Town Hall Protestors Exposed

town hall protestorsIt seems like an organic grassroots movement fueled by righteous indignation.

It isn’t.

The swarms of angry liberals popping up at Republican congressional events, the “empty chair” town halls, the petitions demanding representatives meet with their constituents.

Yeah, a lot of that is one big phony political show, written by former aides to congressional Democrats and produced by some of the wealthiest liberal activists in the land.

And the mainstream media is eating it up.

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from - Townhall.com - by M.D. Kittle

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Tom Wilde
3 years ago

When are people going to WAKE UP to the fact that these are the tactics used by COMMUNISTS in their take-downs all over the planet for over 100 years now? WHEN??? I’ve given up trying to explain that to the Liberal trolls and stooges who eagerly grab that free Soros money to disrupt things. They just do not care nor do they comprehend what it is they do. But I cannot understand why our elected leaders do not acknowledge that. Don’t they know? Or are they too afraid to confront it? Or worse – are they part of it? For… Read more »

N. McDaniel
3 years ago

Paid protesters by Soros and ilk should be arrested!!! Trump will make a move soon!

Thomas Olszewski
3 years ago

Spring is here so hopefully the snowflakes will diappear.

3 years ago

We’ve belonged to the tea party since it’s inception–without ID cards or membership rosters or coached chanting–and I was on the hillside waving an American flag at the ‘Showdown in Searchlight’ to get rid of Harry Reid. It didn’t work that time, obviously, but the thousands of folks I met there were no different than us; we love America, we cherish our freedoms, we live by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and we will not go quietly into Obama’s darkness. We are not for sale Mr. Soros. All you can buy are the dregs, and we can whip… Read more »

mk g
3 years ago

Your new format is making reading the articles impossible. I’ll not come back here until you get rid of the menu at the top that keeps covering the content.

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