“Total Anarchy”: Media Now Encouraging and Politicians Tolerating Left-wing Terrorism

protest violent Antifa anarchy terrorismAs the terrorist who attacked the ICE facility “and the many other heroic comrades before him have made clear, there are many ways to fight back against a violent fascist regime. Perhaps it’s time for more of us to put our thinking caps on.” This line wasn’t disgorged by an Antifa group, but by Teen Vogue “labor columnist” and NPR correspondent Kim Kelly. Kelly likened the now-deceased terrorist (shot by police), Willem Van Spronsen, to WWII partisans who fought the Nazis.

She’s not alone. Columnist and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King called the 69-year-old Van Spronsen the “first martyr attempting to liberate imprisoned refugees,” implying that he was like John Brown, the abolitionist who led the Harpers Ferry raid in 1859.

Also, incredibly, Van Spronsen — a self-identified Antifa member who attacked the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington, on Saturday armed with an AR-15 rifle and incendiary devices — “appears to have been part of a May 5 episode of CNN’s United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell,” reports Fox News.

Bell called the Antifa terrorists “‘good guys,’ going to a gun range with members and even questioning why ‘more white people’ don’t share their viewpoints.” Bell also could be seen on the show admiring one Antifa member’s weapons (Monday Fox News segment on CNN and Bell below).

Meanwhile, it doesn’t appear that even one Democrat presidential candidate has condemned Van Spronsen’s attack, and Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) notably refused to do so when asked about it recently.

While this may not be surprising from a woman who dismissed 9/11 as an event in which “some people did something,” the issue is that the mainstream Left in general doesn’t condemn the Tacoma attack. Why not?

Because, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson put it Monday evening, “They’re on board with it.… Just a few weeks ago, the New York Times published an op-ed calling ICE agents complicit in ‘mass atrocities,’” he pointed out — “and then called for ICE agents to have their names and home addresses publicized” (video below).

This is how you foment unrest and violence (and revolution). It’s said that “the pen is mightier than the sword” because words are powerful — and can have serious consequences. Note here that in a manifesto he left behind, Van Spronsen echoed Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ likening of ICE facilities to Nazi “concentration camps.”

Imagine this rhetoric’s power. If you thought Nazis were taking over your nation, might you not assume it was justifiable to stop them by any means necessary?

This demagoguery’s fruits were apparent before President Trump was even elected, too, with Antifa’s and other leftists’ vandalism and attacks on Trump supporters. Then there was the congressional baseball shooting perpetrated by Bernie Sanders follower James Hodgkinson in June 2017. As radio host Bill Mitchell put it at the time, “The Left in this country is ushering in a new #CultureOfViolence where violent hate is the new normal.”

Illustrating another aspect of this phenomenon is the story of one of its latest victims, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.). Tuesday night, he shared with Tucker Carlson a recording of the following vile threat:

Gaetz, you pathetic piece of s***, do you know that I could blow your f***ing head clean off your shoulders from over a mile away? Watch your back, b****, you pathetic little piece of s***. You got your head so far up Trump’s a**, I could still take it off your shoulders. F*** you, Gaetz. I’m coming after you, b****.

Note here that it’s illegal to threaten a federal official, that Gaetz’ family was targeted as well, and that the FBI has identified the suspect. The result?

The “U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California deemed the matter ‘a non-threat’ and would not pursue a case,” reports Fox News.

Are officials this cavalier when Democrats are threatened?

In point of fact, this merely reflects how liberal state and local governments have long been giving Antifa and other leftists free rein to attack conservatives.

So now you know why left-wing terrorists are so bold. Case in point: A Facebook Antifa page writes, “When our good friend and comrade Willem Van Spronsen took a stand against the fascist detention center in Tacoma, he became a martyr who gave his life to the struggle against fascism,” reported Heavy.com. “He was kind and deeply loved by many communities; we cannot let his death go unanswered.”

Yet there’s an answer all should demand: Why is Antifa still allowed to operate on Facebook when commentator Alex Jones was banned from the platform for being a “hatemonger”? Note also that Facebook just hit The John Birch Society with a “hate speech” violation — which includes censorship of a post and suspension of video monetization — for using the words “Immigrant Invasion” on a magazine cover.

So let’s paint a picture: Leftist goons attack and threaten conservatives, while media encourage them, Big Tech facilitates them, and politicians and law enforcement look the other way — all in an effort to quash political opposition.

So tell me again: Who are the fascists?

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Selwyn Duke

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Jim Rus

ANYONE wearing a mask to cover their identity should be escorted to the nearest jail.

