Top 5 Things Learned at CPAC

By Jedediah Bila

I spent last Friday and Saturday in DC at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. It was a blast. I spent quite a bit of time at the AMAC booth, did some fun radio and online spots, listened to a few fabulous speeches, introduced a screening of The Undefeated, and got to meet many wonderful grassroots activists and people who have been so supportive of my work.

So, it’s time for my “Top 5 Things Learned at CPAC.” (Come on, folks, you saw that coming.)

5. Almost every time someone approached me for a photo or asked me to sign a book or a picture, they were also screaming “Red Eye!” I’m pretty much convinced that Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy and Bill Schulz are taking over the world and we just don’t know it yet. Consider yourselves warned.

4. The folks at Amac rock in so many ways. First off, the ladies wore some of the most incredible stars and stripes I have ever seen. They have the best patriotic sunglasses EVER. Secondly, George and Smokey exemplify what my dad calls “good, old-fashioned gentlemen.” Everyone was welcoming and pretty fantastic. Now I just have to get Dan Weber to realize that they need to do an event on the beach in Florida and have me as a guest. Just kidding, Dan! Well, kind of.

3. The conservative youth is fired up. Barack Obama, the under-30 age bracket has had enough. They are energetic, passionate, driven, and don’t like you stripping away their liberties. They are prepared to fight to preserve them. The next time someone asks me about the future of our country, I will take a minute to think of the young conservatives I met last weekend and likely reply with, “You know what? I think we’re going to be just fine.”

2. Sarah Palin has not lost her thunder. Nor has she lost her ability to touch people’s hearts and minds when she speaks, to connect with regular Americans, and to excite a crowd. She gave a killer speech. I stand by what I said when I first began paying attention to her and researching her record—this woman is capable of some pretty big things. It’s up to her what path she chooses, but it is still clear to me that she’s holding all of the keys to her success right in her own hands.

1. My readers, viewers, and supporters are absolutely awesome. What an incredible honor to have gotten to meet so many of you. Your enthusiasm and commitment inspire me more than you know. And how wonderful to be able to connect faces with so many names!

So, there you have it. Oh, just one more thing. Guess who I was most asked about at CPAC? That’s right, my Emma. I keep telling you, folks—she’s the star. I’m just the sidekick!

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kelvinc13 on November 3, 2011 Look farowrd to seeing you this year at our Image Style Studio stand, bringing Hollywood to Perth.


rickiZEbabe on August 30, 2011 i like how i am quiet possitive about meylsf. i don’t go around saying i’m fat’ i’m ugly’ yes i’m not the prettiest girl and i know what i would like to change about meylsf, but i still think i am quiet pretty xx


When is the next CPAC?


A great RedEye following is a significant improvement over, say, a John Stewart following. It also shows that Americans have a good sense of humor, albeit, oddball.

Roy Dietrich

Sarah Palin needs to run for Congress or the preferably the Senate to establish a more compelling conservative leadership resume. I think she could become the next Ronald Reagan.

Matthew Rensen

I want to see comments about what is being planed, what strategies are being used etc. I don’t give a hoot about “red eye” or what the fashion was.


AS FOR EMMA,,, We humans think we own our pets,,, BUT~! Our pets know the right of it,,, THEY own US,,, and let us THINK we own them,,,


Thank you for your kind comments about Gov. Palin. Recently I had been under the (obviously mistaken) impression that you didn’t like her any more. I’m glad I was wrong.


Thanks, Jedediah! I couldn’t make it, but did see some of the speeches.

Peter Lake

Thanks, JB, for the five items, but the thought of Bill Shultz taking over……OMG : -)
Bring Emma on the air and sic her on Bill, please.

But Red Eye’s a fine show, although time-shifting’s usually the only way to see it.
And yes, the three regulars have fine wits and are a welcome balance to the Daily Show.

In order to keep some of that youthful enthusiasm I think the supporters of Ron Paul have to be encouraged and heard.
Even though he runs off the rails from time to time, he’s still got points that have to be heeded and not summarily dismissed.

Good luck…..hang in.

Rick Bulow

I wish I were there to meet you. Did you do any Google Plus hangouts (or do you even have Google Plus)?

O. P. Ditch

Great meeting you at the Sarah Palin Supporter Birthday Meetup on Friday night. See our Pic in case you missed it: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150775457173986&set=a.10150411515118986.442559.818823985&type=1&theater

Governor Palin keeps getting better and better, she has definitely NOT lost a step. We all want her to run, but she has her priorities right.

O. P.

Paul E Taylor Jr

Your dog is cute, but I have cats bigger LOL
Going to get your book for my nook LOL

Donald Hayes

So…the big learning is that conservatism is “awesome?” You’re right, I could absolutely see that coming.


Wish I had been there!