Today’s Democrat Party, Complicit Media Are the Enemy of the People

Democratic socialists party controlOn Saturday, President Donald Trump’s legal team released a strong, formal rebuke of the House-led impeachment against the president, accusing Democrats of using the Constitutional process as a means to undermine the results of the 2016 election, when Trump managed to win against the heavily-favored Hillary Clinton.

According to Fox News, Trump’s legal team criticized the substance behind the two articles of impeachment passed last year against the president, for “obstruction of Congress” and “abuse of power.”

“This is a brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election now just months away,” one of the sources familiar with the statement reportedly said was in the legal document.

A good friend of mine wrote a letter to their hometown newspaper which states the case for non-impeachment of Trump to the point. They said:

 “This is all just an effort by the Democrat Socialists to subvert the will of the U.S. electorate; the Socialists don’t like the way we voted in 2016 so they’re attempting to invalidate our votes. We have a constitutional right to a freely elected government, this vile quixotic endeavor by the Socialists decimates that right.

These “articles of impeachment” do not include a single molecule of illegal activity or wrongdoing on Trump’s part. Trump is 100% innocent of the wrongdoing levied against him by the Democrat Socialists. He’s been charged with nothing, he’s been convicted of nothing. He and his entire staff have had their 4th Amendment rights egregiously violated. Yet, according to the Socialists, he has no constitutional presumption of innocence and has been tried and convicted.”

That is all so true and well said and now Trump’s approval numbers turned positive the day after Pelosi signs impeachment articles. Ahh, revenge will be sweet in November.

Recently on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, a member of Trump’s legal team, picked apart the two articles of impeachment House Democrats have impeached him for.

According to Breitbart, Dershowitz said that the obstruction of Congress charge against President Trump  “is completely made up. The president invoked his executive authority, separation of powers, checks and balances.

Regarding abuse of power, Dershowitz stated, “virtually half of American presidents, from Adams, to Jefferson, to Lincoln, to Roosevelt, have been accused of abuse of power, and the framers explicitly rejected those kinds of broad, open-ended criteria. They were fearful that it would empower Congress to turn the presidency into the prime ministership of England, where the prime minister can have his tenure ended by a simple vote of no confidence. That’s not what the framers wanted. They wanted specific criteria for impeachment, and none of those criteria, in my view, have been met. And I will layout that argument.”

Dershowitz added that “abuse of power, even if proved, is not an impeachable offense. That’s exactly what the framers rejected. They didn’t want to give Congress the authority to remove a president because he abused his power.

Meanwhile, the socialist Democrats darling Quid Pro Joe Biden who is the real guilty party of what they are accusing Trump of walks unscathed. Trump just asked the Ukraine President to look into corruption on Biden’s part. Biden, on the other hand, threatened the Ukraine president with gangster style tactics by holding off on giving them a billion dollars in taxpayer-funded aid unless he fired the prosecutor investigating his son. “Fire the prosecutor and you get the billion dollars. Don’t fire him and you don’t get it. You’ve got six hours to do it,” Biden told him.

The Ukrainian president fired the prosecutor and he got the billion dollars. Biden is on tape bragging about it and the media does a 180 and turns a blind eye to it saying the tape doesn’t exist when it is right there in front of them and you can see it below.

The Dems also accuse Trump of withholding military aid to Ukraine when their guy Obama withheld it for three years. Trump just withheld it for 50 days until they could be sure to trust the new incoming president. They did get the aid that Obama never delivered, but Trump is the bad guy.

The Dems also want to include the fact that Trump didn’t inform them when he took out Solemeni in the impeachment articles. If he informed them I’m sure they would have leaked that out and Solemeni would have escaped continuing his reign of terror. Trump has taken out the two biggest terrorists with Al Bagdadi and Solemeni and the world is much better off without them, but the Dems oppose everything Trump does and therefore they and the media are truly the enemies of the people.

Reprinted with permission from - Conservative Daily News - by Jim Clayton

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The media (Marxists) have been the enemy of the people for decades but ONLY a President who communicates direct on social media has dared to expose that and say it out loud. THANKS 45‼️

Paul W

“Today’s Democrat Party, Complicit Media Are the Enemy of the People”
Exactly. I’ve been saying this for sometime. The enemy from within…has always been the biggest threat to the Republic.

John Karkalis

Mother said , “A Socialist is nothing more than a cross-dressing Communist trying to appear legitimate “.
Mother had a way with words.
Certainly all Amac members know there remain millions of disgruntled, irate voters from 2016 who simply will not accept the results of 2016 . It sticks in their craw like the proverbial bone that the Socialists would toss to the masses.
Inform Congress before taking out a bad guy?
This is not a declaration of war. It is an executive action by the Commander-in-Chief, an action that must be made with dispatch.
The last time I checked, the economy was going great and two really bad dudes are enjoying their stay in the Islamic paradise (or wherever).
Here’s one Amac member who will not waste time watching the “Great Charade “. I have a litterbox to empty

Alfonso Bedoya

The upcoming impeachment will prove to be the downfall of the disgusting, despicable Commiecrat Party. I’m stocking up on popcorn in anticipation of watching the well-deserved suicide of the Dims and a guarantee that the rule of law will prevail and be responsible for the re-election of Trump in November. MAGA.

