran the show from the get go…It is all on audio/video & has NOT been presented by MSM, Big Tech nor the Democrats themselves…Durham has it all, including all those involved in the domestic & foreign aspect to the stolen 2020 Presidential Election…Once again, Durham has it all & the FBI’s Kleinsmith’s arrest was simply a taste of what is yet to come…
In summary: All assets will be seized by both the foreign & domestic players involved in the 2020 US Presidential Election…
The nations involved in the election DATA manipulations on those foreign servers are as follows: China, Pakistan, Germany, Italy, Spain & others…
What is about to happen goes way beyond one man, there is a global aspect to our stolen election & we have got to get this right the first time, hence the election audits for optics mainly & then Durham I believe will play his hand & bring them ALL down with many 1000’s of indictments already written & ready to be served for the military tribunals that will follow…
We are truly living in a historical moment & I believe all the wrongs will be righted in the near future.
God bless America…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Sharon Ormsby
2 months ago

I can see why his speech got canceled by YouTube, no one would vote Democrat anymore! Go President Trump!

2 months ago

Go Donald!!!! Looking forward to your win in 2024. Hurray MAGA

2 months ago
Reply to  Karen

Any “Republican” who tries to run against Our Savior Mr. Trump is a TRAITER!

People don’t have to Vote for Trump if they have something against him but if you do have something Against him (I DON’T KNOW “WHY”) then DO NOT VOTE simple as that — do not vote for a Rhino!!

2 months ago

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: “Rather fail by honor than succeed by fraud.”—–SOPROCLES

2 months ago

Did not like Trump statement on two sets of laws in this country. Sounds like he thinks that republican rioters Jan 6th at Capitol were just speaking their minds & exercising their rights. This was one of the blackest days in US history & more is coming out all the time about Jan 6th.

2 months ago
Reply to  JohnH

Let me get this straight, you believe that the almost 1 million supporters protesting what they believe to have been a stolen election actually planed to overturn the government of the United States, without any firearms, just flag poles, And that Nancy Pelosi, whose responsibility is to protect the capital building, knowing well in advance through the FBI and other sources, neglected to provide, even the barest amount of security, and that the capital police actually waved on and in some cases escorted the “insurrectionist” into the capital building. I believe this was planned in advance by the Democrats to capitalize on the emotions of angry Trump supporters, with the help of MSM to demonize Trump, MAGA and his supporters. I agree January 6th was one of the blackest days in US history, because of the success of the Democrats ability to divide our nation even more!

Bill on the Hill
2 months ago
Reply to  Felix

Well stated Felix… The ‘ idiot ‘ you have responded to is a ” never-Trumper ” TROLL that pops up all over the place. In the future DO NOT reply to JohnH, he isn’t worth the time or the trouble…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

2 months ago

I have to wonder why AMAC doesn’t allow “blocking and reporting” of these trolls.
They can converse with other trolls someplace more suited for their false information
& fake accusations.

John S.
2 months ago
Reply to  Felix

You have summed it up well, Felix! Here is what I tell people who complain about January 6th:

It was either a deliberate false flag by Antifa — in which case the horrific levels of violence make sense because they wanted to get all the non-Marxists in trouble

OR, option two, just in case it was not Antifa, it was a very peaceful march by peaceful citizens who did not mean any harm.

But it was definitely one of those two things, so leave us alone!!

2 months ago
Reply to  JohnH

I am sorry JohnH, but your “Sounds like he thinks” is wrong thinking on your part. As a man
thinks in his heart, so is he. I believe Trumps heart is for America. And there were no respectful
persons involved in the rioters on Jan. 6th but instigators of trouble, not sane folks.

2 months ago
Reply to  JohnH

Wow. All arranged and coordinated by pelosi, antifa, blm, and demonRats.
It WILL be proved.

2 months ago


David Spade
2 months ago

I like President Trump’s message….we will not be overcome by the Marxist’s agenda. We will fight this leftist nonsense for as long as it takes. The O’Biden administration will continue to discredit themselves each and every day, and Americans see that as a call to action. And whether it is President Trump or some other candidate that wins the nomination for the 2024 election, the common-sense Americans will vote to eliminate the Marxist from this government. What this country needs is less government intervention in our collective lives, we need accountability at the highest levels, we need is the elimination of the deep state, and we need a secure boarder that protects us from all of the illegal entries into the country.

Phil Hammersley
2 months ago

Hong Kong, Cubans , and Venezuelans know that Communism STINKS but our swamp media, DIMMs, BLM, and antifa are trying to foist it off on US! Hopefully we can find delaying action until we (hopefully) take the House and Senate in the ’22 election!

jim Carlyle
2 months ago

I agree with Felix’s analysis. The objective of the Left is to substitute the Communist model in the USA & align with the other established Communist regimes as a proxy with what remains.

2 months ago

People in this country need to wake up to what they wish for! Marxism biggest threat is to take away the freedoms that allow them to attack the conservative values and economic freedom of capitalism that gives these left wing liberals the ability to attack them, They need to realize that if they succeed to allowing big government to have complete control over their lives by making them dependent for all of life’s needs they will become slaves to government, and will have to obey whatever they dictate. Another thing, if we stop building our military, like Biden is doing, the possibility of war with a superior China military, could lead to an invasion of millions of Chinese soldiers on our shores. China, Russia and Iran are not stupid, they know that Biden has opened a window of opportunity from now till the 2022 midterms or the 2024 presidential election, to defeat the United States! These possibilities need to be made known to them, so they can know what exactly they are promoting, somehow this needs to be communicated to them before it’s too late! ,

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