Jack Thomas

Once again, the author — like those before him in related AMAC articles — makes a solid case for outlawing Antifa nationwide as a domestic terrorist organization. Why President Trump hasn’t yet done this is puzzling. Why his Republican base hasn’t yet openly demanded it is also puzzling and troubling. The liberal Left media is clearly in the tank for Antifa which helps to reinforce its own political agenda. No big surprise there. But where is the outrage from the conservative Right? Thoughts, anyone?

GySgt. Joseph E. Barlow Jr USMC (Ret)

This is what our children are learning, K–their last years of college. We must take back our education system, our government, and most importantly our Nation. Vote and watch our voting places for cheating. Speak out against news outlets that foster this as main stream America, watch you local news paper, as here in our town/county, the news paper is controlled by left lean people, one of which is a veteran (US Army), but still left.

I hate to use the term use your voice, (a very liberal term), but we must. Stand ready to call the people out who would destroy our Nation and our way of life.


Antifa has been a left wing terror organization since its beginning and it is time they are dealt with as such. Plenty of space still in Gitmo.

Rick J.

If you don’t own firearms; buy some , learn how to use them, and be prepared. Better a dead leftist,
than you or some one you love! If the democrats (leftists) aren’t stopped now all hell is going to break loose.

Todd Taylor

How we treat terrorist outside our country should be the same way we treat homegrown terrorist within our nation; take ANIFA down along with anyone funding or supporting an overthrown of our governments; the Constitution does not protect anarchy. As far as the media, that encourage such behavior, the precedent to apply is the Sedition Act of 1798 . ANIFA and the liberal, bias media represents a clear and present danger. Precedent cases: CASE A: Debs v. United States, (1919), CASE B: Frohwerk v. United States, (1919), CASE C: Gitlow v. New York, (1925) It is time to silence the violence.

Ed LaPinskas

In case you have’nt figured it out, war as been declared by the bozo’s.

Walter S Cable

Has ANTIFA attacked anywhere other than leftist controlled cities? I don’t follow their activities that closely, but I do not recall any news of them in conservative areas. Please come to East Tennessee. My red neck friends and I would LOVE to meet you! We miss you when you are away. But, we will not miss you if you come for a visit.

Stephen Russell

Lock & Load time, ready rock salt shotguns, Mace, pepper spray, etc.
Play dirty time now. OK Need Bikers for Trump in force

Michael Kennedy

Declare Antife a domestic terrorist organization.

Anthony Green

A cival war is just around the corner. I am ready.

Big Al

They haven’t figured out a way to turn it into a need for donations or, more importantly, a way to raise taxes for it. Like everything the Left wants to do they cannot find a way to tear it down themselves so they are relying on others to do it for them.

Skeptic Al

The left is largely composed liars, cheats, thieves, criminals, low lifes, vulgar, vile, perverse, violent, despicable and ruthless thugs and tyrants… other than that they have no good qualities…

Josephine pooley

Just cannot believe this is going on in my country! Pray Christian’s pray! The enemy is coming in like a flood bit the Lord will raise a standard against him that he will NOT overcome!


And our Governor Murphy in NJ wants to remove our guns? What? So these punks are the only ones carrying assault weapons? Is he kidding? This is a time for all people to BUY guns, load ‘em & lock ‘em! Our hands are tied!! We need some kind of protection from illegal aliens in our state and all these crazies! Seems like it’s not just a NJ problem but becoming a nationwide disease that should be immediately exterminated!!


There has got to be someone on the Hill who can stop this outright terrorism. If our government can’t or won’t, who can?

Barbara Lynch

I see a Revolution in our future.


Egging them on, from behind if course. They learned well from Obama.

Burton Paully

These so-called folks who can’t take defeat in the political runs for office , and want to put fear into our nation are nothing more than a cowardly mob of Treasonous punks, who hide behind masks because they fear that their identity may be revealed. The cities, states, and federal laws should be made to jail them, and fine them for their man made havoc.


These Antifa attacks are just the start and they, the leftist are waiting for the right to strike back so they can blame any violence on the right! That’s what these demons do! They start things and then blame any fallout on the other side, demonizing the other side so the ignorant out there who don’t pay attention, once again will believe that the right is evil! That’s their game! Always goat the other side to act and then label them racists, evil, nazis, white supremacist, and now violent, never taking responsibility for starting everything violent!! That’s why I think Congress isn’t doing anything. If they do, they will be labeled and they don’t want that with re-election coming up. The problem with all this is that it takes away the fight from the right to do anything. I’m waiting for Antifa to actually blow up some folks (hate to… Read more »