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Top Democrats Want to Take Over the Senate to Take Over Elections to Take Over America


‘The last time Senate Democrats were in the minority, 32 of them signed a letter demanding the legislative filibuster stay in place. Now many of them say they want to break our institution. The excuses put forward for this behavior are fake. The supposed justifications are simply false. The Senate Democratic leaders are trying to use a Big Lie to bully and berate their own members into breaking their word, breaking the rules, and breaking the Senate.’

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding Democrats’ radical Senate takeover:

“This week, on this floor, we are poised to witness something that has never happened before in living memory: An attempt to attack the core identity of the Senate by a sitting Senate Majority Leader.

“The senior Senator from New York once said nuking the filibuster would, ‘turn what the Founding Fathers called the cooling saucer of democracy into the rubber stamp of dictatorship.’ He said it would ‘make this country into a banana republic… a doomsday for democracy.’ Now he wants to trigger that doomsday himself.

“When I was Majority Leader, some in my own party urged me to break the Senate for our own party’s short-term gain. My answer was one word: ‘No.’

“Less than four years ago, the senior Senator from Illinois said nuking the legislative filibuster, ‘would be the end of the Senate as it was originally devised and created going back to our Founding Fathers.’ Now he wants the Senate to end on his watch.

“The last time Senate Democrats were in the minority, 32 of them signed a letter demanding the legislative filibuster stay in place. Now many of them say they want to break our institution.

“The excuses put forward for this behavior are fake.

“The supposed justifications are simply false.

“The Senate Democratic leaders are trying to use a Big Lie to bully and berate their own members into breaking their word, breaking the rules, and breaking the Senate.

“We’re going to spend all week sounding the alarm on the radical takeovers that some Democrats want to pull off.

“They want to silence millions of Americans and take over the Senate… so they can take over elections… so they can take over America.


“Leading Democrats say they want to break the Senate because of a sinister anti-voting plot that is sweeping America. This is totally fake. It does not exist.

“The current control of Congress and the White House were decided in 2020 by the highest turnout in 120 years. 94% of voters said voting was easy.

“More Americans say current voting laws are too lax than say they are too restrictive.

“Confronted by the facts, the Democratic Leader says they’re irrelevant. He says his entire nuclear push is occasioned by what a few states did in 2021.

“But this is nonsense. The Senator from New York has been publicly laying groundwork to nuke the Senate rules since 2019.

“More than a year before the 2020 election, the Democratic Leader was openly flirting with nuking the Senate rules if he got power, so he’d be able to ram through bigger changes.

“None of this was occasioned by what state legislatures did in 2021. This is a years-long quest for power in search of a pretext.

“And their hysterical attacks on state laws are fake as well.

“The state of Georgia passed a voting law providing for more in-person early voting than New York provides. It allows for no-excuse absentee voting, which New York prohibits.

“If there was not a voting crisis in Democrat-run New York six months ago, there is no crisis in Georgia now.

“If Georgia is a banana republic today, than New York has been and still is a banana republic. There is zero logic here. Zero consistency.

“In the state of Texas, Democrats are hysterical because the state rolled back some unusual, COVID-specific exceptions to their prior procedures, such as universal drive-through voting and 24-hour voting.

“If the bar for voting rights now requires the possibility of voting in person at 3:00am, how many blue states in America meet that bar?

“Neither of those things existed in Texas before 2020 and neither widely exists in blue states.

“Every hysterical claim that our democracy is in crisis rings hollow.

“More Americans today say that President Biden’s election was legitimate than said the same about the prior president in late 2017!

“Yet Democrats are trying to use their fake hysteria to justify breaking Senate rules so they can seize control of elections in all 50 states.

“Historically, the Senate has taken up elections legislation on a careful, bipartisan basis. We’ve made sure not to trample on the rights of voters and the proper roles of local officials.

“In 2002, we passed the Help America Vote Act by a vote of 92-2. The only dissenting votes came from then-Senator Hillary Clinton and the current Democratic Leader.

“That’s how you pass election reform if there are actual issues that need tackling. Carefully. Thoughtfully. Bipartisan. Committee work. Regular order.

