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Top Gun: Maverick and the Celebration of America’s Determination to Be the Best

AMAC Exclusive – By Seamus Brennan

Top Gun

On Monday, Top Gun: Maverick officially passed Titanic to become the 7th-highest grossing film ever at the domestic box office, just the latest record broken by this reboot of the 1986 classic. In an age of militant Hollywood wokeism, conservatives have been quick to note that Maverick’s success is due in large part to its unambiguous patriotism– as Elle Reynolds of The Federalist put it, the film is “nostalgia for American greatness.”

Maverick’s cultural significance in 2022 is best understood in light of two previous films: the original Top Gun, and a lesser known but equally memorable film, An Officer and a Gentleman, which was released 40 years ago this summer. Both films explore themes that are captured brilliantly in Maverick and are acutely relevant today; namely, the striving for individual excellence and the value of national achievement – as opposed to the robotic left-wing dogma of viewing individual action through the lens of “privilege” and “oppression” and viewing national action through a prism of systemic racism.   

An Officer and a Gentleman follows main character Zack Mayo’s (Richard Gere) journey through Aviation Officer Candidate School. Trying to leave behind a troubled past (his mother committed suicide during his childhood, and his father, with whom he lives at the beginning of the film, is a womanizing alcoholic) Mayo hopes to make something of himself by becoming a Navy pilot. Mayo’s time in training is defined predominantly by his perpetual struggle of body, mind, and spirit as he clashes with his hardcore drill instructor, Sergeant Emil Foley (Louis Gossett, Jr.). At one point in the film, with Foley on the brink of expelling Mayo as a candidate, Mayo breaks down: “Don’t you do it! Don’t! You… I got nowhere else to go! I got nowhere else to… I got nothin’ else.”

In Trumpian terms, the film is an ode to the struggle of the working men and women who are the very foundation of American strength. Richard Gere’s character in Officer and a Gentleman serves as an example of what it means to serve in the United States military – what it takes to carry out the sacred duty of serving a higher cause. In the course of the film, Mayo’s worldview develops from one of self-interest and self-absorption into one of selflessness, sacrifice, and honor. Through the crucible of training and personal loss, Mayo arrives at the realization that life’s richest blessings come not from pursuit of shallow self-interest, but rather from serving something greater than himself. With this new and hard won perspective, Mayo is able to declare his love and commitment to Paula Pokrifki (Debra Winger), the working-class local girl he had met and dated during officer candidate school, and carry her off into the future of happily-ever-after.   

Four years after the release of Officer and a Gentleman, Top Gun hit theatres in May 1986. Top Gun’s release came five years into President Ronald Reagan’s historic presidency, in which he laid bare the evils of the Soviet Union and rallied the American people and our allies behind a noble crusade to defend civilization and democratic self-government and defeat communism. In many ways, Top Gun showcased the vision of individual and national greatness of the Reagan era. We learned at the beginning of the original movie, and its sequel, that Tom Cruise’s Maverick is at Top Gun Aviation School because he is “the best of the best.” And in the course of each movie, the best of the best fighter pilots put their lives on the line to defend their nation and their fellow citizens from harm – based on the implicit and accepted understanding that the American nation, its people, and its way of life are worth fighting and dying for.

Fast-forward to 2022, and our nation and our military leaders are consumed by pronoun wars, inundated with Critical Race Theory, and concerned with understanding nebulous left-wing buzzwords like “white rage.” Rather than upholding shared values and celebrating what makes individuals and our country great, so many of our political leaders today are constantly apologizing for America and teaching our people to do the same. In this light, Maverick stands less as a testament to our present moment and more as a countercultural battle cry.

Where Officer and the original Top Gun film were accurate indicators of the nation’s prevailing attitude at the times they were released, Maverick is instead an indicator of the kind of nation the American people still believe in, want to live in, and have their national leaders celebrate and represent once again.

