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Tough Questions for Joe Biden

BidenSo, let’s get this straight: A total of eight women have now accused presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden of “inappropriate touching” during his career. One has accused him of extended touching during her employment, concluding in an egregious sexual assault. Still, half a dozen possible female running mates and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorse him. So, where are the tough questions?

Faced with a detailed allegation of sexual assault, Mr. Biden remained silent for five weeks.  His campaign championed his record for women. Extraordinarily – likely a precondition to interviews – Mr. Biden was not asked about the assault in 10 interviews, until May 1.

On May 1, confronted with the allegation by Tara Reade, a Biden staff assistant between December 1992 and August 1993, Biden said:  “No, it’s not true… never, never happened.”

He added three non-answers. First, he said women “deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and when they step forward they should be heard,” but added stories “should be subject to appropriate inquiry and scrutiny.” Well, there’s a start.

Second, knowing the staffer has no copy of her complaint, Biden challenged someone to find a complaint. He professed no memory of any complaint against him, as “it was 27 years ago.” Notably, he did not deny knowing Reade, failed to say what “it” was, and offered no details.

Biden’s Senate records are held at the University of Delaware, which has said they will not be released. Biden said they “do not contain personnel files.” He would know, as he donated them. He could easily have neglected to include the complaint. It would be an admission against interest, and rather damning.  Biden might have concluded removal presented less risk than inclusion.  In any event, those records are – by decision of the University – sealed.

Biden deflected to the National Archives. Similarly, the Archives receives material presented by a retiring Senator or the Senate. Conveniently, the personnel office that would have taken Reade’s complaint no longer exists – nor apparently do any of its records.

Perhaps knowing this ahead of time, Biden offered: “If there was ever any such complaint, the record will be there.” Maybe not. Over the past five weeks, Biden’s team had time to explore.

This is all quite convenient, making Biden’s latest statements rather suspect. Said Biden: “I am prepared to do that… To the best of my knowledge there have been no complaints against me in terms of my Senate career, in terms of my office.” Yes, well maybe and maybe not.

Oddest of all, despite the specificity of Reade’s claim – sexual assault with criminal and civil implications, if true – Biden has not been asked the tough questions. He might have answers, but he has yet to be put on the spot. Why not?

Strikingly, reporters have not subjected Biden to lines of questioning he pressed on Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas and his Democrat colleagues pressed on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Why not?

To be specific, Mr. Biden should be asked – and might have been under oath if the statute of limitations had not run – some obvious questions. Examples:  Mr. Biden, the allegation includes extended touching of a young woman in your office during 1993. Do you recall this woman? Did you ever speak with her, about what? Why did you wait five weeks to respond to the allegation?

Did you ever touch her? If so, why, and how? Did she ever indicate not wanting to be touched? Were you ever alone with her? Did you ever pin her against a wall, and do what she alleges you did to her? Why do you think she suddenly left your office nine months after starting?

You indicate not remembering any complaint by her. Do you recall any female employees complaining about your behavior? Did anyone in Senate Personnel ever speak with you?

Do you recall that the same year this sexual assault is alleged to have occurred, you suddenly introduced the Violence Against Women Act?  You were in Congress 20 years before that – what motivated you to introduce that bill that year?  Why did you not speak on it before 1993?

When you introduced that bill, do you recall favorable reactions? Having recalled those reactions from 27 years ago – do you now recall this woman from that same time?

If a man is credibly accused of sexual assault by a woman, supported by attestations of others from the time, should her account be treated as presumptively true or untrue? If untrue, why? If true, in the context of seven other allegations against you, how do you disprove this allegation?

Stepping back from all this, Biden may not be able to prove his innocence and his latest accuser may not be able to prove the sexual assault. On the other hand, how a candidate reacts to a specific, time-fenced and serious allegation – in front of reporters, colleagues, and the American public – can be valuable.

That is why this issue is not going away, regardless of endorsements of Biden by possible female running mates and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who says she is not to be “lectured.” A presumptive nominee owes candor. The public can then decide. For that to happen, tough questions must be asked. So far, they have not been.

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2 years ago

In Goping, Groping Joe’s own word , “Believe the women, we must believe the women.”

2 years ago

Listen folks almosr ANY question is difficult for Creepy, Gropey Joe to answer! He has limited gray matter aka a huge deficiency of intellect to UNDERSTAND the question?

Allen Doss
2 years ago

Scariest part is he can probably pass a polygraph because he can’t remember what state he’s in, which one is his wife and what he had for breakfast. Sad. Very sad but NOT a person to run our nation.