“Our colleagues aren’t doing anything like that.

“They’re trying to ram through sweeping, partisan legislation which they first drafted and introduced in its first iteration in 2019.

“Democrats say they’re concerned about efforts to disempower the appropriate local elections officials. It is their bills that would disempower local officials, by Washington Democrats appointing themselves the entire country’s Board of Elections on steroids.

“Democrats say they’re concerned about overturning election results. It is their bills that would overturn election results — overruling the commonsense voting laws that citizens across the country have picked for their own states.

“Case in point: The Democrats’ latest bill would force the entire country to adopt two practices — same-day registration and no-excuse absentees — that the citizens of New York State had as ballot measures last November. And New York rejected both of them!

“Why are Washington Democrats refusing to accept the decision of New York voters? Why are they trying to set aside these election results and overturn the people’s will?

“Our Democratic colleagues have also talked about a so-called ‘voting rights’ bill. This is a bill to turn the partisan Attorney General into a national elections czar. The Attorney General would no longer have to sue states and win in court; he could end-run around the legal system and push states around without having to persuade a judge first.

“I’m sure our Democratic colleagues would have reacted well if Republicans had tried to break Senate rules so that Bill Barr could micromanage elections in blue states. I’m sure that would have gone swimmingly on their side of the aisle.


“But ultimately, Madam President, the issues at stake this week run even deeper than the fake hysteria. Even deeper than voting laws.

“Breaking the Senate and nuking the filibuster would cause a massive political power outage for many millions of American citizens. For entire states.

“The filibuster is not just about what bills are blocked. It is the sole feature that gives millions of Americans any voice at all in all the legislation that does pass whenever there is one-party control.

“Annual appropriations. Government funding bills. The NDAA. Rescue packages like the CARES Act.

“For decades, both Senators and citizens have been able to take for granted that everybody gets a voice, even when we don’t have divided government.

“If this unique feature of the Senate is blown up, millions and millions of Americans’ voices will cease to be heard in this chamber.

“A radical Senate takeover… for a radical elections takeover… for a radical takeover of our nation’s future.

“What the Democratic Leader wants to do would not protect our democracy or our system of government.

“It would destroy a key feature of American government. Forever.

“And Senators on both sides know it.”

Reprinted with Permission from - Mitch McConnell by - Mitch McConnell

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5 months ago

the communist march continues and the useful(useless) idiots dont see it!

5 months ago

This takeover began in earnest when Obama was elected and has slowily but increasingly accelerated to the total destruction of our nation! America’s needs to wake up NOW.

5 months ago
Reply to  Phyllis

And I still do NOT believe Obummer was born in Hawaii!

5 months ago

Newsflash, they have already taken over the country, Do you see what’s happening?

Steven H
5 months ago

The Democrats are so hungry for power and control that they will do anything to get total control. Many people feel disenfranchised with our political system and this change will do nothing to improve or restore American’s faith in our system.

5 months ago
Reply to  Steven H

ANYTHING is correct!!! NOTHING is beneath them when it comes to getting their way!!

5 months ago

this democrats are bunch of losers, they will sell their soul to win

5 months ago
Reply to  MJP

They already have

5 months ago

Mitchy the Kid should know better than anyone that there is no majority in the Senate. Why would he want to downplay his own role?

5 months ago

If the democrats “nuke” the filibuster, might it not be time for a do-over of the Civil War? or perhaps we should call it the 2nd American Revolution.

USN Retired
5 months ago

If you like communism, follow Biden and the Democrats. If you enjoy your freedom, it’s time to vote, impeach and or protest, and throw them out!

Patricia A Arsenault
5 months ago

Let’s pray this does not happen :(

5 months ago

Hillary Clinton has no moral compass. She is a true Fascist. She wants so much to tell everyone what to do. Hillary the Terrible a dictator. She has no shame!!!