As Maverick’s stunning box office success shows, good patriotic storytelling – not the avalanche of woke anti-American films being released on a seemingly weekly basis – is what American moviegoers want to see. Though our Hollywood elites may be too blinded by hatred of America to see this truth, it’s quite obvious to the rest of us.

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5 months ago

Movies are great to watch but they are not real life. The two movies mentioned show Hollywood’s fantasy of – renegade officers. Both are very good and entertaining movies but, none the less, this is make believe. Do similar things like this happen in real life? Absolutely, but there’s a lot more involved to get there. Leadership isn’t about stars and eagles, it’s about NCOs and field grade officers – that’s where the leadership is. Well, that’s where it was when we selected demonstrated leadership potential and performance over race, gender and sexual orientation. If you want the best, you have to select the best – we don’t do that anymore in the military, in business or college selection. Now we make the list of qualified, then we balance the selection to include equal numbers in all of the categories. We no longer take the cream of the crop, we take the best selection in each of the required categories to give every category a chance to advance and we leave the better candidates to find civilian jobs – that pay a lot better.

5 months ago

In different times, this movie would have resulted in increased recruitment in the military. However, the military is a leadership driven organization, and since there currently is no leadership, there is no one to follow! The kind of people who should be in the military will not join under the current administration. Put a patriot (Trump) back in charge, dismiss the woke generals, and the military will get back on track.

Bill T
5 months ago

If it wasn’t for our brave founders and all other great patriotic Americans that loved and fought for and gave up their lives to allow our country to even exist, those filthy rich and disgusting Hollywood woke racist haters of America wouldn’t even be here. How dare these Marxist and hypocritical cowards even be allowed to have anything to say or do in regards to our country. There a huge problem along with all these other leftist progressive liberals. They are quick to reap the rewards off the backs of our true American citizens and then do everything possible to defame and destroy our country.

5 months ago

Mindless drones assure that there will be not sequel to Maverick. While I love the fact that drones
avoid ( so far) death of our own, we need to see the result of the human effort as we see in Maverick. Ayatola terrorists I’m sure hate to see that drones have caused their war to shift away from US troop casualties to a contest of who can blow up the most buildings.

Jerry Poronsky
5 months ago

No Surprise here. The elitists think their opinion is dominant, they’re out of touch and the extreme left press keeps feeding their ego.

5 months ago

Hollywood was shocked by its success at the box office. They couldn’t underdstand why a movie with no emphasis on “woke culture”, no endless screeds about diversity, gender fluidity, wall-to wall social justice issues being pounded into the movie goer’s heads every second was a major hit with audiences. Especially with a film that didn’t paint the United States as the center of h*ll on earth.

It definiteky did NOT conform to the new focus of Hollywood of cranking out completely incoherent dreck for the woke east and west coast Millennials. After all, with a very few minor exceptions, most films and TV shows today are little more than woke propaganda from start to finish. So this has been a real head scratcher for the Hollywood movie execs. Why oh why would a movie NOT bashing the United States non-stop for being the center of all that is wrong with the world be so successful? I’m sure it will be months, if not years before Hollywood figures it out.

anna hubert
5 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

I wonder if they have mental capacity to make a movie about the life without the existence of the United States I don’t mean post , but had it never come to existence

Jim Towns
5 months ago

What a well written article. I enjoyed reading it, and agree wholeheartedly with its message. Thank you, and thank you for AMAC. I’m glad I switched from AARP a couple of years ago

5 months ago

I loved this movie! It was more than what is spoken about in this article. It covered all the good things in life that we fight for, our country, forgiveness, mistakes, duty, going all out, sacrifice, and topped off with a commitment to Love! All the things that embrace humanity. I highly recommend it!!!

Deb Rockwell
5 months ago

I hope it opens the door for new, America-loving, patriotic studios/producers/artists to release movies with some class, respect, and values, and clean up at the box office while the other woke Hollyweird types go broke and bankrupt.

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