Beverly Skinner

I agree COMPLETELY with this man’s Editorial. It was well written and made a whole lot more sense than 99% of the Commentators on the LIB MEDIA

Wayne D Peterkin

I wrote and emailed the following to the Republican National Committee and various media earlier this morning. I stand behind it: The left has mastered falsely accusing the opposition of doing exactly what they are doing themselves. President Trump has not damaged our Democratic Republic or our Constitution in any way shape or form. He has actually strengthened them and in the process has achieved some truly great things for every American starting with the economy, his trade deals, and his judicial appointments. However, the Democrats in Congress, in their insane lust for political power along with their fear of Trump’s success and his disdain for the “establishment” (a.k.a. the swamp), along with their allies in the media are doing very serious damage to our system of government, our Constitution, and the nation as a whole. Toward that end they are engaged in a political coup, they hope, or least… Read more »


I can`t wait to vote TRUMP again in November.

E. Fletcher

Washington DC is corrupt. We all know that. The one man who recognizes that and who is trying to clean up the slime is being given pure hell every step of the way. Those who are guilty do not want their nest egg disturbed. They are the ones who have pardoned themselves from law and order. They are the ones who, by law , should be charged, tried and convicted. They all are guilty of illegal self enrichment and treason. Why, why, why aren’t these guys being charged? Instead , we have false charges brought against the only man who is trying to clean up this horrible mess. The Democratic Party is despicable and treasonous.

Stephen Russell

Dems= Commies, Socialists, Marxists, elitists, uppity, US “royalty”. & legacy: Racisim, riots, bias, rigged, pro terror, crime, for the felon vs victim etc
More Govt, taxes, regulations.
Day 1

Glenn Lego

Sure ain’t your grandpa’s democrat Party.

Bob Nielsen

When Pres. Trump first initiated his “tweets,” I thought this was masterful. Here the President could hold a “fire-side” chat with the American people without rude disruptions or perverse commentary subjected upon us by the Socialist media and once Democrat (now Socialist) Party. Pres. Trump may be somewhat coarse of language, but he speaks the American mind while defending our Constitution, our borders and we the American People who hold our very freedoms and liberties dear to heart. The now Socialist Party and their propaganda experts, the media, would fiendishly play on the goodness and sensitiveness of feelings promising to make life more comfortable, more equal. Cradle to grave, “Mother Socialism” would benevolently keep us safe. What a hoot! Free education, free healthcare, everything they promise eventually comes with a price tag. Will “Mother Socialism” foot the bill? NO! It will be by yours and my tax dollars! Mother Pochantas… Read more »

Dennis Belotti

The Voting American public needs to understand that the entire Democratic party are fundamentally socialists and will certainly destroy our Bill of Rights if given the majority and opportunity. They are funded by evil billionaires. Can you say Bloomberg and Soros ? Let the Voter beware. God bless America and President Trump. D. Belotti

Patriot Will

If the complicit media would stop being the propaganda machine for the Democratic Party, many of the partisans on the left would stop having the license to falsely defame President Trump. If the complicit media would only start reporting the news in a factual manner, much of the political and emotional hatred for President Trump would be diffused. A national healing would take place, and many more people would have the ability to intelligently talk to each other regarding the strengths and weaknesses of various social and economic policies. If President Trump wins a second term, “I have a dream,” that more constructive open dialogue will strengthen the USA.

James G Bair


The Dems, liberals, communists and all the others that join them are against President Trump because he interrupted their coup! Had HRC won we would be in deep trouble. Corruption would have gone up in large scale, justice would be trimmed down to the “You need to prove you are innocent” not that they need to prove you are guilty. What they have already done shows that what they have done is the new norm for the Dems, also known as a “kangaroo court”. We need Trump more than ever. I would surely like to see some of the crooks involved in this coup arrested and tried soon.

Phil Hammersley

DIMMs and their followers are an embarrassment to the United States. I think a good number of America Democrats will vote for President Trump because their party has left them and gone totally gonzo. However, most of these are afraid to say so publicly so as not to be verbally and/or physically attacked by the BLM and antifa Goons!


The media and the democrat party are supporters of the Mullahs in Iran and Sharia Law and the Communist Chinese Party. Yes they are the enemies!!

Bobby Truitt

As the Socialist Democrats are doing the American People will start waking again and President Trump will be elected for a second term. I do believe that the Pelosi gang all need to be under a close scrutiny for how did they become so rich on the poor salary of $174,000. Just asking?


The BIG QUESTION! Why are there NO arrests for the attempt to undermine and subvert? People are serving life in prison for far less. Everyone I know are asking the same question. The Demoncrats are committing high treasonous acts and no one is following thru with the law. This is why the country is torn apart. Laws are not being upheld. Only law abiding citizens are being burdened. Lawlessness is rampid.
Congress can lie and break the law but a American citizen cannot.


Dems and the media are the biggest threat to the United States. They are also a threat to our allies when they make these terrorist states the victims instead of the perpetrators.
They wouldn’t know honesty if it smacked them up side the head.
When this sham is finished and the President is cleared of all wrong doing they should go after these clowns and throw them in jail. This goes for the lying Dems also