5 months ago
Reply to  BAE

Another “home run for the integrity of this country. Hilary should have been tried for treason years ago, after her “servergate” episode

5 months ago
Reply to  BAE

Had any Republican or conservative/moderate politician in Washington mishandled top secret classified information like hillary did, they would be in prison right now and would remain there for a very long time!! Instead, the “media” ignored it and, instead, they and the dimocrats wanted her to run for President! That’s how damn corrupt the “media” and the dimocrats are! People should think about that for awhile.

Pete from St Pete
5 months ago

Any congressman who actually votes for this change in our voting laws is exposing him or herself as an enemy of our constitutional republic and should henceforth be considered as such.

5 months ago

Face it, the Dems are going sour and will be gone in just a few months.

5 months ago

There seems to be no way to get rid of Hillary Clinton in the field of politics. She should have been tried for her illegal activities in her Senate era. I guess some diseases are so persistent that it is near impossible to get rid of them in a decent way. Maybe a present of a new broomstick for her garage or home illegal computer would be an enticement for her not to attempt to run. The very thought of HRC running at any level of politics is gut-wrenching.

George Washington's Admirer
5 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Barf inducing too! She wants a more ‘CONTROLLED’ Internet. (She is an expert on all
illegality; on the Internet, you know.) This should be her new assignment in the
hybrid commie administration.

5 months ago

The guiding goal of the Democrap Party is to change the governance of American to a hybrid form of Communism where the Democrap Party rules, not governs, the Nation. In most Nation that have a Communistic form of governance either religion or a partisan military power group forces it and/or runs it. In this Nation, the Democrap Party is using a false flag justification, overseas millionaire sources, Chinese and Russian interference, and a dumass Delunaware politician and his comrade puppet masters to force the coup beginning with a rigged election.

George Washington's Admirer
5 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Spot on!…These lowlife leeches are definitely a form of ‘hybrid Communism.’ Boggles The Mind!

5 months ago

Ole Mitch M needs to speak louder, stronger, better for all of our sakes or he’s toast. He always appears to be a push over and never digs his heels in to really fight for us. What a whimp in my opinion. Why can’t we have someone in position with a backbone instead of this Tippy Turtle looking old coot?

5 months ago
Reply to  45ROCKS

IMO Ole Mitch is too old, and it shows, to do the public will with focus, consistency, and energy. He needs to be put to pasture with a duly elected Republican from KY. He borders on the RINO classification IMO. But that is KY’s function to remedy this to their citizens choice.

Tim Toroian
5 months ago

If that happens SHTF!

5 months ago


5 months ago

I have been witness to the depravity of the Democrat Party since Obama to the present. Our society is now comprised of innumerable people who lack critical thinking; a great number of them are simply inattentive as well.

The Democrat Party has now revealed their hand in full. This coming midterm election will reflect how much our society has wisened up; if the results still show strong support for Democrats, woe to us for our downfall is truly at hand.

Myrna Wade
5 months ago

Senator Schumer bellowing “We will change America” is confirmation that the narrow win of all the power has brought the country to a similar cliff to what happened to our forefathers in during the 19th century. The South found the tariffs would make it impossible for any Southern farmers to ever gain financially (or even survive). Tax credit for all state and local taxes is a similar power grab and Schumer, of course, wants to restore it. Using the 2nd covid stimulus money to restore the retirement funds of places like Chicago, some of this result was realized. But issues such as tax money going to Plan Parenthood for abortions provided a spark of shock to the conscience of citizens who have consciences. The number of issues has increased. The democrats are seen to be trying to ride the slimmest majority to dominate the country without resolution of any of the issues or even compromise. There is no compromise. At some point, this will ignite trouble worse than the 2020 presidential election.

Marie Langley
5 months ago

As Mark Levin eloquently said the other day, “The biggest danger to this country is not China, Russia, or the Middle East. It is the Democrats. They are destroying this country from within while these other countries just sit back and watch”.
I am ashamed that I live in this time and am seeing this happen. My parents and grandparents are rolling over in their graves.

5 months ago
Reply to  Marie Langley

Your parents or grandparents would have likely dealt with the problem by now. Americans have unfortunately largely become sheep unable to do anything but complain. This nation wasn’t founded by whiners or sheep. It it were, we would still be a colony of England today.

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