Traveling for the Holidays? 9 Tips and Tricks to Make it Great!

family-carBefore your trip… 

  1. Looking for the best prices on hotels, airfare or car rentals?

Put your computer on incognito mode and clear the cache. That way you’ll always see the lowest prices available, instead of finding the same price everywhere you look.

  1. You can fit more clothes in your suitcase if you roll them. Then, when you get to your destination just hang your clothes in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower to get the wrinkles out. Of course you would never want to roll your dress shirts… but if you’re packing them in your suitcase, you can roll your belts into circles and place them in the collars to keep yourself looking sharp.
  2. Do you have too many charger cables and computer cords weaving through your luggage? Stuff them into a leftover toilet paper roll. Got bigger cables? Use a leftover kitchen paper tube.
  3. Before you hit the road, ladies, lay out each of your outfits on the bed (including accessories) and take pictures. This way you can save time getting dressed in the morning, and it’s much easier to find the perfect look for the perfect occasion.

​On the way there

  1. Looking for free Wi-Fi on your trip? Download the Foursquare app and search for “Wi-Fi Password”. Not only will you get a map with all the hotspots in your area, you’ll also have all the passwords at your fingertips.
  2. If you want to watch a movie on your iPhone, you don’t have to hold it in your hand for hours. Simply turn your sunglasses upside down and set your phone on top of your new, ingenious iPhone stand. Stuck in the back seat with nowhere to set your phone? Then put your iPhone in a sandwich bag and use paper clips to hang it from the headrest.

Settling in…

  1. Treat your family to an amazing cup of cocoa! First, get a cookie sheet and use a frosting funnel to create 15-20 swirls of cool whip. Put everything in the freezer. Then, throughout your stay you’ll always be ready to serve your family delicious cups of hot cocoa topped with perfect whipped cream swirls. Even better, you can take a Hershey’s chocolate bar and garnish everything with shaved chocolate flakes using a potato peeler!
  2. Helping your family hang Christmas lights? Why not make the lights dance to the holiday music?   Simply cut the male end off of a string of lights and wire it to the back of the stereo like you were adding another set of speakers. But please make sure to throw the leftover plug away. Re-attaching it later would be a huge fire hazard.

Before you go…

  1. Can’t think of what to get your family for Christmas? Why not give the gift of togetherness! Before you leave, make sure to take a photo with each of your family members. Then, when you get home, pick up some inexpensive frames, insert your favorite pictures and write a nice note on the back of each. Surprise everyone in your family with a warm reminder of your time together!

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7 years ago

Go to the Windows icon in the lower left. Click on to control panel, then press Network and internet. On that screen select Delete browsing history and cookies. Then you will see the browsing history and temporary file. Click on that and ok.

7 years ago
Reply to  RMP

How do you do it for a Mac laptop? (This is a great idea by the way. I’ve noticed how the prices keep going up on cars, hotels, and airfare, the more I search but didn’t know how to ditch the “tracker”)

Jane Scott
7 years ago
Reply to  Kathy

How do I delete trackers from a Mac, iPad, and/or iPhone

7 years ago

How do I, “Put your computer on incognito mode and clear the cache.”?

7 years ago
Reply to  Pewsbury

I was wondering the same thing – hope you get an answer!

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