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Trump Announces Major Tax Break for Middle Class

Trump Jobs Speech travelPresident Trump announced Monday that he will introduce a new tax cut for middle-class Americans in November.

“We’re giving a middle-income tax reduction of about 10 percent – we’re doing it now for middle-income people,” he told reporters. The president described the proposed tax cuts again Monday night while speaking at a Ted Cruz rally in Texas, saying, “We’re going to be putting in a 10 percent tax cut for middle-income families. It’s going to be put in next year. In addition to the big tax cuts you’ve already gotten.” He added that Congress would vote on the proposal after the November elections.

Unlike the Trump administration’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which benefited both the middle class and American businesses, the president says the new tax break is “not for business at all” and is exclusively aimed at helping the middle class.

Following President Trump’s announcement, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told press that he had been working with Congressional leaders to create a tax plan focusing on the American middle class, with director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow also confirming, saying the president’s proposed tax cuts were “in the planning stage”.

Since Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year, American families have seen bigger paychecks and more opportunity, and workers have been better off than ever before. This summer, manufacturing activity hit its highest point in 14 years, and wages are increasing faster than they have since 2009 when the United States began climbing up from the lowest point of the recession.

By introducing another tax cut focused solely on benefiting the middle class, President Trump is keeping his promise to revive the economy and improve the lives of hard-working Americans.

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Robert Curry

It’s terrific to have our WONDERFUL President cut taxes to the US middle class, however what America truly need is to have FEDERAL SPENDING CUT BY 50% or greater!
Please, cut the size of the totally unnecessary and bloated Federal Government.

Silas Longshot

That makes 10 more reasons to get out and vote republican on Nov 6. If those democrat baztards get any more seats, they’ll be even worse than they are now with obstruction of everything Trump tries to do. Considering the astounding amount of things accomplished so far, imagine how much more could have been done had Trump not had to fight 100% democrat obstruction, 95% negative MSM coverage and serious sabotage by never Trump RINOs.

Army Vet

Just make sure everyone votes because if it’s not even close Democrats can’t cheat enough to have their fraud make all of this, including our President, go away. It is depressing to watch that they have their fraud machine revved up and rigged in some states so that their citizens will probably never again have a chance at a fair and free election like California, New York, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, and more recently Colorado.


An additional 10% tax cut for middle income earners could be made “beautifully” better … if Congress would make the Tax Cut And Jobs Act of 2017 permanent so as not to expire in 2025.

Carol L. Baril

I think it’s such a shame that we have to have the Government issue a tax cut for US the taxpayers to keep more of WHAT WE EARN!!! And the Democrats always spin this as if somehow the country’s economy always is bad when a tax cut is issued!!! Seems the left just doesn’t like it when the American workers get to decide how to spend their money instead of lining the pockets of politicians while those same leftist just dish out crumbs to those who kiss their backsides!!! I wish we could go back to the days where the Government issued a bill at the end of the year for the taxes owed and each taxpayer had a year to pay the Government!!! You would see a huge uprising of Americans if they truly understood how much the Government rips off the American workers to pay for projects that… Read more »


So, I assume that the Democrat party will be doing all they can to kill this tax cut because they know a tax increase on the middle class (and everyone else for that matter) is the best way to create prosperity (for their party, that is).

Trump will continue to do a good job for everyone as long as we do a good job for him and get out and vote for conservative candidates that will help all of us succeed.


I look forward to reading the actual specifics of this proposed tax cut when real details become available. So that an intelligent assessment can be made by everyone.Things like what is the definition of middle class being used by members of Congress? What spending cuts are being planned to prevent adding to the deficit? Is there a plan to make the existing tax cuts permanent and if so, is Congress going to clean up some of the issues that have been identified with it? The most glaring of which is that Congress didn’t cut any government spending, so they fell right into the Democrat trap of allowing them to say the cuts added to the deficit. God knows there is a massive amount of spending that could be cut from what Washington wastes so much of our money on. It is good to see President Trump is always focused on… Read more »

Dave Bushek

AMAC is a good way to get the political news bad or good. And we as Americans need to be a lot more conservative as our government was back in the 40s

Bruno Savo

What do they consider middle class?


I hope we as Senior middle class can get a break on having to pay taxes on money we receive from gains in vestments especially on IRAs.


I wish they would spend their energies on reducing the deficit not adding to it. Like a balloon, if you over inflate it, it will bust.


Good for President Trump doing what he said he would do . Now we need to vote to keep the house and senate in the republic hands so we as American’s can make this country GREAT AGAIN. need to cut the federal fat in government by 50% especially anything that the demorats are involved in




Our President Trump is just simply THE.ABSOLUTE.BEST!