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Trade Deal, Beto, Opportunist

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President Trump says not to worry about trade war with China, predicts a new deal will come soon. Also, Beto O’Rourke answers a question about life before birth that may shock you. Finally, a new contender for the 2020 Republican nomination steps into the spotlight.

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Bo Dalton

When we look at Walsh, all we see in his similar Joe Biden gene !!. Same demeanor, same lies, same lack of intelligence, same memory, same aspirations and the same ignorance as to what happening around him !! Sorry twin Joe-s, you don’t make the cut !.

Hal-E Photography

The Left wants to kill babies before and after birth all in the name of the woman’s right to choose. Murder is still murder (slaughter of innocents) even legally. We must be the voice of those who cannot yet speak for themselves.


It is shocking how many women are simply murderers.


I do not like Walsh, but his points about allowing Blacks to not meet the bars in various capacities because they are Black is exactly what the left has been doing. They even have Blacks living in separate dorms on campuses and celebrate it.

Dr. Covert

Praise the Lord for President Trump wiping out the Vet’s dept. This is the right thing for him to do for those who have given all for their country.


Please tell the commentator that “subosably” is NOT a word. The correct word it supposedly. This sort of mistakes makes you a target for the liberals!!!!


I think what Warren had to say has merit. I want companies either staying here or making it uneconomical to import from another country products that could be produced here.

Ron R Graham

Go Ben Go, love your weekly show

Greg Russell

O’Rourke threatens to ignite civil war by stating he would confiscate weapons from law-abiding American citizens. THIS IS the reason the Founders left us the Second Amendment. The British tried to confiscate weapons in 1775, and we all know how THAT worked out.

Alexander Love

Beto,Bito,Buto.No intelligence 💩