Traveling With Your Pets

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Before heading out on your vacation, make sure you are prepared and have done the proper research. Here are some traveling tips to keep you and your pet happy!


When planning your vacation destination, it is important to research pet-friendly airlines and hotels before purchasing.


  • Pet friendly airlines
  • Pet friendly hotels
    • Nearby 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital


  • Pet Medications
  • Favorite toys/treats
  • bottled/filtered water
  • Vaccinations up-to-date
  • Bathed and groomed
  • First aid kit
  • phone numbers
  • ID tag & travel tag


Each airline has its own set of regulations, so find out about these before you book a flight to ensure you’ll be in compliance. Pets can sense your emotion. When dropping your pet off at the airport, do not make a scene or look worried. Remain calm so your dog/cat does not feel like they are in any danger. Provide them with their favorite toy/treat to make them feel more comfortable. After arriving at your destination, watch them unload the luggage to make sure they are handling your pet properly. Keep an eye out for your pet. Bags get lost and so can pets.


When researching hotels, check for pet-friendly properties. Hotels generally have pet policies, so do the proper research before checking in and be prepared to pay an additional fee. Websites like provide listings for animal-friendly rentals around the world.

If you decide to leave your pet at home, find a good kennel close to home from a friend or on websites like KennelFinder.

Road Trip

Car travel is more convenient than air. It allows you to set your own schedule and keep your pets close by. Avoid letting your pet onto your lap while driving as this can be a distraction. Provide them with a comfortable and safe spot in a back seat area or keep your pet in a carrier to prevent them from roaming around the car.

Pets can get sick on the road just like human passengers. If your pet gets anxious in the car, your vet may recommend sedatives to ease their nerves and reduce car sickness.

Plan for plenty of pit stops along the way for fresh air and bathroom breaks. Avoid leaving your pets unattended and leave your windows cracked open.

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6 years ago

Pets stay free at Laquinta inns.

6 years ago

My car has a “ski pass through” door from the trunk so he can have a bed in the trunk and still access the cabin. That would be the only way that I would put my dog in the trunk.

Ivan Berry
6 years ago

Put the little buggers in a kennel and quit all this bull. Trunk? Leave windows cracked open?-Not in Arizona in summer, it still gets too hot.

6 years ago

Yes, why in the world would they say put your pet in the “trunk” ??? How stupid !! My dog had a doggie car seat which worked well.

vern best
6 years ago

Please DON”T put your pet in a car trunk. This munt have been a over site

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