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Trump Administration Cuts Regulations and Lowers Costs for Americans


trumpCutting Regulations at Record Pace

  • President Trump reversed the disastrous overregulation of the previous administration and has undertaken a historic deregulation agenda.
  • Under President Trump, agencies have taken 7 deregulatory actions for every new regulation.
  • These efforts have already saved $50 billion in regulatory costs so far, with more to come.

Lowering Costs of American Families

  • The President’s deregulation will boost household income annually by $3,100 in the coming years.
  • Families will have access to cheaper cars thanks to President Trump’s rollback of the Obama-era CAFE regulations.
  • President Trump has cut red tape in the healthcare industry, which will save patients nearly 10 percent on prescription drugs.

Lifting Up Forgotten American

  • The cost of regulations falls disproportionately on lower-income Americans.
  • Regulations raise prices, hurting lower-income Americans who must spend a larger portion of their income on heavily regulated goods like transportation, food, and healthcare.
  • Overregulation in the labor sector can lead employers to replace some workers with cheaper machines, killing jobs for many Americans.

These regulatory changes, along with other actions to bolster the economy by President Trump and his administration, have helped America weather the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. You have to ask the question: “Where would America be today if we did not have Trump’s booming economy six months ago?”

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2 months ago

“Where would America be today if we did not have Trump’s booming economy six months ago?”   The answer is…a lot worse off. If a democrat had been president these last few years, our economy would not have prospered as it has. Who knew that a recession, like we had, essentially, in all of the Obama/Biden years, could recover as quickly as it did after Donald Trump was elected president? Or that the pendulum could swing so far toward the up-side?   As a former business owner, I am filled with such optimism for the future that I will start… Read more »

2 months ago

What else can I say than “GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP”. He has our nations welfare upmost in his thoughts, deeds and action.

2 months ago

Last week I got into a political debate with an 30 something idiot. This clown had the nerve to say that President Trump’s ECONOMY WAS BENEFITING FROM WHAT OBAMA DID! I said: ” You mean it took 8 years before Obama’s economic policies took hold?” I told him to remember our conversation because I told him that Obama will go down in history as America’s Worst President and that President Trump will go down in history as America’s Greatest President! I told him that if he voted for ANY DEMOCRAT HE WAS VOTING FOR COMMUNISM! … I know he didn’t… Read more »

2 months ago

Trump has been amazing on cutting regulations (which ultimately should mean fewer government jobs). Sadly, the failed school systems in states like CA has produced a large percentage of the population who do not understand how a Capitalist economy works and how less regulation benefits the average American. They have been taught in school that less regulation lets greedy corporations take advantage of the everyday person – AND – they do not have strong minds to question what they have been told.

2 months ago

Amazing how fast a nation can be propelled forward, when you have a President that isn’t owned by corporate America. He does what is good for the American people, not the people who fund his campaign. Oh I stand corrected!!
He does do what’s good for his donors, and his donors are “we the people”. Keep up the good work Mr. President, Trump November 2020!!

2 months ago

All I can say is, thank God for President Trump, and I am praying for 4 more years.

El Ey
2 months ago

God bless you Mr. President and please don’t get weary of defending us and standing up for us against the evil liberals/democrats/non-stop lying mainstream media, the arrogant hollywood “elites” and all the leftist large corporations who have been bashin/fighting you 24/7. I pray that our merciful and forgiving God keep you, your family and your administration always safe and free from harm.

2 months ago

Where would we be if the economy had not been strong when the pandemic hit? That is the important horizon line that should make rational voters vote to keep it deregulated and modestly taxed.

Nancy Lipkins
2 months ago

Thank you President Trump

2 months ago

The media would have us believe the Obama Administration was heaven on earth. I was there! Trust me, if that was heaven I don’t want to be in hell! We finally have a president who is looking out for us – the American people. Mr. Trump built up the economy in his first three years and he can do it again. However, with the help of Wuhan, the democrats want to paralyze the economy with lock downs, regulations and anarchy. Democrats say they want to transform our country. They do! They want to transform it to a third world sh_t… Read more »

2 months ago

A prosperous people THINK for themselves. This is what the left does NOT want. bho said that we didn’t make that ourselves when talking about businesses people have started and doing well in. In my experience, a business didn’t make itself, SOMEONE had to build it and run it. President Trump KNOWS this and is trying to bring AMERICAN made products back. I can remember when something made in America was something to be PROUD of…MADE IN THE USA was a label of pride and workmanship!!!

John Jessup
2 months ago

It’s a good start…..Medical insurance is way out of control. It cost more than my mortgage!

2 months ago

I asked a young man what is it that the President has done wrong that has you are so upset so much that you hate him? The answer was like listening to a recording. He sighted all the talking points of the media talking heads. I asked him do you think you can think for yourself and he got mad. These young people have been indoctrinated by schools and their teachers. Someone needs to tell them it’s ok to think for themselves and not worry about what others think. This is where it all starts if you can turn the… Read more »

Rodney Ernst
2 months ago

I believe America will bounce back to where it was before this politically charged pandemic started. Now you have fake news about another Wave of the virus. I believe the left is recruiting people who are infected and planting them all around just to keep this going so it cripples the President and make him look bad.

Sid Stringer
2 months ago

If we didn’t have such weak minded democrats be leaving they have a spot on the smoldering pile of crap their working so hard to develop ,and instead worked with our President to help his accomplishments ; Our Country would truely become the envy of the world. Unfortunately for us and the world the elitists / woke crack heads don’t want that.

Brenda Blunt
2 months ago

Good news for Americans! Keep up the good work!! Go America Go!!

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Bravo I say make cuts here: Education, BLS, Energy, Commerce to CUT totally alone, cut DoD bureaucracy
& any programs etc related as well
CUT deeper & more
Move FBI to DHS.

2 months ago

Go Trump Go

Ed J
2 months ago

If Shillary Clinton had been elected president in 2016, our country would now be “in the toilet,” with all of us wringing our hands waiting for “the final flush!”  The Demsheviks and their Deep State cronies would actively be putting the lid on the coffin of our nation’s Constitution, along with all our liberties and freedoms. American would inexorably and rapidly be descending into an inescapable abyss similar to that of socialist Venezuela. The tragic part of all of this is that there would be a large proportion of the population cheering Shillary on, oblivious to what they are truly supporting.  P.S. Under… Read more »

Charlotte Brock
2 months ago

Under Obama, a legislator informed my Alzheimer’s group while visiting the state capitol, that we send $200,000 to Washington and receive back $100,000 with $100,000 in regulations.

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