Word of Truth
2 years ago

If Creepy Joe is lucky there will be no presidential debates.

Glenda Lowenthal
2 years ago

I’ve noticed touching of females by Joe Biden on TV. He seems to take advantage of women when he knows they can’t speak up. I’ve seen their facial expressions and they look mortified and embarassed. I especially remember Bo Bergdol’s mother being touched by VP Biden when Obama hosted his parents at the White House. Check it out.

2 years ago

Creepy Uncle Joe… There have so many creepy fondlings in public that is easy to believe accusations of private misconduct. And how would he remember any particular incident, especially considering he obvious dementia.

2 years ago

Creepy Joe videos of him groping women and really young female children were all over the internet during his tenure as vice president. You might do an internet search and find them when he was doing ceremonies . They might be taken down by lefty google and u tube by now.

2 years ago

tRump must be ousted at all costs. Its too late to impeach him so the only alternative is to defeat him in November. Even though Joe Biden is fraile, senile, and a known serial deviant for decades, his conduct must be concealed and covered up. It is essential that he be the next POTUS in order to reinstate the Swamp Creatures of the Deep State to return the “normalcy” of the decline of America so that Uncle Joe can be a puppet of Hillary, Podesta, Valerie Jordan, the Obamas governing behind the curtins of the Oval Office. Vote Democrat because there must be open borders, unlimited immigration and entry of terrorists, spies, saboteurs, disease infected souls, and impoverished unskilled people with nothing to contribute except criminal depravity and drain on our social services and safety network. Rich working middle class Americans can afford to sacrifice their savings and government services for the greater good as seen by the Elite Establishment billionare$ who know better. Otherwise be a ‘racist’ (name calling wins the argument) zenophobic Deplorable and vote for President Trump to MAGA & KAG !. Long live the Republic.

a mom
2 years ago

I understand Tara filed a police report; has any one check with the PD?

2 years ago

AH, I think Biden is guilty, but Alas. He lies like any Dimocrat does,!! CNN AND OTHERS WILL IGNORE THE FACTS?

2 years ago

I don’t like ANY 20 year post event claims of this nature against ANYONE. if you have an assualt, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY.
If you don’t. Put up or shut up and keep your peace.
This slander of people of the Male gender ( even the despicable Biden) long long after an alleged event has got to stop, in the Courtroom in a slander/ libel action if necessary.

The War on Men and Manhood by the FemiNazi Element of the DNC has got to stop. It’s a sick twisted cult of Neo Maoist- Betty Friedan Femidoms who hate the X chromosome in any form, and purport in their Cult to be a Superior Species; sick sick philosophy.
Joe Biden has enough current faults to fill pages and pages of diatribe without using the slanderous tactics of Leftist Feminists: no evidence, guilty because the plaintif says so, ECT.

James W.
2 years ago

There are two points I keep thinking should be considered, not just for Biden, but for all public servants. #1 – Any person who runs for public office should lose the privilege of the smokescreen called sealed records. Once a person runs for office all of their records should be unsealed and made public, and their ability to have records sealed in the future should be forfeited. #2 – Pleading the fifth amendment when testifying should not be applicable where affairs of the government are concerned.

Pat R
2 years ago

A court record was discovered made by her then-husband. In it he recounted what she’d told him and the fact she was having nightmares. Perhaps since nothing was ever done about it was why she suddenly quit. Also her former neighbor relayed to NPR that Reade had told her of the experience back then as well.

Sharon Kasper
2 years ago

Great article about Biden and his accusations. He needs to be peppered with questions

E. Fletcher
2 years ago

We’ve all seen and heard comments about Biden’s groping, touching and suggestive mannerisms on videos. Personally, the man makes my skin crawl. He was even caught on a live mic and video as he spoke to Obama stating that “this is a big f——-g deal”. What class! What integrity from one of the “elites”. I believe that Goofy Joe has Brian damage from too many TIA’s. MAGA

2 years ago

He’s a toucher, as anyone can see if you watch him in some of his previous news clips, guess it just depends on whether he expects something when he dies it or is he just creepy to start with

2 years ago

Birds of a feather flock together!
Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden flocked together and he looked up to TK.!!

2 years ago

To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.

2 years ago

“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”—


Leonard Stuart
2 years ago

Great to be a Democratic Politician in these United States anything goes,there are no consequences. They have no shame scruples decency.
Biden many times said that he likes little girls sitting on his lap that is not normal. DO YOU WANT THIS CREEP IN THE WHITE HOUSE????????
wake up America.

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